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Saturday 6


Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Vase & Faux Tulips}

Happy Saturday! It’s still April but May madness is hitting hard at our house. Yours too? Hold on tight if you have kids in school! It aways amazes me how quickly it gets busy with all of the school activities picking up. And then winding down! I’m kicking off Saturday 6 with this beautiful ruffle vase! I’m pretty excited about it because I’ve had my eye on it at a more expensive store/price and it was backordered. I found the same vase on Amazon for less and it came so fast and it’s gorgeous! More of a sage green color than it looks on-line and perfect for real or faux tulips! They just drape off all of the ruffles so beautifully. Spring/summer perfection. :)


Organized Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)


El’s vanity makeover from last week led to a full clean out of my girls’ bathroom. It was in desperate need of a little love! Especially this spot under Ad’s sink. Why are pencils in this cupboard? I stopped even asking questions like that a long time ago. Ha.

Organized Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)


{Under the Sink Organizer / Jars / Makeup Palette Organizer}

BIG improvement in little time. I love makeovers like that.


Organized Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

These jars  are perfect to hold elastics/scrunchies. I’ve had them for a while in a different drawer and they have worked well for the girls when they remember to put everything back in them!

Organized Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I ordered this makeup palette organizer to hold extras (note to self.. girls have more than enough eyeshadow).

Organized Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I also ordered this under the sink organizer to add a little vertical storage.

Organized Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

If I would have had room I would have used the clear lazy susan that I have under my bathroom sink because it holds a lot more, but it was too wide to still fit make-up and elastics.

Organized Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

These clear drawers are another great option for under the bathroom sink!

Organized Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

You can find all of my favorites for bathroom organization here.


Car Organizers (Sunny Side Up)

{Car Organization post with details}

I also gave my car a good clean out this week! And then I rounded up my favorites for car organization here. I’m having so much fun setting up Amazon folders with all of the items we use/love! As you know, categorizing like items has always been a favorite past time of mine. ;)

Car Organizers (Sunny Side Up)

{Trunk Organizer / Windshield Cleaner / Dust Gel / Change Organizer / Car Charger / Seat Gap Filler}

These are a few new things I’ve been loving in my car! The only one I haven’t used is the other option for a trunk organizer. If you are driving lots of kids to activities it looks like such a good option that hangs over the backseat! I love the spot for water bottles too. :)


Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Flutter Sleeve Top / Similar Jeans / Similar Shoes / Earrings / Bracelet}

On to some fashion.. loving this pretty top lately!

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

I wore it to lunch this week with friends.. we met with a big group but the 4 of us ended up lingering longer and had a good talk/cry together. We’re all very much in our feelings about our kids graduating and moving out. We raised our kids together from park time with toddlers to now. It seems so surreal that we’re at this stage!

sunny side up

Quick little example/flashback.. me and my friend Ann with Ad and her son at the beach!

sunny side up

They were the cutest little friends!

sunny side up

And still are today. :) They went to a dance together last spring and had the best time.

sunny side up

See why we’re all crying over here!? Someone send me a box of tissues!

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Flutter Sleeve Top / Raffia Sandals}

This is another cute/similar flutter sleeve top! It comes in a cream color too.

Spring Fashion (Sunny Side Up)

{Graphic Tee / Retro Sneaker}

While the lace and flutter sleeves are fun.. graphic tees and sneakers are what I really love wearing. :) This peaches tee is so good!


Faux tree (Sunny Side Up}

{Faux Olive Tree}

I snapped this pic quick with my phone and the lighting isn’t great but I wanted to give you an idea of what this cute faux tree looks like! I’m going to find a better pot for it that will add more height and I still need to fix the branches, but isn’t it cute and so realistic!? Perfect for a cozy corner in any room!


Spring (Sunny Side Up)

Signing off with this picture from our yard! My white flowers are really showing off at the moment. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Erin!
    SO sorry about the pencils/pens! Bad habit keeping a container of them EVERYWHERE. You just never know when you might need a sharp pencil/ or good pen while drying off post shower! Ditto on all the extra eye shadow!
    Clearly you posted the WRONG under vanity picture. THAT one was from MY house!! Actually, I thought it did not look too bad (for MY house pencils and all!)
    AHHHH… the photos following (My houses messy under vanity) were surely from YOUR house! Efficient, organized and beautiful! ;) ;) ;) Erin house vanity sink!
    ♥Loved the photos of you and your friend bringing up your tots together. Such a beautiful and touching thing. Never let that go. Ever!
    I am still friends with some like that. It is so precious to me. My very best friend (I mean IF friends can be sisters without that childhood/family connection, then we were truly sisters) Sadly, I lost her prematurely and there are times I still know she is with me. The very last time I heard her voice was on my V.mail and she wanted to meet for lunch. Sadly, we did not go b/c she had a cold and I didn’t want to get it. one Million colds would be worth it to have that MISSED moment back again. She departed this world when our youngest were about to graduate college and we were just becoming grandmothers.
    Friends from your early family life-The BEST!

    1. Sherri I’m so sad to hear that about your close friend! Heartbreaking. But I’m grateful you had her in your life for so long.. what a gift. I have no doubt she is with you when you need her and I totally agree.. friends you raise your kids with are just so special. And good point! Who knows when you might need a pencil after a shower.. ha! Never a bad thing to have one close to jot down a thought or to-do on the old list. ;) Enjoy your weekend.. sending a huge hug your way! xo

  2. Fun finds! That tulip vase sure is pretty. :) I like the under sink organization and the car organization stuff. Things to consider for sure! I loved the pictures of your daughter and her friend as little ones and now. They sure grew up. I totally understand all the feelings you are having. It’s kind of a surreal time for sure. Good luck getting through it all. Hugs to you!

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