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Woodsy Glam Christmas Tree (Sunny Side Up)

{similar norway faux spruce tree/woven tree skirt/chunky wool jute rug/this gorgeous leafy garland /khaki velvet ribbon/black velvet ribbon/glitter gold star tree topper}

Happy Sunday! The start of a new week with lots to do! Bring it on. :) I hope you’ve had a good weekend so far. I’m excited to share some fun things with you this week! I have lots of pics to go through. Which is great. Because I have lots of holiday movies to watch and those two tasks go hand in hand. Who is bringing the popcorn? :)

Today I’m sharing few fun sales, a few fun things back in stock and a few fun gift ideas! Loads of fun. Get ready. ;) My leafy garland is on sale (in my tree above) and all holiday decor at Mcgee & Co is 30% off! Below are my favorites that are still in stock. The tree is the same tree I have but the flocked version and it comes in two sizes.

holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

My Sandy Terracotta Vase is back in stock! I got a lot of questions about it when I shared the holiday decor in my kitchen so I wanted to let you know it’s back! A little pricey but so beautiful and I love that it’s tapered at the top. Vases that are tapered at the top are my favorite because you don’t have to use as many branches to get a full look.

holiday decor (Sunny Side Up)

{holiday family room sources}

Another favorite vase that’s back in stock but won’t be for long is my Matte Grey Tapered Jar. Investment pieces to decorate with for years to come!

holiday decor (Sunny Side Up){artificial feathery pine tree}

My faux Target trees are marked down and on their way out! Such a good price right now. LOVE them. I leave the trees up on my porch through February. :)

holiday gifts (Sunny Side Up)

{Stanley 40 Oz. Quencher Tumbler}

I’ve rounded up some fun gift ideas! A lot of the things I’m looking at for my crew. :) These Stanley tumblers are a hot item and I love these colors that are back in stock! I have a feeling my girls will too. (You can get them here on Amazon also but it looks like they ship after Christmas!)

holiday gifts (Sunny Side Up)

1- everywhere belt bag   2-fleece belt bag

I hope these belt bags haven’t sold out by the time you see this post because they come in stock and fly back out the next day. Such a popular item this year and I know why! I own one and use it all the time. These two styles that just came back in stock are the cutest I’ve seen!

1-extendable magnetic flashlight    2- v-neck sweater   3-crew hair

4- 50 states book   5- mitch hair clay   6- spices   7-luggage

8-  stanely cup   9-phone docking station   10- long sleeve button up

11 – flashlight pack   12- yeti cooler   13- zip sweatshirt

1- pullover sweatshirt   2- vuori jacket   3- sling backpack

4- hat   5- nike shorts   6-leather wallet   7- duffle bag

8- vans shoes   9-earbuds   10-vest   11- city sneaker

12- nike socks   13-baseball cap   14- ugg slipper   15-wireless charger

Fun gift ideas for the men in your life! Most are approved by my husband. Almost all gifts I’ve given him through the years. :)

1- cotton tie top   2-peter-pan collar top   3- bow tie ruffle blouse

4- bow blouse   5-bow blouse   6- polka dot bow blouse   7-knit top

Cece blouses have always been favorites of mine! They are perfect for events when you want to be a little on the dressy side. I love them for holiday get togethers too.

1-tree waffle maker   2- snowman   3-gingerbread   4-snowflake

Sharing these waffle makers because they are too much fun! I’m picturing a breakfast charcuterie board with ALL the holiday waffles and fruit! Wouldn’t that be fun on Christmas morning!?

1- payton pump   2-black payton pump   3-slingback pump

4- hyland mule   5- cher crystal pump   6- gold payton pump

7-romi pump   8-remi sandal   9-payton pointy pump

If you need shoes for a holiday party this year I’ve got you covered! Aren’t these all so beautiful!? I’d always rather be in sneakers, but if I have to dress up these aren’t bad options at all. :)

1-slouch boot   2-over the knee boot   3-marc fisher boot

4- cali stretch over the knee boot   5-Steve madden boot   6-ankle boot

7- slouch bootie   8-miller boot   9-bootie   10- block heel bootie

Since we’re talking shoes these deals on boots were too good to not share!

1-sheets  2- green cover pillow   3-olive branches

4-barefoot dreams blanket   5- black leather boxes   6-coasters

7-vase   8-fraiser fir candle   9-kitchenaid mixer

10- decorative serving tray   11-geometric vase

12-large round board   13-taper candle holders   14- ice maker

Favorite Amazon HOME gifts! The sheets are on all of our beds and most of my friend’s beds at this point. ;)

1- scotch tape dispenser   2- black ribbon   3-tree gift tags

4- gift wrap cutter   5- storage container   6-gold ribbon   7-holiday wrapping paper

With all of the fun gifts we’re chatting about I thought some wrapping paper essentials would be helpful! I love this wrapping paper storage container and the elf gift wrap cutter is so handy when it comes to slicing wrapping paper quickly and evenly!

Just two weeks until Christmas!

On that note enjoy the rest of your weekend. Ha!

Deep breaths.. deep breaths.


xoxo, Erin
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One thought on “Favorites & Gift Ideas

  1. Erin,
    THIS is a very good post, EXCEPT>>>>>>>
    OH, NO! the “leafy garland is SOLD OUT!
    Next: The Star tree topper-NOW only available in SILVER, not gold! BOTH were the “extras” I decided upon THIS year.
    I MIGHT TRY the silver…………. MAYBE….. It is in my cart.
    I told you that I was trying to “make do” w/my MANY Christmas items till we decided on downsizing OR not….
    But I said, “to the gallows with THAT idea” and get a few new things. I will just get a couple more RED tubs and
    make sure it is all packed up straight away after the holidays and NO one will be the wiser! ;-) NOT meant to be!
    Erin, this happens every year since the youngest entered college and STILL here we are!
    Also, I wait and ruminate on “adding” to the collection and then, also, it is gone! :-O
    NEXT year I buy the new RED tubs FIRST and order early!

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