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Car Organization

Car Organization – affiliate links used
Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{car trash can/stanley tumbler}

I’ve been blogging for longer than I care to admit (ha) and I’ve covered organization on pretty much every spot in my home. Ten times. :) One thing I haven’t shared before is car organization! I honestly didn’t give much thought to car organization when my kids were little. I just always focused on keeping my car clean so that goldfish crackers and moldy chicken nuggets didn’t resurface. ;) I was one of those people who always said I would NEVER drive a mini van. Then I had baby number 3 and said HOW FAST CAN WE GET A MINI VAN!? Practical definitely won on that one! Moms feel me I know. :)

After my girls grew up and both started driving it was time to say good-bye to the mini van and get something smaller. Most of the time these days it’s just me and Kole in the car and before I blink it will be just me and my podcasts! I can’t say that I miss driving my minivan, but I DO miss having more room to set things. I’ve had to get creative with this car and thought I would show you a few favorites I’ve been using the past two years that keep my car clean and organized with everything in its place!

First up is this cute little car trash can. It fits perfect in a cup holder and makes it easy to toss gum wrappers, paper.. any car trash! If Kole is with me in the front seat and we are using both cup holders for drinks, I set the trash can behind me in the back seat cup holder. I love having a spot for garbage so that my car stays litter free!

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{magnetic sunglass holder}

My van had a spot for sunglasses but my current car does not. No worries! I found this magnetic sunglass holder on-line and have loved it. It clips on to your sun visor..

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

and has a strong magnet that holds your glasses in place.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

It’s easy to open and close with one hand and keeps your sunglasses close when you need them and out of the way when you don’t!

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{seat hook hangers}

These seat hook hangers have made me so happy! I never had a good spot for my purse in my current car. I used to just toss it in the back seat, but then it was hard to reach if I needed a credit card for the drive through or something else out of my purse.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{similar purses: fleming small shoulder bag/kira shoulder bag/soft fleming small shoulder bag}

Now it’s so easy to hop in my car and hang my purse on this hook on the passenger seat. It’s so easy to reach whenever I need it! This might not work for you if you still have a car full of kids. Once in a while I’ll drive Kole’s friends and then my purse ends up on the floor, but most of the time I’m using this hook and my purse finally has a home.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{car seat side organizer/Walli Phone Cases/Lanyards – 15% off with this link and type the code sunny at checkout}

This car seat side organizer is my absolute favorite. Such a game changer and it cost less than 10 bucks! It attaches to the passenger side seat and now I have a spot for my phone and keys. I especially love having my mail key easy to grab when I’m pulling into my neighborhood.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

The little zipper pouch on the bottom is perfect for tissues, chapstick, whatever you want close! I always keep floss in my car. Anyone else? I’m kind of fanatic about dental care. Ha.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

With everything I need so close and easy to access I don’t even need my center cosole for storage. I have some breath mints inside and that’s it!

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{small dashboard duster}

When it comes to keeping my car clean this cute little dashboard duster is the best! It fits perfectly in my glove box so it’s close and easy to grab when I need it.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

It’s so easy to use! I dust my dashboard, steering wheel, seats.. everything with it. Then when my car gets really dirty I tell Kenny and he takes care of it. So get yourself this handy dashboard duster and a handy spouse who doesn’t mind car cleaning and you’re set. ;)

*Full disclosure – I handle all things laundry and he handles everything with the cars. That’s the trade off! 

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{trunk organizer}

Last but not least is my trunk organizer. LOVE this!

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

It folds up so slim and stays in place with velcro when you aren’t using it so it’s easy to store.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{trunk organizer/striped beach towels}

Then you just pull it open and instantly have storage for all the things! It has dividers you can use or take out. I love the dividers to keep Kole’s sport stuff organized. I also always keep sunscreen and towels in our car.. especially during the spring/summer. You never know when a pool or the beach will call our name mid day!

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{emergency kit}

This first aid kit is another car essential. I have one in my house and one in each of our cars. I have used them more times than I can count! Usually just for scrapes or bee stings (thankfully nothing worse!) but they are so handy to have in the car.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

That’s it! A few car essentials I love that keep my car organized and clean.

Car Organization (Sunny Side Up)

It’s time to turn on Vacation (my favorite summer song) and enjoy the sunshine!

Along with a very organized car. :)

*You can see details on more of my Amazon favorites below in THIS POST

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4-mascara   5- water bottle stackable holders

6- handheld vacuum cleaner   7-water bottle belt   8- battery organizer


1- vanity mirror   2- table lamp   3-leather boxes

4-olive branches   5-gold flatware 

6-large storage bags   7-travel makeup bag   8-sheet set



xoxo, Erin
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12 thoughts on “Car Organization

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Erin. I thought all the ideas you shared were so smart and clever and truly things I hadn’t seen before. Love the purse hanger idea. I was a total mini van mom and didn’t mind it, but you are right you lose a lot of space when you go to a smaller vehicle. I still miss the space between the driver and passenger in the mini van. haha. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you have a fantastic day!

    1. Right!? That space between the the seats! It was so nice having a spot for everything! That’s the only thing I really miss about my van. Ha. Had to get creative with this car. ;) Thank you so much! I hope you’re having a good week! xo

  2. Erin,
    Great and different post! I am going back to read more in depth later! I just ordered the car dash duster-going to finally get my husbands SUV clean once and for all. Ok for about 3 days! Did you know that thing is also good for baseboards inside the house? Especially the decorative type with routing and different layers that match the crown moulding. HOW do they get so dusty anyway!? Also, if you have the old-fashioned base board heating (we do at the beach place) that tool works wonders on them too! I will be ordering a second for there. Keep your link up!
    T.Y. for reminding me of this product. Mine bit the dust years ago and this Amazon one looks better! That green tube mascara? You got me onto it Erin! Now I can’t live without it! Ordered one of those too for good measure! Well, I am going back on the blog later for more car products. Ye ole Amazon card will get a workout today! ;-)

    1. Baseboards! Sherri you are a genius! I am totally trying that. And probably ordering a second duster for inside the house! So smart! My Amazon card is always on fire. Ha ha.. ;) Thank you! so happy you liked this post! :) xo

  3. I thought about that purse hook, but when we have passengers in the back I don’t want it to be in their way. Instead I found this netting that hooks on each side of the front car seats. It has pockets and I put my purse in there or better yet my huge water bottle that doesn’t fit in the normal size cup holder in the front. I found it on Amazon and it’s been a game changer for me.

  4. This is all great info!! I love being tidy too :)
    I have the purse hooks…my husband got them for me and the trunk organizer makes such a difference also. Why didn’t I have these things sooner 😄
    I agree about the van, totally relate 👍. Until I really needed it!! Lol.
    PS…I think we have the same car 😊

    1. Oh love that Lynn! Great minds! ;) Seriously! The van is so not appealing.. until you have ALL the kids and then it’s the best invention ever! Ha ha.. thank you so much! xo


    1. Ha ha.. so nice to have something to help keep the dust away! Thank you Paulette! I hope you love it all as much as I do! :) xo

  6. Love this post! I immediately ordered the garbage can, received it the next day. It fits perfectly in the door:)

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