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Christmas Decor (Master Bedroom)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{similar rug}

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend! I’m sharing my master bedroom Christmas decor today! It’s pretty much decorated the same as last year other than a few things. Well.. mostly one major thing. Can you spot the difference? :)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{flocked tree/similar wood bead garland/green ball ornaments/similar chairs/similar pom throw}

I used all green in this space again and decorated my beloved flocked tree with my wooden bead garland and a variety of green ball ornaments. I always like to keep this tree simple because when the lights are on it shines on its own!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{sutherland canopy bed/white comforter/olive bedspread & shams/chunky knit blanket/lumbar pillow/hester bench}

Speaking of shining.. I got a new bed! Did you notice the change!? I actually got this in September and can’t believe I haven’t shared the update yet. Kenny and I celebrated 25 years of marriage this Fall and he really wanted to get me a new wedding ring. My original ring is small and not the nicest of diamonds (we were so broke when we got married!). He has wanted to replace my wedding ring for years and I won’t let him. I’m very sentimental about my original ring – takes me right back to when we met and fell in love! Plus I’m just not that into fancy jewelry. Give me a Madewell necklace and I’m good to go. Ha. So when he tried to take me ring shopping for our 25th anniversary I told him thank you for wanting to spoil me that way BUT if he really wanted to make me smile.. there was this bed I had been eyeing. :) I got what I really wanted and he saved a chunk of change so it was a win for everyone! My friends think I’m crazy but LOOK at this canopy bed! I’m in love! This room has always been a struggle for me to decorate because the ceilings are so high. I kept buying large art to put over our bed to fill in the space, but something always looked off to me. This room needed a canopy bed! (If you have tall ceilings consider a bed like this!) It fills up the empty space so nicely and now all feels right when I walk into my bedroom.

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Now it will be EASY to find something to put over our bed. Smaller items work great in the space between the metal frames. Items like my beloved hoop wreath for the holidays!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

What do you think? Are you team new bed or new diamond ring? Ha ha.. I might be a party of one on this debate but I have zero regrets!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)


My Amazon lamps and mirrors work great and I love the black in this space! Everything feels grounded now. Decor is simple on Kenny’s side of the bed. An oldie but goodie pic of us from around 25 years ago :) and my black reindeer looking as regal as ever.

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{feathery pine trees/similar 3 piece mirrored cabinet}

I added more of my favorite pine trees on my white console table and a wooden bowl of green ornaments. This was the table that used to be in my entry. I’d love to move this upstairs and get something different for this space that fits the new vibe with my canopy bed. Maybe for my 26th anniversary?

If you give a mouse a cookie..

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{similar ladder/similar throw/similar stockings}

My side of the bed. :)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{snowy pine trees/barefoot dreams blanket}

I’ve had this garland for years and it really shines at night because of all of the lights attached. They discontinued it and I was so bummed because it’s GOOD! The little flocked trees are favorites I’ve had for years and also light up beautifully at night!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{cable knit pillow}

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

This was my Christmas bedroom last year. Before the new bed..

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

And after! Do you agree? One simple change made such a difference! So much better for this space. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Christmas bedroom! It’s the perfect spot to retreat this time of year. Addison and I especially love escaping to this room when a football game is on in the family room. We bring in treats, turn on all of the sparkly lights and pick out a Christmas movie. If you need me the week after Christmas this is where you’ll find me! Can’t wait.

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I have a few small changes I want to make in this space in the new year. My canopy bed inspired all sorts of ideas! Do you have decorating or renovating plans for the new year? I’m excited for new projects! It’s my favorite thing to dream about while I’m watching Christmas movies over the holiday break.

And eating all of the cookies.



xoxo, Erin
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38 thoughts on “Christmas Decor (Master Bedroom)

  1. I say if you are happy with your 25th Anniversary gift, that is all that matters! Your new bed is so striking! I love all the greens in the room. It’s very cozy and a touch masculine so your husband should be comfy, too. It’s a beautiful space and I can definitely see why it’s a great retreat for you. Congratulations. I have no game when it comes to decorating. All I want right now is to kick the cold I appear to have gotten from the lovely students in my class. Your room looks like a nice retreat for me, too. Scoot over. LOL Merry Christmas!

