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Christmas Master Bedroom

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Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

What a jam packed week! December is officially here and I’m feeling it. You!? I always wish December lasted a few months and we could just sort of spread things out. I love all of the parties and activities! But it’s a lot to fit in and well.. it’s only Dec. 3rd and I’m tired. Ha. ;)

The good news is that I have a fun place to retreat this month when I can find a minute to rest! My master bedroom is decked for Christmas and I can’t wait to be lounging on this bed with my girls watching Christmas movies. This is always our spot this time of year when the boys are watching football and I love making it extra cozy for us. :)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

You might remember that last year I decked our master bedroom in pink!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

After going with a mostly green theme for my Fall porch and then my Christmas porch this year I decided I’d keep that train rolling and use darker tones and more greens in this space too. Green is my all time favorite color and I have to say that this room makes me smile every time I walk in.

Mission accomplished. :)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Let’s talk details! You know I love white comforters! They work beautifully in every season and you can have a whole new look by just switching out pillows and throws. I bought this beautiful white comforter/sham set last summer and we have loved it. It’s not too light or too heavy. Perfect for us in the winter.

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I bought this olive green quilt set a couple of months ago and love the addition of the green shams and folded quilt at the bottom. I was thinking I would just use it for the holidays but I love it so much I’ll probably keep it on through winter and maybe spring too. The green is so cozy! I layered this natural chunky knit blanket on top of the green quilt and it added so much texture. It’s also soft to wrap up in for movies! Perfect blanket for the foot of a bed. Two velvet forest green pillows and a favorite neutral Christmas tree pillow complete the look!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

This Christmas Lane winter print is the same art I used above my bed last year. It surprised me how it took on a whole new look with this new bedding and new lamps! You can’t tell as much in pictures but last year the pink really pulled out the light/white colors and this year the greens pull out the greens/blacks in the photo making it appear a lot more moody. Kind of cool. :)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I added this cute tree throw for my bench at the food of the bed. This throw comes in 4 colors and I have 3 of them! Ha. I’m using the red (more of a maroon) in my family room, the green in my living room and this cream in the bedroom. I love that it’s a solid color but has the tree prints and tassels to add some texture and fun for the holidays. (I often get asked about this bench and it was a custom item I had made, but I linked some fun similar options at the end of my post!)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

The decor that made the biggest change in this bedroom is the new mirrors and lamps!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Ahhhh! Could NOT be more excited about these simple new additions! I found them both on Amazon and am in love! These black terracotta lamps aren’t in stock anymore but I’m crossing my fingers they come back. I would actually love a set for my upstairs console table too. They are really large and just beautiful. (I’ll share the news here and on IG if I see them back in stock for anyone interested!) These brushed metal wall mirrors were out of stock for a while and just came back! I bought the bronze color – they look 100% black and are a smooth finish. I added two of my small pine trees to our nightstands (my obsession with these trees runs deep!) and this large black zinc reindeer since this is Kenny’s side of the bed. A little more masculine for him than last year. Ha. ;)

*Funny side story. Last year Kenny was in a client meeting for work and his client said “How’s the pink Christmas bedroom? My wife follows your wife on Instagram and loves it!” Kenny’s response.. “is our bedroom pink right now?”

Ha ha.. I laughed for 20 minutes when he told me that! It was towards the end of December and our room had been pink for months! Seriously my husband. I guess we’re a good pair since I notice every detail in a room and he notices NOTHING. It’s probably my fault. I switch things up so much around here he just stopped paying attention and trying to figure out what things look like long ago. ;)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

My previous mirrors and lamps. Nothing was wrong with them but I’ve had them for years and these mirrors always felt a little too tall for me. I didn’t like how they towered above my headboard. Also because of the style of them I couldn’t pair them with more modern lamps I’ve been loving.

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

It was time for a change!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I kept my blanket ladder in this corner and add this cozy green cable knit throw (beautiful in person!) and some cream stockings (similar here) and bells. (Similar blanket ladder here & lots of options here.)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

This is the same green pine flocked Christmas tree I had in this space last year and I can’t imagine ever getting tired of it. It’s so beautiful on its own that it really doesn’t need much! I kept it simple with just some ball ornaments – textured rizzo ornaments that sold out and these ball ornaments in moss green. I have these same ball ornaments in different colors in other rooms throughout my home and love them!  They are really nice, large, good quality ornaments and I love the green twine on them to hang the ornaments on the tree! I would definitely recommend them in any color.

