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Spring Easter Table

*Spring Easter Table – affiliate links used

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

{bunny bowl}

I’m sharing my Easter table today! Which is also my spring table… and most likely my summer table too. :) A while ago I shared these beautiful items I ordered from Anthro and they all arrived last weekend. Hello cute wooden bunny! Talk about happy mail.

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

{antiqued brass candlesticks/matte terracotta vasa tall/matte terracotta vase medium/eyelet dinner plates/flower nesting bowls}

Love it all but I’m the most excited about these eyelet dinner plates! So beautiful for spring and summer dining. They come in dessert plates too (I just ordered 8 of the dinner plates). I have some fun ideas for the flower nesting bowls and I’ll share where I’m putting the beautiful black vases soon.. perfection! They are so gorgeous together or separate. I got the small and medium candlestick but the tall candlestick is backordered so just waiting on that.

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

Funny.. I set these items together on my kitchen counter to take a pic to share and thought hmmm.. why is this neutral color palette looking so familiar? Then I glanced over at my kitchen rug. Ha. Guess it’s easy to tell these neutrals are calling my name!

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

Although my spring Easter table isn’t neutral with some gorgeous pops of pink! I kept it really simple this year and couldn’t love it more.

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

I wanted my acrylic floral vase fullĀ of tulips to take center stage and they certainly do. Stunning! I wish you could see it in person. I set my table and took these pictures 5 days after I put together my arrangement.

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

You can see the tulips were just starting to open when I put this together.

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

5 days later they are in full bloom! My arrangement still looks so beautiful and I didn’t change the water or do a thing! Did I mention I’m in love with this vase?

Because I am. :)

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

{jute chargers/eyelet dinner plates/similar linen pink napkins/gold napkin rings/pink Amazon glasses/gold flatware}

I’m also in love with this simple place setting. The chargers and everything else I used are long time favorites you’ve seen before. I just added my new eyelet plates.. so pretty! I was going to place a small dessert plate or bowl on top, but this plate is so beautiful just on its own! Plus let’s be real. If I’m cooking for Easter (which is still up for debate) it won’t be fancy and one plate is all we need. Just our little family this year! Unless we end up inviting friends or heading somewhere else. Last year a friend threw something together for a group and I was saved from cooking! Fingers are crossed. ;) If anyone wants to bring over Easter dinner I’ll happily supply the cute tablescape. What says spring and Easter more than tulips and bunnies and eyelet plates? It’s a win for all involved.

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

The white bunnies are from the dollar bins at Target! I think they were $3 each. So cute! I can’t find them on-line but will link some similar options at the end of my post.

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

A few more pics for fun..

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

Spring Easter Table (Sunny Side Up)

I hope my Easter table gave you a few ideas for this weekend or future spring/summer events! I love setting a pretty table for each season and then just leaving it up and ready. It reminds me to invite people over more often! The meal is often take-out at my house, but I’ve found that when you are hanging out with good friends who make you happy what you are serving just doesn’t seem to matter much.



xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Spring Easter Table

  1. Oh what a delightful tablescape. I can see why you love that vase so. The tulips are just beautiful! Eyelet plates for the big win. So very pretty. Light and bright and airy. Perfect for the season. Those white bunnies are cute. I should probably head to Target more often to check out the dollar spot. LOL The store by me is under major renovation though, so it’s not so fun to navigate right now. Haha. How ever your meal comes this year, I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter, Erin. :)

    1. Jeanne I’m wishing my Target was under renovation! Ha. I always get into major trouble when I step into that store or when I check things out there on-line. I saw a funny quote the other day where the husband asked his wife what she needed at Target and she answered “Target tells me what I need.” Ha ha.. it made me laugh! Too true. :) Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family! xo

  2. I love the bunnies and I have one of them. I also bought 2 green furred bunnies at Target. Such a steal! I love the vase, but I think a larger vase would work even better for your long table.

    1. I actually ordered another vase to double them for this long table! But for Easter I wanted the bunnies out. :) I agree.. such a steal!

  3. I love the bright pink and that bunny tray is darling. I hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend. You always do things so nicely Erin, it all looks so pretty and festive and fun.

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