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Teen Girl Gift Ideas

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Teen Girl Gifts (Sunny Side Up)

Teen girls! Pretty much sums up my life right now. This pic was from last year around this time. We need Ellie to snap a new selfie of the 3 of us with the bread. :) It’s always an adventure with these two. Love them both so much and overall I’ve loved this stage. It’s like having two mini besties running around with me all day.

I’ve rounded up LOTS of gift ideas if you have teen girls in your life too! These are all items my girls either already have and love or things would be excited about (and might be getting!) for Christmas this year. I shared ideas in this post from Urban, Nordstrom, Amazon and Sephora (some of the main places I shop for my girls.) Sephora gift sets were a huge hit with my girls last year! They always love trying new skin and make-up products and the gift sets are perfect for that. If you aren’t buying for teen girls this year still take a look at the items I’ve rounded up because quite a few are good gifts for women of all ages. Another fun thing about this stage with my girls is that we can share! So many things they love I love too. :)

I’ll have teen boy gift ideas coming soon!  Teen girl gift ideas are easy, but I had to recruit a few friends to check out my ideas for teen boys and make sure they were legit. I passed.. phew. Ha. ;)

Thanksgiving week! Let’s do this! It’s a busy one for sure. Good luck kicking off the week, happy shopping and I’ll be back soon. :)

Teen Girls Gifts (

1- adidas waist pack  2- tote bag   3- gel under eye pads  4- claw clip

5- fujifilm instant camera  6- fujifilm film   7- ugg sandal    8- roller skates

9- hydro flask water bottle   10- dr. martens jadon platform  11- disposable camera

12- shag throw pillow   13- mini instax film   14- smartphone printer


teen gifts for girls (

1- ribbed sweater   2- sparkle bobby pins   3- lemon drop detangler   4- flash patch eye gels  

5- long shirt jacket   6- 4-pack liner socks  7- jaw clip  8- airpods pro case 

9- no. 7 bonding oil    no.5 bond maintenance conditioner    no.4 bond maintenance shampoo 

 no.6 bond smoother   10- slingback sandal


1- sportswear sweatshirt   2- chuck taylor high top sneaker    3- eyeshadow palette  

4- ponytail holder   5- detangling primer   6- jadon boot   7- curling iron

8- oversized sweatshirt   9- plumping lip gloss set   10- flannel pajama pants


amazon teen girl gifts (

1- leather backpack  2- tie-dye party   3- 10pk natural lip balm

4- sherpa wearable blanket  5- fuzzy socks   6- night light bluetooth speaker


Teen Girl Gifts Amazon (

1- photo string lights   2- travel size brush set   3- crossbody bag

4- tripod stand   5- vanity mirror   6- mud mask


Teen Girl Gifts Amazon (

1-EMU Australia    2- supergoop glow sunscreen   3- rainbow puzzle

4- felt letter board   5-  hair towel wrap   6- echo dot


teen girl gifts amazon (

1 – the baking cookbook for teens  2 – how to cookbook for teens

3 – 7 habits of highly effective teens   4- mindfulness for teens


Skin care Sephora gift set (

1- galaxy gorgeous set   2- holy sheet

3- hydration starter kit   4- rose deep hydration skincare


Sephora gift sets (

1- shine lip gloss & plumper set   2- pillow talk lip set

3- plumping lip set   4- lip color lipstick & lip balm set


Sephora Gift Set Makeup (

1- makeup brush set   2- clean makeup set

3- beauty must have set   4- lash kit

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Teen Girl Gift Ideas

  1. Lots of great ideas, Erin. Thanks for rounding them up! You are a rockstar for all the work you put into these types of posts. I think that photo of the three of you is fantastic (yes, even though it’s not technically perfect). I think it shows a lot of personality! Thanks for all you do. Happy shiny new week!

    1. You are so incredibly kind Jeanne.. thank you for the thank you! Happy Thanksgiving week to you and your sweet family! I hope you have the best turkey day celebrating. :) xo

  2. Erin,
    you outdid yourself with Teen Gift Guide, I am sure inspired by your BEAUTIFUL girls! Love it BUT it SHOULD be
    a “daughters gift guide”.
    Nearly ALL items are perfect for 20 and 30 something age girls and older too!
    Many of us are 1-2 steps ahead of you- you crazy young thing ;-D
    Anyway, when my kids were tiny, I thought anyone w/teens was getting OLD!
    Now as a mom w/grown kids and 2 little grands most moms of Teens are “crazy young things”. TO ME!
    I also see many items on the list that would be great for ME! Hint IF anyone is reading: Ugg slippers! Sz 7 or med.! Black, pls.
    BTW, I hope you get credit always when someone buys from your lists. I did order the “boards/Platters” book you suggested
    and I am having a wonderful time reading it, although it is not ACTUALLY FOR ME ;-D will say no more in case “someone” is reading! Anyway, I hope you are getting credit b/c I know w/OUT your “influence” there are quite a few things I have bought inc. Bobbi Brown and towel racks, etc. that I would not have bought! You often bring to my attention things that I did not even know I needed but can now not live without. Like going into that home decorating/gift shop that I have mentioned…….
    Take care,
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    1. You are so right Sharon! I should have called it a “daughters” gift guide.. or really just gifts for HER! I love most things I shared too! ha. And I used to think teen moms were so old too! That made me laugh. Isn’t it funny how the older we get the more we realize “old” just really isn’t that old!? You are beyond kind to want to make sure I’m getting credit. Anytime anyone uses my links to purchase something I recommend I get a small commission. And truly if you don’t use my link to purchase something I recommend it’s all good! But the fact that you do and that you care means so much to me. THANK YOU! For always being so kind and buying things I recommend! And thank you for always checking in and leaving such kind (and funny!) comments. They always brighten my day! Grateful for you this Thanksgiving! Have the best holiday with your family and those sweet little grands! XO

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