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

{bedroom rug/similar spindle leg chairs – here/here/here/here/here/similar pom pom throw}

This year..

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

and last year. Which is your favorite? :)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I didn’t do much on my mantel. I put up my garland and added these favorite twinkle lights and just loved the simplicity of it! (My faux cedar garland sold out around Halloween! It always goes fast. I linked a few similar options you could use at the end of this post.)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

My pre-lit faux snowy pine trees were perfect for the hearth and make this room magical at night.

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I love having cozy pillows on the built-in benches next to our fireplace.  I put three pillows on each bench.. these cute green plaid windowpane pillows, my cable knit fur pillows..

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

and these cream cable knit pillows. (They come in lots of fun colors and are a great neutral in the winter months!)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

I have this mirrored console table to the left of our bed (used to be in my front entry!). This spot in my room needs some attention. I have a few ideas but never really prioritize knocking them out. 2022? Maybe. :)

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

For now I just kept it simple with greenery, some trees and a bowl full of these same ball ornaments I used on my tree.

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

That wraps up the tour of my cozy Christmas master bedroom! Bring on the Hallmark movies!

Christmas Master Bedroom (Sunny Side Up)

We are more than ready. :)

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xoxo, Erin
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37 thoughts on “Christmas Master Bedroom

  1. Oh my goodness, Erin! I LOVE how you styled your bedroom. It’s gorgeous. I liked the pink last year, don’t get me wrong, but I love the green. I adore all the texture, too. It looks stunning! If it was my room, I’d keep the green all year round (minus the Christmas decor). Everything looks just right. I can well imagine how comfy and cozy this must be at night. You outdid yourself here. Pop the popcorn and snuggle in! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I think I will keep it up longer! I’m really loving the greens this year. :) Makes me so happy you like it! I always smile when I see your sweet comment pop up after a post. :) Happy Saturday! xo

  2. Erin….. LOVE LOVE it all… the simple layering of throws on your bed makes such a Hugh punch!! I love the mirrors used before over your bedside tables… what is the source for them? Also… the window seats…. are those built-ins or ” bring-in”?
    They are beautiful. Your whole home is a product of some well-thought, well-planned ideas.

    1. Jodey you made my day! YEA! I’m so happy you like it! Thank you! My previous mirrors were from Horchow and I don’t think they sell them anymore! If you click on my previous pink bedroom post I think they are linked at the bottom.. you can check one more time to make sure! I designed the window seats when we built the house and they are stand alone, but made for this space (and they are SO heavy!) so they aren’t going anywhere and might as well be built-in. Ha. :) Such a thoughtful comment.. thank you again and happy December! xo

  3. Your home is so beautiful. I think we would be fast friends if you lived on the east coast. I loved the pink last year but I have to say that this green theme is my favorite and I love the new mirrors. Happy holidays !

    1. Yea! Thank you Sarah! Wish we did live closer and could hang out! I’m so happy you like it all. Definitely team green over here. :) Enjoy December and thanks again! xo

  4. Both of the pink and the green are so inviting and cozy. What do you do with the old lamps and mirrors? Also, do the fireplace give off much heat with the glass on the front? Love your home!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! The old lamps are currently on a different console table in my home and the mirrors I’m giving to family. :) The fireplace does give off plenty of heat! But we don’t have it on that much living in San Diego. ;)

  5. Oh my goodness! I love this so much! I just ordered the quilt!! Thank you for showing how to get a beautiful space with out spending a ton of money! Merry Christmas

    1. Terry your sweet words mean so much to me! I’m thrilled that you were able to get some fun ideas from my bedroom. I hope you love the quilt as much as I do! Thank you again and happy holidays to you and your family! xo

  6. LOVE your bedroom and yes! talk about cozy!!!!
    Question? I just ordered a thick shag rug like that for my sunroom. Is it hard to vacuum being so thick? I never thought about that!!! Will my robot vacuum work on it?

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you like it! I’m not sure about your robot vacuum because I don’t have one but it isn’t an issue with mine. It shed a bit at first but then stopped and is so cozy to walk on!

  7. As much as I loved the pinks when you did it last year I’m liking the green more. It’s simple but gives a cozy, homey feel instead of a glam look.

