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5 Recent Favorites

*affiliate links used5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{summer lounge cotton pant/short sleeve t-shirt/initial pendant necklace/adidas sneakers/

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It’s a new week and I hope it’s a good one for you! I’m kicking things off with 5 recent favorites around here. First up is a summer lounge set. And it’s green. I’m clearly over surprising you all with anything new. ;) But I really LOVE these pants. They are lightweight, very comfortable and such a cue fit! I bought this set a few weeks ago and wore it for a day and then immediately went on-line and ordered the pants in another color. This top is so cute and comfy too! If you don’t love cropped shirts it also comes in a longer v-neck tee and the set also comes with shorts and a jacket. These shoes are also recent favorites that are cute and comfortable! (The pants and top fit true to size – I’m wearing xs top and s bottom. I went down one half size in the sneakers.) 

5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{woven leather tote at Madewell/woven leather tote at Nordstrom}

My second recent favorite is this cute woven tote! You know Madewell totes have been favorites of mine for years and in my opinion this new woven style is perfection! It’s lightweight, so stylish and the perfect size. Not too big and not too small! It also has a longer strap so you can wear it as a crossbody and tuck the smaller straps inside. It’s seriously so good! If you’re interested in something similar at a lower price point this amazon woven tote is a fun option!

5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- striped outdoor pillow   2- macia pillow

3- linen lumbar pillow   4- floral outdoor pillow   5-palm tree pillow

The sky is clear and the sun is finally shinning again in San Diego. I’ve lived here for over 20 years now and this past winter was the longest cloudy/rainy season I’ve seen here. Very grateful to have the sunshine back! It makes such a difference in our overall mood right!? Of course the sun always inspires me to kick it in gear and get our yard and outdoor areas whipped into shape. The pillows I usually use in our outdoor area I bought in 2015! I’ve worked hard to bring them in during off weather and keep them nice so they lasted 8 years. They were looking pretty faded this year when I pulled them back out. One pillow I had to toss months ago because a mouse ate the corner of it! Always a fun discovery.. haI was due for a few new outdoor pillows!

5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)Aren’t these pillows cute!? I had so much fun pulling patterns together. The macia pillow and the green linen lumbar pillow aren’t actually outdoor pillows, but this area is covered and like I mentioned.. I take good care of our outdoor pillows so I’m not worried about them. I have a navy rug in this space so I wanted to stick with blue, but also pull in some green for a fun change!

5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

The emboridered palm tree pillow is beautiful and this cute floral outdoor pillow is reversible! This pic shows one side..

5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

and this pic shows the other! I also love the smaller size of it. It looks really cute next to a larger pillow like the palm tree print! Some fun options if you are looking for a  few cute new pillows too!

5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Ok my 4th recent favorite is sheet pan dinners! I’m kind of on a roll lately with tossing lots of things into a bowl, adding some seasonings and putting them on a sheet pan to cook and then done! I’m super messy when I cook so ignore my counter. Probably a big part of the reason I don’t enjoy cooking much!

5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Such an easy and healthy dinner! I found a recipe on-line similar to this years ago and just make different versions of it with whatever we have in the fridge. This time I used red potatoes, baby carrots, asparagus, onion, and one package of pork kielbasa. I added in some olive oil, minced garlic, dried basil, oregano, and salt and pepper. Really you can add anything you want! You can’t mess this up which is why it’s perfect for anti chefs like me. :) I cook it on 400 for close to an hour (just watch and taste test to see when it’s ready). I put everything in together for the full cook time other than the asparagus. When I use asparagus I add it in about half way through so it doesn’t over cook. Another tip is to cut the potatoes in smaller pieces and cut larger carrots in half. Anything to help the veggies cook faster! Also use tin foil so that your pan is easy to clean after!

5 Recent Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{white porcelain serving platter/serving spoons – on sale!}


That’s it! 4 things I’m loving lately. A comfy lounge set, a cute new tote, outdoor pillows and an easy and healthy dinner. Oh and sunshine! We can’t forget the sun! The best. I guess that makes 5 things. :)

What are you loving lately at your house!?

xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “5 Recent Favorites

  1. Lots of fun things to enjoy, Erin! Thanks for sharing. Your lounge set looks very comfy, the bag looks useful, the pillows are very pretty (sorry about the mouse, grrr), the sheet pan dinner looks delish and yay for lots of sunshine! Here’s to the start of a shiny new week. May it be filled with joy for you and your family. :)

  2. The sheet pan dinner look delicious. I may have to cook that tonight. We’re having an outdoor kitchen/patio built. I’m planning to incorporate blue, so those pillows are perfect.

  3. Hi Erin!
    A Fun post w/a little of this, a little of that! The palm tree pillow is perfection. The pillow that you showed both sides of is just right next to the palm tree pillow w/the original side you first showed. THAT side on the pillow has the same vibe as the palm tree pillow. Hmmm… WHERE could I use a palm tree pillow………. I wonder…..
    The sheet pan dinner is worth its weight in gold! Yukon Gold! ;) My fav. potato! No, really-I love this idea and I am going to make one this week! I know you hate to cook but you should post one recipe that you use and don’t hate THAT much and is quick and easy and GOOD. Maybe once per month!? BTW, that particular dinner would really go nicely over a bed of jasmine rice or even sticky rice (brown rice for the healthier version!)
    Glad you got some sun. Finally! Our weather has been nuts! 90 degrees one day w/2 or 3 in the 80s and then down to 39 degrees! Finally on the way back to more normal Spring now…. Hopefully!

    1. Thank you Sherri! I’m so happy you’re trying the sheet pan dinner! I’ll try to post more recipes here and there.. one a month is about as much as I cook so that’s a good pace. Kidding! Kind of. ;) This spring has been so strange hasn’t it!? Hoping your temps hit somewhere in the middle and stay put! We have had so many clouds.. I could handle 90 degrees and sun right about now! Hope you’re having a good weekend! xo

  4. I roast veggies in the oven every weekend and we eat it, me more than the hubs, all week. It’s so easy to pack for lunch by just adding grains and maybe some tofu. Buddha bowls for the win, with some homemade sauce to top it off. I used to use tin foil too when lining the pan, but since switched to parchment paper for a safer option. There’s still some rinsing of the pan to do, but no scrubbing needed.

  5. Thank you for the recipe! This looks like something we would like! My husband will be excited to try it.

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