    1. Ha ha.. I’ll scoot! Jeanne! Shoot! I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well! So many people are sick right now. It’s crazy! I hope you are resting this weekend! It’s a hard time to be sick this close to Christmas. Sending you all the well wishes for a speedy recovery! And thank you for your sweet comment.. so happy you like the bed! Now go rest in yours! XO

  2. Definitely team bed! It looks amazing in your room. And, I’m sure you remember the sweet gift every time you see it.
    Years ago my husband and I were planning a ski trip without the kids. It ended up getting canceled because of his work. He told me that I could use the money and he would get me anything I wanted and that everyone at work said he owed me a big ring. I was just getting into Quilting at the time and told him no, I want a Bernina sewing machine. I have loved that machine for over 30 years and have had many wonderful hours of enjoyment with it. Diamonds and baubles are nice but I’m with you, no fancy expensive jewelry to worry about! Give me something practical I really love and I’m a happy girl! Merriest if Christmases to you and your family!

    1. Oh I love that story Janet! We know what makes us happy.. right!? And how cool that you’ve used your sewing machine for so long! What a treasure and so sweet of him to get you something after having to cancel the trip! He’s a keeper. ;) Thank you so much! Happiest holidays to you and your crew! xo

  3. You’re so right, the bed is exactly what the room needed. Love it! Team bed all the way!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year!

  4. I love your new bed. I’m practical that way, too. But I have a feeling your husband will still get you that new ring.

    1. Ha ha.. I think he is giving up! He has tried to get me one for so long and I just keep bypassing with home decor I want. I think next time he’ll know to just order the console table! ;) Thank you so much Kathy! Happy holidays! xo

  5. I would choose the bed over a diamond ring any day of the week! Your new bed looks perfect and exactly what the space needed. Love it!
    Back to rings…I order rings from Amazon – large stones. Different designs. It’s so much fun to wear different ones depending on the day.
    I have two beautiful wedding rings that I love, but it’s sure fun to change it up with my fake ones haha!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful bedroom!

    1. Annalisa! YEA! Thank you so much! I’m so happy you like the new bed. :) And that idea is brilliant! Amazon for the win! I might seriously look into that just for fun. SMART idea! I love it. :) Happiest holidays to you and your family! xo

    1. Thank you so much Tina! I’m so happy you like it! I feel the same way.. this space just needed this bed! Meant to be. :) Happiest holidays to you and your family! xo

    1. YEA! Love that you are team new bed Noreen! Ha ha.. I have no doubt that there are a lot of team diamond people out there who just aren’t commenting! But give me all the home decor.. it will always be my #1. :) Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to you and your family! xo

  6. I love BOTH of your Christmas bedrooms!! But…change is always good!!
    P.S…..Kenny could always give you a new ring to wear on your right hand to symbolize 25 years!! Maybe a birthday present?

    1. That’s a good idea Joy! But I’d probably rather have a new console table for my birthday.. ha! Home decor always has my heart! ;) Thank you so much! Happiest holidays to you and your family! xo

