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Cyber Monday – Gift Ideas!

Happy Monday! I’m kicking the week off with my Cyber Monday picks and lots of fun gift ideas for everyone on your list! How is your holiday shopping going? I’m about half way done and hoping to make a little more progress today. I had big plans of finishing my on-line shopping over Thanksgiving weekend but I ended up spending time with family and wasn’t on my computer much. I don’t regret that decision at all :) but I’m happy the sales are still going strong today!

Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

If you follow me on IG stories at all you’ve probably heard me rave about certain Vanity Planet products. Items like this face steamer are staples at our home! Addison and I both use it every week. We steam in front of the TV on our “spa nights.” Kenny is always laughing and rolling his eyes at us. Ha. We are firm believers in self care. ;) I reached out to VP to see if I could get some discounts for you all on my favorite items because they all make great gifts!

Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Head here to get a discount on all of my Vanity Planet favorites! They have bundle options available too that are perfect if you want to get a few different items or a few of the same item for gifts.  Perfect for girls/women of all ages!

Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

These Kove speakers are also included in my VP round up and are my latest obsession! They connect to your phone/computer via bluetooth and have great sound quality.

Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

You can keep them connected or separate them for full surround sound. I’ve been surprised how much I’ve used these in the past month! I turn them on when I clean, exercise, when we’re spending time outside. They are also perfect for teens in their bedroom, entertaining, lounging by the pool in the summer. Such a fun gift for anyone on your list!

Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{speaker & other VP favorites}

I took them to Utah and we loved having them on when everyone was playing basketball and hanging outside. My parents put this fun new sports court in their backyard for the kids/grandkids. So much fun!

Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Kenny and Shawn crack me up in this pic. None of us are basketball players but we like to pretend. Ha. :)

Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Colleen Rothschild products are all 30% off! I shared favorites in this post. You can also check out their best seller page. Great skin care products that would also be fun for gifts. I’ll be stocking up on the Extreme Recovery Cream! Love that stuff.

Travel bags/Amazon Prime (Sunny Side Up)

Last Spring I shared my favorites for travel and I thought I would share them again because they also make fun gifts.  This double layer make-up travel bag is my favorite!   It holds EVERYTHING.  I love that I can lay larger products in the middle and keep smaller bottles upright on the side.

Travel bags/Amazon Prime (Sunny Side Up)

There is also another zipper compartment on top for make-up brushes and other items. I love the transparent cover to keep make-up brushes clean too. Plus it has a strap and is easy to carry. WINNER!  This bag is still sitting in my bathroom with everything in it because I haven’t unpacked from our Utah trip yet. Which isn’t good because I’ve found that if I don’t unpack from a trip immediately after we get home I’m living out of my suitcase for at least another week. Ha. Anyone else!?

Travel bags/Amazon Prime (Sunny Side Up)

This electronic organizer is another favorite!  Perfect to hold all of your charging cords, camera items, pens, a mouse, your phone.. whatever you need. Would make a great gift!

Travel bags/Amazon Prime (Sunny Side Up)

If you prefer a good hanging bag this toiletry bag on the left is a great option.  It also holds a lot and has elastics that help keep products upright.  I also really like this travel make-up organizer.  Similar to my favorite bag with a separate spot for brushes on top.  It also has dividers that you can move and customize.

Everything open..

Travel bags/Amazon Prime (Sunny Side Up)

And closed.

These favorite travel bags are all linked below along with this jewelry organizer I also have and love.

Favorite Travel bags (

1- travel bag with hanging hook    2- jewelry organizer travel case 

3- travel makeup organizer 

4- large cosmetic case   5- electronic organizer travel case 


travel bags (Sunny Side Up)

{carry-on luggage/straw circle tote/travel make-up bag/duffel bag}

A few other favorite bags I always use when I travel. Calpak has great items for traveling and I love checking their site for fun gifts every year. They have a lot of fun items on sale too! Organized travel makes me happy.  :)

Ok.. on to my Cyber Monday picks! So many fun things on sale! I rounded up favorites from Nordstrom and Amazon for women, men and kids below! A lot of my teen girl gifts are on sale too!


Cyber Monday Nordstrom (

1- olaplex  2- pajamas  3- throw blanket  4- initial necklace

5- mascara primer    6- nonstick fry pan set   7- eyeshadow palette

Love every item here! Major score on the barefoot dreams blankets. I gave one to Kenny for his birthday in August and he doesn’t let it out of his sight!


