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The Sunday Edit

Happy Sunday! Sharing a fun round up of recent favorites and things I’m seeing and loving online! Summer fashion, cute sandals, travel bags, Amazon favorites, Mcgee new arrivals and Amazon recent orders (very excited about the concrete planters!). All so good!

I also added a few more fun ideas for Mother’s Day from Amazon HERE (and promptly ordered myself a pair of these pjs!) and below are a few more ideas from Nordstrom. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

New Arrivals From Nordstrom (Sunny Side Up)

{Yellow Top / Short Sleeve Button Up / Striped Sweater / Jeans / Green Trousers / Yellow Dress}


Summer Sandals (Sunny Side Up)

{1, 2, 3, 4, 5}


Travel Bags (Sunny Side Up)

{Tote Bag / Initial Jewelry Box / Makeup Bag / AirPods Case / Luggage / Travel Bag}


Amazon Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Purse / Snack Box / Flat Baskets / Faux Lavender / Faux Hydrangeas / Stone Pitcher / Olaplex / Single Use Face Towels / Makeup Brush Cleaner / Air Purifier / Makeup Stand / Makeup Case}


McGee & Co New Arrivals (Sunny Side Up)

{Rug / Chandelier / Lamp / Rattan Vase / Wall Art / Ruffle Dishes / Fringe Towels / Coffee Table / Chair}


McGee & Co Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{Napkins / Pot Holders / Cheese Boards / Oil Bottles / Cookbook Stand / Silverware / Butter Dish / Salt & Pepper Shakers / Colander / Measuring Cups}


Recent Amazon Orders (Sunny Side Up)

{Jute Rug / Planters / Slippers / Faux Flowers / Striped Towels / Scrunchie Holder / Travel Bag}


Amazon Daily Deals (Sunny Side Up)

{FP Set Dupe / KitchenAid / Headphones / Pan Set / Spot Cleaner / Slippers}


Best Sellers (Sunny Side Up)

{Peach Tee / Yellow Dress / Floral Comforter / Tripper Jeans / AG Jeans / Rug 1 / Rug 2}



xoxo, Erin
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2 thoughts on “The Sunday Edit

  1. Very nice Erin!
    Going right into my “products file”! Quick Q. Do you get credit if I pull this up in 2 or 3 weeks and order something? I’m still not clear exactly how this works.
    I know if I hit one of your links and leave a product in my BASKET for a week or so, you don’t get the credit at that point. Right?
    The scenario now is bringing this post up out of my file in a couple of weeks. Lets say ordered a couple cosmetic bags or initial jewel cases. Are you recognized at that point?

    1. You’re the sweetest to even think about this stuff Sherri and honestly it confuses me too! Ha. I don’t think I get the credit if you leave it in your on-line cart and then buy it a week later. But if you click through one of my links again right before you purchase something I will. I THINK that’s how it works. So if you pull up a post (even an older post) and shop through any links I do get credit! Does that make sense? Like I said it confuses me too and I honestly NEVER want you even worrying about that when you’re shopping. Just always do what is easiest for you! You are so thoughtful to even think like that but I never want that to be a hassle. I’m here for ideas and always so happy if you like what I’m sharing enough to buy it whether I get credit or not! XO

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