  7. Erin,
    You are NOT “A PARTY OF ONE”! You are at least “A PARTY OF TWO”! I am the exact same way about sentimental jewelry and NOT because of superstitions, like some have….
    Certain things just bring you back to “the moment” BOTH bad and good (it takes BOTH in life, right?) I am way too sentimental for my own good but for me “specialness ” is born in CERTAIN moments. Diamonds are nice and well, every girl needs one or two but NEW DECOR-the BIG pieces, well THAT is what causes the pity pat of my heart and I see, yours also!
    Now, onto the bed! Your BLACK, PENCIL POST, 4-poster w/canopy (see HOW BLACK grounds the room!?) Everyone wanted fabric upholstered beds for a while (I did but never upgraded to it) but the 4 poster or canopy bed will ALWAYS be the decorating standard, in the end. We have an antique, family, canopy bed (called a 3/4 bed!) in one of the bedrooms. It. was a 4-poster w/missing canopy and we had a specialty co. make a new wood canopy frame and then ordered the handmade crochet canopy cover thing and then did away with that when it went out of style (the cover) and it now stands w/just the beautiful canopy frame (like sculpture) but COULD go back to the standard 4 poster without canopy at any time! ;) Yours is a pencil post and I DID have one years ago and sold w/a house and WISH I still had it! SOME things are “INVESTMENT pieces” and “INVESTMENT PIECES” don’t HAVE to be DIAMONDS! I don’t know but, THIS is very good for my husband, I ACTUALLY prefer TINY diamonds, anyway! A tiny, little diamond, solitaire necklace, tiny diamonds in a wedding ring……… The “statement jewelry” for you-Madewell, for me? A Lilly Pulitzer necklace can just pull an outfit together and I don’t have to insure it! ;) or WORRY about it!

    1. I’m so happy you’re joining my party Sherrie! Ha! I knew you would back me up on this one. :) I agree.. canopy beds are timeless! Yours sounds absolutely beautiful! And same.. expensive jewelry just makes me nervous! Home decor will always have my heart. :) I hope you are enjoying your weekend! XO

  8. Erin! I’m laughing because I totally spotted the pic of you and Kenny in the first pic, further away. It’s beloved by even us.
    I’m also laughing because when you said your friends think you’re crazy, I was totally thinking- because you bought a new bed! Ha! I loved your old bed, but the new one does look amazing in your space. I wish I had an ounce of your decor skills. Your black touches are such a good contrast in such a big, light room. Are you guys coming up during the Christmas break? Or just enjoying being home with Ellie?
    PS, maybe you should just let Kenny buy you a new ring for the other hand?! An anniversary ring!

    1. Ha ha.. I’m laughing you noticed that picture! :) My SD friends think I’m crazy that I would choose a bed over a new diamond! They are used to me switching out home decor. ;) You are so sweet to say that. I’m happy you like the black! We aren’t coming over Christmas (Ellie is so happy to be home!) but I have a feeling it won’t be too long before we are visiting again.. I will let you know for sure so we can get together! Happiest holidays! Give everyone a hug for me! xo

  9. Erin, your new bed is AMAZING!! When I saw it, the Heavens opened up and the Angels sang! I always loved your bedroom before, but the new bed has made such a difference, and I LOVE it!!
    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!!

    1. Ha ha.. Jane! You heard the angels too! Oh you made my day! And you made me laugh. :) I’m so happy you like it! Just what that space needed. Happiest holidays to you and your sweet family! Thank you again! xo

  10. The canopy bed is perfect for your space! It’s great too that the chandelier was spaced out enough and not too long.

    1. Thank you Debbie! I know! I measured everything before we ordered the bed because I didn’t know how it would work with the light fixture but it all fit perfectly! Meant to be. :) Happy holidays!

  11. You are right! Bed looks awesome. Such a fun space. Where are your cute side tables from? Love the color. Merry Christmas !

    1. YEA! I’m so happy you like it Zobbie! Thank you! My side tables are from Restoration Hardware. I’m not sure if they are still in stock? We’ve had them for about 8 years now. :)

  12. Erin!!
    Your new bed is simply gorgeous! It indeed transforms the room. The decor is beautiful as well. What a dreamy room. Merry Xmas to you and to the family. ❤️

  13. Your home is beautiful. I think you made a great choice on the bed vs the ring! haha. I feel the same way. Merry Christmas!

  14. Looks so beautiful and elegant … love the simple but gorgeous Christmas decor and the bed is next level. I’m #teambed too! Thanks for sharing ….. off the buy a new bed here ;)

  15. I am 100% team bed! Love it. Also agree that I will always keep my ring from when we got engaged and would never upgrade. It doesn’t have the same sentimental value to me. Great choice!

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