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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Today is my dad’s birthday (Happy Birthday dad! Love you!) which means that it’s the end of April! I can’t even believe that. January and February felt like a year but March and April have flown by in a blink! Did it feel like that to you too? Life always seems to move at a faster pace when spring hits. I can’t believe Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I’ve put together some fun gift ideas together for you! These first 3 gift ideas are all things I would love for Mother’s Day! I shopped my home for a few items. :)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{seagrass basket/oversized throw/green ceramic vase/faux tulips/spiral candles/made for living book/flower nesting bowls}

I put this basket together for the mom who loves home decor! These items are so fun grouped together in a pretty basket, but you could easily give each item as a single gift or put two of these items together. I’ve shared this sage throw several times but just love it so much! It’s perfect for the end of a bed and I love it over a chair too (you can see how I styled it in this post). Of course the cute ceramic vase is a great addition with the matching throw! Add these faux tulips.. so good for the price.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

A home decor book is always fun because it can be used for inspiration and decor. Made for Living is one of my favorites! (I shared other favorite home decor coffee table books in this post.) These flower nesting bowls are so beautiful! They would make a fun gift on their own or paired with some pretty serving spoons (I just ordered this set on sale!)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Last but not least I included these beautiful spiral candles. A recent obsession! They looks so good styled on a table in candle holders. You’ll see them popping up around my home soon. :)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{jute tray basket/rattan caddy/blue kitchen towels/yellow kitchen towels/blue gingham tumbler/lemon platter/fruit platter}

My next Mother’s Day gift idea is all about spring/summer entertaining! This jute tray basket holding everything is so beautiful on its own! Great to put on any shelf for decor or in a bedroom to corral random items. It comes in black too!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I filled it with fun items that make me think of a summer picnic! This rattan caddy is such a steal and so cute to hold flatware for outdoor dining. Aren’t these fruit platters cute too!? They come with matching dishes that you’ll see in an upcoming post because I couldn’t pass them up. The gingham cups also come with matching plates and are so fun for this time of year ($3 per plate and bowl! So cute and perfect for kids.) Add some decorative napkins to match and done! Such a happy gift. :)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{poolside tote/blue stripe towel/yellow stripe towel/stanley tumbler}

Isn’t this poolside tote fun!? It’s a great size to take to well.. the pool! Or the beach. :) I love the tan detail with the black straps and know it will be a staple for me this summer.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Add some cute towels and a Stanley tumbler for a fun gift! I love this gift idea for graduates who are ready for summer break too. A few other options you could include are flip flops, a pool float, sunglasses, tanner, a straw hat, a cute cover-up, a good book, etc. Any pool essentials! I included a few of my favorites below. Am I the only one reading organizing and time management books by the pool? Probably.

But I can live with that. :)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{straw bag tote}

This straw tote is another cute/smaller option for the pool or beach!

I hope my gifts gave you a few fun ideas for Mother’s Day! I rounded up other options below. Anthro has 30% off Mother’s Day gifts this weekend! I went through everything on sale and rounded up my favorites. Most of the items below you’ve seen in my home! I also rounded up some Amazon favorites that make great gifts and some cute pjs because you can’t go wrong with a good pair of pjs!

At least for this mom. :)

Enjoy your weekend! Moms.. take a break today. You deserve it!

1- hand soap & lotion   2- marble mortar   3-capri blue candle

4- serving set   5- crossbody bag   6- heart coasters

7- rattan wrapped glasses   8-rattan wrapped pitcher


1-pommed pillow   2- crystal necklace   3- cheese board

4-bowls   5-dinner plates   6- minka textured pot   7- serving set


1-moonlight pajamas   2-  all american shortie pajamas

3-  gisele short pajamas   4- short pajamas set   5- print short sleeve pajamas

6-good times pajamas   7-dream on pajamas pants   8-cozy rib flared pants


1- soap dispenser   2-live beautiful book   3- straw beach bag

4- elemis cleansing balm   5-rattan picture frames

6-luggage set   7- leather storage boxes   8-quilted belt bag

9- knife set   10-magnetic measuring spoon set


xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad! Hope he has a great day. Lots of great Mother’s Day ideas. Thanks for rounding them up, Erin. Quite the task I’m sure. I’m sure so many moms will be recipients of your wonderful ideas and hope you get blessed a ton, too. The year definitely seems to be picking up the pace lately. It feels scary fast anymore. I guess we just have to buckle up and hang on. ;) I hope you can ease into a great week!

  2. Erin,
    Such a fun and creative post! I used to love to do “baskets” for my Mom. She was a lover of all things Vera Bradly and loved a certain, long strap, large bag style (Vera)
    She ended up with the same bag in a number of different prints and one solid b/c I used them as “baskets” for gifts for her by tucking in straps and filling w/fun things! Guest towels and pretty soaps and a splurge soap dish, a folded, thinner throw and small throw pillow plus some little trinket. One bag on one occasion had gourmet coffee/tea and pretty mugs and really special cookies. The bags were the larger zip tops and I filled with coordinating fluffed tissue before adding items and of course they were given unzipped w/”goodies” displayed.! She should still be here but sadly passed some time back :-(
    Great minds think alike! I had JUST been thinking about those “gift basket” Bags! Then right away in my inbox- you were there!

    1. Sherri we are always on the same page! Those sounds like such fun gifts! I’m so sorry to hear that your mom isn’t with you anymore. Love that you have those special memories with her. XO

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