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Acrylic Vase & Favorites from Amazon

*affiliate links used – acrylic vase & favorites from amazon
Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{acrylic floral vase}

Well I’ve done it. I’ve found what might just be my favorite Amazon purchase. EVER. I know. That’s saying a lot right!? But seriously.. I am so in love with this acrylic floral vase! Ahhh! Look at the beautiful arrangement I made with it in MINUTES. I discovered this on Amazon and was so excited to try it out when it arrived that I totally spaced taking a picture of the vase before I put flowers in it! You can check it out on-line, but it basically has 24 circles (12 in each row). You slide the top off a little to add water and then slide it back on, cut up flowers and set them inside the circles! That’s it! You honestly don’t need any flower arranging skills to make a beautiful arrangement.

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

I used tulips and little white flowers as a filler. After I set my flowers in both sides of the circles I just filled in the middle (setting flowers in any circle so that I couldn’t see the vase/holes anymore). It’s a perfect table centerpiece for Easter or Mother’s Day or any event really! It would be beautiful just as decor too.. on an entry table or the kitchen or a coffee table. You can use this year round! My mind is spinning with ideas! Oh think about it filled with greenery during December!

You’re definiltey going to be seeing this styled a time or two.

Or twenty. :)

After my flower arrangement in my new vase took no time and turned out even more beautiful than I pictured, I decided this was my most favorite Amazon purchase ever. I wanted to make sure I felt that way so I started thinking about all of my favorites from Amazon. It was hard narrowing my list down! I have so many Amazon favorites that I use and love. I’m sure we all do. I narrowed it down to the items I truly use daily or just LOVE and would buy again in a heartbeat. Can you guess what some are? :)

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{handheld vacuum cleaner/gel pens}

My junk drawer holds two of them! My favorite pens and my favorite little hand held vacuum I use to keep my drawers clean. Purchases that get used daily!

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{gold candle holders/battery operated candles}

My flameless candles are definitely among my favorites! I love having candles on in the evening. It just adds such a cozy glow! Even in the summer I have candles out, but I always worry about starting my house on fire – ha. These are battery operated, have a remote and look so real! I love turning them on in the evening and watching them flicker. I’ve ordered so many of them and have given them as gifts to friends who now love them too!

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

I especially love them for my tables during the holidays. The most beautiful AND safest way to entertain! :)

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{ivory leather storage boxes/fern leaf in pot/tappered jar/display easel/thatcher chair/floral block print pillow/similar pink pom throw/metal floor lamp}

These leather boxes definitely make my favorite list. I switch my decor around often and every time I re-style these shelves my boxes are the only item that stays put! They are large and so beautiful and just look perfect on a shelf. A little pricey for Amazon, but worth it! The gold hardware alone makes a beautiful statement.

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{vanity mirror/table lamp}

The black mirrors and table lamps in my bedroom are also favorites! They completely transformed the look of my bedroom even before I added my new bed.

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

So good!

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{large storage bags}

Of course I have to include my storage bags. LOVE them for pillows and throws. But you knew that already. :)

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{travel makeup bag}

This has been my favorite go-to travel bag for a long time now. I really love it. I recently I ordered this large capacity bag also and I’m excited to try it. I can’t include it in my favorites list until I use it and see how much I like it so I’ll report back. :) But this bag pictured definitely gets my stamp of approval!

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

I especially love the place for make-up brushes in the top section.

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{travel bag with hanging hook/travel makeup bag/electronic organizer travel case/travel makeup organizer}

All good for travel!

Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{set of two woven trays/tall terracotta vase/olive branches/gold mirror vanity tray/hanover kitchen pendants}

I also had to include my olive branches. I mean how many times have you seen them styled in my home?

Don’t answer that. Ha. Hands down my favorite faux branch. They work during all seasons and in most vases and are so easy to style!

1- flameless candles   2-gel pens   3- screen cleaner

4-mascara   5- water bottle stackable holders

6- handheld vacuum cleaner   7-water bottle belt   8- battery organizer

Other favorites include Screen Mom (my favorite screen cleaner), my favorite Maybeline mascara that I order over and over, my stackable water bottle organizers (have I shared them before!? I need to take a current pic.), my water bottle belt and of course.. my battery organizer. :) The water bottle belt I wear every time Kenny and I walk/hike which is every night that it isn’t raining. He teases me about it non-stop and calls it my “tool belt” because I fill it so full of things. I don’t care! If I’m thirsty I have water. If my lips are chapped I have my Cherry Ice Chapstick. If the kids need me I have my cell phone. Laugh all you want babe.. I come prepared. :)

1- vanity mirror   2- table lamp   3-leather boxes

4-olive branches   5-gold flatware 

6-large storage bags   7-travel makeup bag   8-sheet set

I also couldn’t forget my favorite sheets! They are on every bed in our house! I love and use my gold flatware so much too.

I have many more items that have been great Amazon purchases, but these are the things I really use and love the most. :) What would be on your Amazon favorites list? Kind of a fun thing to narrow down!

Favorite Amazon Purchases (Sunny Side Up)

{acrylic floral vase}

My new vase has moved into a top spot on my list pretty quick!

Since we’re talking Amazon, below are some beautiful kitchen finds!

Have the best Friday! YEA. We made it to the end of the week. :)

amazon home (thesunnysideup)

1- light pendant   2-cookbook holder   3-magnolia table

4- salt & pepper shaker   5-utensil set   6- dining chair set

7- dinnerware set   8- salt & pepper grinder   9- tray soap stand

10-black board   11- black round cheese board   12- gold flatware



xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Acrylic Vase & Favorites from Amazon

  1. Wow, is that ever pretty, Erin! I can see why it soared to the top of your list. You have found so many good things on Amazon. Thanks for showcasing them and reminding us of all the goodies to be had. I’m trying to think of my favorite Amazon find. And my latest isn’t a find so much as a sought out purchase. It was a dice game called Deer in the Headlights. I played it with friends at my last Game Night and I knew my girls would like it. So, on spring break last week I introduced it to them and I was right. We played several games of it. Well worth it for the fun we had. I hope you have a spectacular weekend, my friend! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Erin, the tulips in that vase look SO beautiful! Amazing! Gosh what a statement that would make anywhere. How fun and easy! I love seeing flowers displayed in creative ways aside from their normal classic look in a tall vase.

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