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Christmas in the Kitchen

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Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{black hanover pendants/eloise woven counter stools/small wreaths/similar small wreaths}

Christmas in the kitchen! It’s always such a fun place to add some holiday cheer isn’t it!? Everyone hangs out in the kitchen and I love adding greenery and favorite decor to warm things up and make people want to hang out here even more. :) I’m so happy to have you all over for a little tour of this space!

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{faux cedar garland/faux eucalyptus garland/over the mantel mirror}

This year I stuck with my tried and true garland combo for over my cooktop. I just wrapped one cedar garland with one eucalyptus garland (on sale at the moment!) and it creates a beautiful combo. This is actually 4 pieces of garland (2 wrapped on each side) on my shelf.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{antiqued metal tray/black cheese board/tan bottle brush trees/brass salt mill/brass pepper mill (both on sale!)/similar wood stand/similar utensil crock/serving set}

Then I just added a little Christmas cheer here and there with cute bottlebrush trees..

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{similar marble cake stand/fresh balsam candle/driftwood/candle snuffer}

and fresh balsam holiday candles. :)

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{metal house village set/black metal houses/dark brown bottle brush trees/tan bottle brush trees/tree board/round pizza paddle/rectangle board/similar hoop wreath}

I added my cute black metal houses on my shelf too (they light up so pretty at night!) and my beloved Christmas tree board and hoop wreath against my backsplash. And yes.. I move the wreath when I cook. Believe me.. my house could be up in flames in no time given my track record with the cooktop! We take no chances around here.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

But cooking woes aside.. this section of the kitchen is looking festive. :)

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{mumbai rug/peyton dishtowel/hicks pendant}

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

I kept my kitchen window the same as last year.. I just love it too much! Especially with my little white houses in my glass cabinet.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

It’s magical at night!

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{birch trees/realistic faux snow/wool trees/star drop ornament/similar light up houses here/here/here & here}

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{large glass canister & wood lid/small glass canister & wood lid/extra small glass canister & wood lid/black tree cutting board/black cheese board}

The only difference is this little arrangement below my cupboard. I left my oatmeal station (El is coming for the holidays so I can’t take it down!) and then added this fun black tree cutting board.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{white ceramic houses here & here}

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{antiqued metal tray/sandy terracotta vase/similar faux branches/fresh balsam candle/zinc reindeer}

Simple greenery in a beautiful vase is always a good thing this time of year!

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{similar black pitcher/seagrass pitcher/large tree charcuterie board/minka textured pot/tan bottle brush trees/

zinc reindeer/wood & marble snowflake serving board/marble-top servers}

I also added a little holiday cheer to my butler’s pantry shelves.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(wood & marble tree/black bowl/platters & boards book & savor book/similar vintage wooden tray/gold candle votives/

similar wooden cake stand/snowy spruce appetizer plates}

I’m slightly obsessed with tree boards in case you couldn’t tell! They are so much fun to decorate with and then to pull out and use when entertaining.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Cute decor but also holiday party essentials!

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{abbott indoor-outdoor dining table/similar side chairs/nottaway chandelier/BHG stripe rug}

Did I buy this nottaway chandelier in the summer picturing it with greenery hanging over it in the winter?

Why yes. Yes I did. :)

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{faux cedar garland/tennessee wreath}

I used a command hook to hang a wreath on this window and I’ve loved the look!

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

I took these pics before I added glasses and napkins but this was my table for my holiday party.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{plaid dinner plate/snowy spruce salad plate/gold flatware/round natural fiber placemat}

Aren’t the plates fun!? The plaid dinner plates are so inexpensive! And I love the trees on the salad plate.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{metal house village set/black metal houses/gold candle votives/reindeer tea light candle holders/timer tea lights}

A few more black houses, my reindeer tea lights and gold votives light up and make this a cozy scene at night.

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{family room sources}

Wrapping up my Christmas kitchen post with a view from the family room!

Christmas in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Time to curl up on this couch and enjoy some down time. This time of year is so crazy but I’m determined to carve out a few family movie nights! The best.

Enjoy Thanksgiving prep! I hope you are all spending the holiday with loved ones exactly how you want to spend it! Given my track record in the kitchen I’ll be in charge of the usual with my family.. setting the table and entertaining the kids.

Also the best. I’ll take it.



xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “Christmas in the Kitchen

  1. Absolutely beautiful in every nook and cranny, Erin! I just love the addition of all the browns and natural elements. It makes the space feel so comfy and cozy. Your black houses are also so pretty above the stove there. Your window over the sink is magical! Heck the whole space is magical. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your efforts all season long! Happy Thankgiving my friend! I’m thankful you share your beautiful home. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I’m so grateful for you and your friendship! Your kind words and encouragement mean so much. I hope you’re enjoying the weekend with your sweet girls home! xo

  2. Erin,
    Of course, anyone reading this will think “broken record. We ALREADY know you are a fan of Erin!” I must say that my dear, sweet grandmother always said “IF you DONT have something NICE to say, say NOTHING at ALL! Erin, that is true for me, BUT there is NOTHING bad AT ALL (in my opinion) to say about your decorating!
    Just LOVE all the earth tones this year. My mom was an “Earth Tones” gal and I wish she could see how you pull this off for Christmas. She would be a bigger fan than I am!
    Love Els oatmeal station. I am in the camp of “oatmeal is just not for breakfast anymore!” Love the stuff!
    The kitchen at night IS magical! NO exaggeration there! IF you lived around here you could leave it up all winter! With your temps and summer RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER for you, I know you wouldn’t be able to, however, I STILL might do it even in Southern California! On a little island I know in this state, there was a Bed and Breakfast that had themed suites. One was “Christmas Wonder”. Their most popular suite of all. ALWAYS booked! Year-round Christmas! I have always wanted to do that in a guest room. NEVER did, but STILL THINKING about it……..
    PS. I think I might have to get some plaid plates!) TRYING to scale down with all the kids out since youngest daughters’ college graduation and wedding (SEE, it happens so fast!) BUT Ihave NO plaid plates! ;-)

    1. Oh thank you Sharon! You are too kind! I’m always very tempted to leave that window up longer but the fake snow starts to drive me crazy. Maybe I’ll keep it up sans snow. ;) That bed and breakfast sounds like a dream! What a fun idea to have a Christas room! It really is just too much fun. So are the plaid plates! You will love them. :) Thank you so much sweet friend. I’m so grateful for the kindness you always send my way. It makes my day and I’ve loved getting to know you! Wishing you a beautiful holiday weekend with your crew! xo

  3. I so enjoy your blog posts!! Your decorations are beautiful! How do you hang/attach your greens to your cabinets? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. PS to my PS!
    Erin, so sorry forgot! I am ALSO so THANKFUL for YOUR friendship these past couple of years and especially in the last year (lots of NOT SO GOOD stuff here)
    When I respond to one of your posts and you reply with one of your absolutely lovely comments, well, it makes ALL the difference.
    Sometimes we are not aware of the ” Difference” we can make in someone else’s life.
    Sorry, didn’t mean to take up so much screen space but I didn’t want to forget this. I wish for A very blessed Thanksgiving for you and your family.

    1. Well now you’re going to make me tear up with this ps to your ps! That means so much to me Sherri. Grateful for you and ditto to all that you said! xo

  5. I have a great love for the vases you find!! I love that Sandy terra cotta vase!!! I think it’s sold out, but it’s so pretty.

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