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Shoe Organization

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{Shoe Organizer}

Happy May! I hope you’re surviving. Actually I hope you’re thriving! I’m hit and miss between the two depending on the day. ;) ¬†Sharing a few fun shoe solutions with you! I’m wrapping up my closet organization with just a few loose ends and it has been bothering me that when I organized my shoes I didn’t make room for all of my sneakers. Most of them have been crowded in my mudroom drawer and I really just wanted that space to be for the shoes I exercise in so.. I did a little searching and came up with a fun solution! Meet my new shoe organizer! Perfection right!? The inserts are velcro so you can adjust them to be any size. I’m using it to hold all of my sandals/slides!

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

I added a couple pairs of sneakers to the top left just to show you how it looks with wider shoes too.. anything works!

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

This is perfect for seasonal shoe storage. Fill it full of sandals and keep it in your closet in the summer and then slide it under your bed in the winter when you aren’t wearing sandals for a while!

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

It has handles on the front so it’s easy to carry..

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

and a clear cover. It comes in a set of 2 which I loved because I’m using the other one (and maybe buying more) for my girls college dorms! I’m going to see if something like this would work under their beds but if not it will at least come in handy when it’s time to move clothes/shoes this summer.

Under Bed Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{shoe organizer/sutherland canopy bed/stripe linen duvet cover/stripe linen shams/grey linen blend comforter grey sham/stitched throw pillow/charcoal zuma blanket/linen gauze throw/linen gauze bed blanket/black terracotta table lamp/metal framed mirror}/marble tray/vase/ faux tulips}

I had to laugh.. went to slide this under my bed to take a picture and I have a metal bar in the way! So I guess I’ll be storing this under the bed in our guest room if I ever move it out of my closet. Ha. I actually think it will always live in my closet because we wear sandals all year here so I’m not too worried about it! But a great solution to store under MOST beds. ;)

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{Shoe Stacker}

Ok.. another great solution I’m excited about. Have you seen these shoe stackers?

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

They adjust to multiple heights so you can use them for taller heels/shoes too. Genius! The only thing you need is vertical height and most of my shelves are too short to use them with tall shoes.

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

Happy I was able to make it work on my top shelf with sneakers!

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

I have them spread out a little but if I buy a new pair..

Shoe Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

I can squeeze them together tighter for more room! Let’s go shopping. Kidding!

Kind of. ;)

Shoe Shelves - His (Sunny Side Up)

I only had room to use them on Kenny’s top shelf too but even that saved so much space. The way I place his shoes is another solution if you’re tight on shoe space. Do you think my husband has enough Vans? Clearly I’m not the only person in our house who loves shoes!

boot shaper (Sunny Side Up)

{boot shapers}

Of course if we’re talking shoe organization we can’t forget my beloved boot shapers!

boot shaper (Sunny Side Up)

They’ll take your boots from this..

boot shaper (Sunny Side Up)

To this!

Closet (Sunny Side Up)

So much better!

Closet (Sunny Side Up)

Found a happy home for my sandals too. With room to spare! I’ll try to resist from filling those empty shoe slots.

At least for a little while.




xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Shoe Organization

  1. Wow, your closet looks great! You found some great solutions for your storage needs. Thanks so much for sharing, Erin!

  2. Thanks for the ideas and links, Erin. I could use a couple of those items as our shoe organization (MY shoes) could use lots of help.

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