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How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (and other fun updates!)

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How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel}

Ok.. this is totally an “in progress” picture.  My mantel isn’t quite finished, but I’m loving the direction it’s headed!  I wasn’t going to post a pic of it yet, but when I shared a few progress clips on IG stories I got so many questions that I thought it would be easier to just explain how I got this look here on my blog.  Seriously doesn’t this greenery look SO real!?  I could not be more impressed with it.  It’s this faux cedar garland but it unfortunately sold out!  Below are some other beautiful garland options that I love!

First question: “How many garlands did you use to create this look?”  I used five!  But remember.. this fireplace mantel in my family room is HUGE.  It’s so big.  Too big!  I always struggle to decorate it.  For a standard mantel I would recommend buying at least two garlands so that they can meet in the middle and drape off the sides.  I would buy three if you want to lay one more on top to give it a fuller look like I did.

Second question: “How did you attach the garlands to hang like this?”

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

I used white command hooks that support 5 pounds (larger hooks just to be safe!) and green vine twist ties.

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

I snapped some quick cell phone pics tonight to show you!  I used three of the command hooks and placed them on the top of my mantle towards the front.  One in the middle and one close to each end of the mantel.  *Sidenote.. my candles looked too short so I set them on a cutting board to elevate them!  I told you this huge mantel is tricky for me. ;) 

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

I just laid the first two garlands across the mantel (they met in the middle and draped off the sides), but the second two garlands I wanted to hang down a little lower so I used the command hooks to hold them.  (Then I obviously covered the white command hooks with greenery.. easy to hide!)

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

Then I used the green twist ties to tie the two garlands together in a couple of spots.  After the four garlands were attached, I laid one more across the top to give it an even fuller look.

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{Brass Candle Holders/Similar Stockings/Flameless Wax Candles/Faux Cedar Garland/Wood Bead Garland}

I love how it turned out!  And I know.  Buying multiple garlands is pricey (I have a few more I’m adding in another room!), but I feel like for me they were such a great investment.  Now I can use them them year after year in different ways.  I can decorate for Christmas three months early if I want!  And keep it all up through February!  Not that I would.. but it doesn’t sound half bad. ;)

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

This pic above is of my stairs about 4 years ago at Christmas with real garland.  I LOVE the look of real greenery but HATE the mess.  I just can’t handle the dry needles all over the place two weeks later!  Drives me crazy.  This was the last year I messed with it and I’ve been looking for good faux options ever since.  This faux cedar garland is the answer to my Christmas greenery prayers.  Ha. ;)

(Btw.. I always hang our past Christmas cards on my stairs.  A fun tradition some of you might remember I started years ago!  You can see more details about it in this post.)

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

{Bed/Chandelier/Lamps/Merry and Bright Pillowcases/Similar Reindeer Sheets/Similar Red Pillow Shams/Similar Duvet Cover/Similar Red Throw/X base stools/Rug/White Tray/Reindeer}

In other fun holiday news I got our guest bedroom Christmas sheets on and still love this look I created last year for our guests!  My cute reindeer sheets were from PB but I found almost identical sheets for such a great price!  I also found some other fun Christmas sheets on-line I’ll link below.  I’m in love with these little green pine tree sheets and debating them for Kole’s room this year!


How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

All is right in the world when your sheets are covered in red prancing reindeer and your pillow cases say Merry and Bright. ;)

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

Date night tonight!  I snapped a quick pic in my bathroom before we walked out the door (sorry about the bad lighting!).  This cozy sweater I’ve been loving and wearing every three days is on sale!  This is a GOOD sale weekend you guys.  I’ve rounded up some other favorites that are marked down below and my SHOP PAGE is updated with favorites too. :)

How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (Sunny Side Up)

Kenny and I grabbed some Mexican food and enjoyed an un-interrupted conversation that will hopefully sustain us until we can talk again next Saturday night.  Sad but true!  We are going a million miles a minute in this stage of life with our kids.  I know many of you can relate!  But it’s all good because LIGHTS ARE UP ON THE PALM TREES!  It’s officially Christmas in San Diego.  Christmas lights on the Palm Trees and a fun dinner with my husband.  Those are the two things that are going on my gratitude card for today. :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


Favorites on sale this weekend at Anthro (20% off all HOME!)

Favorites on sale this weekend at Nordstrom

Favorites on sale this weekend at PB and other stores are all linked on my updated SHOP PAGE!  

xoxo, Erin
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14 thoughts on “How to attach garland to a fireplace mantel (and other fun updates!)

  1. Looking great, Erin! Thanks for sharing how you got your garland to stay. Command hooks for the WIN! Seriously, whoever invented those deserves every single penny they receive! You look great for your date night and how fun that they light up the palm trees! So festive. I checked and our local station KOSI started playing Christmas music 24/7 yesterday! Already heard the Grinch! :) Happy Sunday to you!

    1. Oh my word Jeanne right? What did we ever do without command hooks! They are the best. And YEA for the Grinch! I try really hard to wait until after Thanksgiving to break out our Christmas movies so we don’t get sick of them but I’m so ready! Rudolf is calling my name. ;)

  2. Sweet Erin! If memory serves me, I remember you saying you weren’t quite sure about keeping the mirror above your big fireplace. I hope you keep it there. It fits perfectly and I love the reflection of your family room chandelier. Thank you so much for sharing your sweet family and gorgeous home with us. Merry Christmas!

    1. You’re so sweet Robyn! What a kind comment! I have been debating switching out that mirror but maybe you’ve convinced me to keep it there. :) Happy holidays to you too! And thanks again. xo

  3. Love your blog! Love getting your emails now. I’m curious if you have any lightning outlet details that you would add to a new house for things like lights on the mantel and little extras? I’m planning to do a floor outlet for the Christmas tree in the entryway. Also, what made you decide to do a built in bathtub versus a freestanding? I’m having my own bathtub dilemma.:)

    1. Halley that makes my day that you are enjoying my e-mails! Thank you! Definitely add the floor outlet for Christmas trees! We also have an outlet in our family room under our couch that we use for our laptops every night. Add some on your front porch by the door (I always put Christmas trees there too!) and add some on the tops of your mantels if you can! Although I don’t use my mantel outlets as much because a lot of garland comes with lights and then there are battery operated twinkle lights, but nice to have the option. I was SO torn on the bathtub too because freestanding looks better but I’m a huge tub person (I love taking baths!) and I personally don’t think the freestanding tubs are as comfortable to soak in. One of those times that comfort won over design. ;)

  4. The garland is sold out at both Anthro and Nordstrom. I’m going to keep checking, but would you keep us posted if you find it back in stock or somewhere else? I LOVE all your decorationg! I copy so much of what you post! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent!

    1. So sweet of you Kristine! Thank you!! I know. Such a bummer it sold out in both places so quickly! I will definite share when/if it comes back in stock and I’ll try to find some similar options in the meantime. Thanks again! You made my day. :) xo

  5. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks and your beautiful mantle! Question, how did you hang the garland on the stairs? Did you use zip ties too?

    1. You are so welcome Michelle! I actually use some green vine wire that is a little stronger for my stair garland! I’ll try to take pics to share when I put that up too! xo

  6. We ran into the hanging the garland problem last year and ended up using binder clips. Our garland isn’t as much greenery and it gave us another location to hang a sign and a yarn garland on. May try the command hooks next year.

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