Cyber Monday Nordstrom (

1- lip gloss set   2- large leather tote   3- bliss throw   4- backpack

5- kiehl’s set   6- hiker boot   7- pillow talk lip & eye set

I gave these BB lip gloss sets for gifts last year and they were a hit! Bliss throws on sale are always a good thing and I love the black bags!


Cyber Monday Nordstrom (

1- vest   2- reserve body & hair cleanser   3- deluxe backpack

4- facial cleansing tool   5- old skool sneaker   6- slipper

All items my husband would love! Debating the Foreo for him. I know he would love it if he used it.. but could I make him remember to use it? Hmm. Doubtful. It would take great effort on my part.. ;)


Cyber Monday Nordstrom (

1- long sleeve t-shirt   2- performance  t-shirt

3-  deodorant   4- wool chute   5- boxer briefs   6- sneaker


Cyber Monday Amazon (

1- race tracks   2- fire tablet

3- travel activity kit   4- play kitchen   5- RC monster car


I so miss buying toys like these! My girls would have been in heaven with this pink play kitchen. Kole loved the race tracks when he was younger and the travel activity kit is genius for long car rides!


Cyber Monday Amazon (

1- zingo bingo game   2- magnetic tiles kit

3- fire pro tablet   4- world map puzzle   5- barbie dreamhouse

Zingo, these magnetic tiles and the Barbie Dreamhouse were 3 of my kids’ favorites.  I bought Kole the world map this year. :)



1- hooded jacket   2- leaf blower   3- ice maker

 4- coasters   5- instant pot   6- bose earbuds   7- fire 10 tablet

I ordered this black coat! So cute right!? I’m going to try it and the J Crew black coat I ordered. Thinking I’ll keep one for me and give one to Ellie this year because she needs a new coat too. We have and love the ice maker – a Chirsmtas gift from my parents! It’s on sale for such a good price right now. The other items would all make great gifts too.

Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

My favorite sheets are on sale! I gave these to so many people for Christmas last year and they were such a hit! The BEST sheets. I still have them on all of our beds and love them.


Cyber Monday Amazon (


1- string lights   2- sheet set   3- handheld steamer   4- mixing bowls

5- handheld vacuum   6-serving bowls   7- luggage

My sheets are linked here with other long time favorites like my handheld vacuum and steamer. The string lights are my favorites for holiday decorating!

I shared the collage below on Prime Day but thought I’d post it again because they are all fun gift ideas and some of them are on sale. (I bought the vanity mirror for Ellie last year for Christmas and she uses it everyday for her make-up and loves it!)  Maybe ignore the swimsuit.. ha. But I’ll take one of everything else right now! ;)


prime day beauty and fashion (

1- jade roller. 2- crest whitestrips   3- curling iron

4- beauty sponge set  5- backpack. 6- elta sunscreen 

7- straw hat   8- crossover swimsuit   9- mario badescu glow facial spray 

10- adidas sneakers  11- short sleeve romper   12- vanity mirror


I hope this post gave you more fun gift ideas! It’s always such a nice feeling to find that perfect gift for someone you love. It’s also such a nice feeling to have holiday shopping DONE! To those of you who achieve that before December even hits.. you are my heroes! I’ll be happy if I’m done by Dec. 20th.

I like to set expectations low.. makes it easier to feel proud of myself.



xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Cyber Monday – Gift Ideas!

  1. Wow, that is quite the round up of ideas, Erin! This post must have taken forever to link up. Thank you so much for the time and effort it takes to pull a post like this together. Looks like the family enjoyed the new addition to the backyard at your parents house. They know how to be sure the family keeps coming back. Smart folks. :) What fun for everyone. I’d be up for a good came of Horse! ;) Happy new week and new month! You are on the ball and sure to finish up your shopping soon.

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I know.. my parent have a theory that “if they build it kids will come..” ha! It works! ;) I hope you’ve had a good week! XO

  2. You Are A Lifesaver, Erin! Your recommendation of the Mario Bedescu glow facial spray concluded this weary Cyber shopper’s gift search. Thank You and Merry Christmas!

  3. So many great ideas! Can you tell I’m behind in my emails?! The VP mirror I wanted is now sold out…no surprise, but I’m still thinking the face brush is a great deal and might be a must-have!

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