  8. Erin!
    You KNEW that you WOULD hear from me on THIS one RIGHT!?!
    Oh, the bedroom! just so beautiful and after last years “tint of pink” I ask myself HOW can it get better?
    WELL, it JUST did! Not that I never want you to go back to the pink tint which I MAY return to as a FAV.. of what you have done.
    However, THIS is DRAMATIC.VERY! I love to use black, dark grays, dark olives and deep forest greens to “ground” a space”
    and you have done it with THIS, Erin! So surprising how you can change up a room with just the “extras” more so actually than new furniture.
    I have decided this year to have more simplicity during the holidays. With my Christmas Eve B day, I have SO MUCH Christmas, gifted to me AND OTHERWISE! ;-D I tend to get overwhelmed finding ways to use it ALL (some is pretty fussy) I feel guilty IF I do not use MOST of the “special things” I TRIED that MARIE K.. thing-If it does NOT “SPARK JOY” out it goes. Did NOT work. Too sentimental a person I am. I FINALLY figured out that SOME special things COULD live on in keepsake boxes (RIGHT! Amazon!) and the more fussy, old fashioned ornaments gifted and collected over the years COULD be displayed nicely in the antique wood dough bowls and platters you know I have! I am ok with THAT! I also THOUGHT of painting my outdated Christmas village white, for a simpler “clean” look but being that it is the orig. Dept.56 that might be a “crime”………
    My 7 1/2 ft. flocked twig tree will remain, this year w/just the attached pinecones and tiny white lights. Ahhh simplicity.
    Anyway, if any readers are reading the comments may I make a suggestion? IF you want any of the items Erin recommends order ASAP!
    So bummed that I waited to get Erins ORIGINAL garland. So simple, realistic and just beautiful. SOLD OUT :-O NO!
    Take care, my decorating friend,
    I for one, will be “soaking up” all your FAB. decorating ideas thru Dec. 24. Yes, hard to admit that decorating is STILL going on thru the 24th in MY world!



    1. Sharon! Oh my word.. I thought I might hear from you but you’ve exceeded my expectations with this comment! Ha! So sweet of you.. thank you! And I agree.. just switching up the extras can make all the difference in a space! I love how the dark colors ground things too. And I love your attempt to simplify! I am always torn when it comes to this too.. very sentimental but I also hate having too much stuff and can feel suffocated by clutter! I’m pretty ok with letting things go, but there are definitely ways around that with very special items! (Keepsake ornaments in dough bowls are always a good thing!) I’m so sorry you didn’t get the garland! It will be back next year and you know I’ll send you an early happy reminder! No doubt your home will be absolutely STUNNING for the holidays Sharon. Enjoy every minute! I’ll be decorating up until the last minute right there with you and see.. that SPARKS JOY for us! You are more Marie Kondo than you think! ;) Love you! XO

  9. LOVE your new bedroom Erin! The green is a perfect look in there. The darker colors really ground the space. I love it!!

  10. Love, love, love the new lamps and mirrors. The green is stunning! One of my favorite colors also. (I only like pink on roses. LOL)

  11. I love everything about your bedroom! My favorite color is PINK! The ceiling is wonderful! You are a lucky girl. Your husbands bosses comment is so funny! You are an inspiration to all of us!

  12. I love revisiting all your posts. I keep looking at the Christmas ones for inspiration. I found the Fa la la garland and I am thrilled it will be here soon. I sooo wanted to copy the cedar garland with the bells. I finally found some hanging bells but, I look forward to when the garland will be available again.. You have such amazing taste! Thank you so much for all your inspiration and for always providing the links. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you and your family.

    1. Kelly this made my day! I’m so happy my posts have been helpful to you! And I hope you love the fa la la garland! One of my long time favorites. :) That garland sells so quickly every year! I always feel silly talking about it in early October but by Halloween it’s usually sold out. Tis the season. :) Thank you again for your sweet words.. they mean a lot to me! Wishing you and your family the happiest holiday season! XO

  13. So pretty Erin!! I love green too, but when I talk about favorite colors with my kids I always have to specify, well I have different favorite colors for different things! Green is for sure my fav to wear. But gotta say the pink room is my favorite! Love how feminine and light it looked. I’ve wanted that pink throw with the giant tassels since you shared it! SO funny about Kenny’s client! Ryan probably wouldn’t notice either. Oh and I totally love how the colors really do change the look of your pretty print!

    1. Josie I totally get that with colors! So funny. I’m pretty much a green lover for clothes, decor.. anything really! :) But I love that you love the pink! Really it’s just fun for me to mix things up and try new things. I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season this year! I can’t believe how quickly it’s flying by! XO

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