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Holiday Bathroom – 2 ways!

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Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Sharing a few pics of my holiday bathroom! How it’s looking at the moment and how it looked last year. Both are fun looks for December. :) Because most of the Christmas decor in my house this year is green with a woodsy vibe I did the same in my powder bathroom.

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{tufted diamond bath mat}

I bought this rug in the fall and love the neutral colors and pattern. The only thing I don’t love is that it doesn’t have a sticky back so it was slipping around.

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{non slip rug gripper}

Problem solved with these rug pad grippers! Seriously genius! Where have they been all of my life!? They are so easy to use.. you just peel and stick. They don’t hurt your floors and stick just enough to hold your rug in place! Had to share that little trick as soon as I discovered it. :)

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{white terracotta pot/similar branches here/here/here/similar round rattan tray here/here/natural bottlebrush trees}

I added simple greenery to this white terracotta pot with my little bottle brush trees in a round rattan tray for a fun focal point.

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{green performance bath towel}

With lots of green towels for the win. :)

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{fresh balsam & cedarwood hand wash/tabletop tree/similar marble pedestal here/here}

Then I added my favorite holiday hand soap and this cute little tabletop tree that lights up beautifully. I set it on a marble pedestal instead of adding some felt on the bottom. Marble scratches so easily so I always have to be careful in this bathroom!

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{sleigh bell towels}

This was my powder bathroom last December! Very similar but red instead of green. :)

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{merry rug – on sale!}

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{chevron vase/faux poinsettia/fir & firewood candle}

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{merry hand towel – on sale!}

Christmas Bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I love both looks and could never choose just one! Which is why I go back and forth and mix it up. Red. Then green. Then green and red together.

Then red all over again.



xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Holiday Bathroom – 2 ways!

  1. While I really like the festive reds, they are so jolly, there is something about the deep green that is so comforting! Your bathroom is simply beautifully done! Thank you so much for sharing. Love the cozy vibes. :)

  2. This is soooo gorgeous and just the perfect amount of holiday for a bathroom! I’ve been very into green this year which has been a nice change from the Christmas red overload I usually do! Now that my kids are past the “young-destroying everything” phase (lol) I am trying to find nicer pieces for the house for the holidays. May I ask where your wallpaper is from? Or if you have it linked somewhere I can look for it? I have a small hallway I am looking to wallpaper… Thank you for always sharing your beautiful space with us!

    1. Thank you so much Erin! LOVE green. It’s always so beautiful isn’t it!? And yes! It’s so nice when the kids get a little older! There are things you miss but the “destroying everything” I did not.. ha. I remember feeling that same way when we moved into our current house. My kids were older and I could finally buy nicer items and not put locks on every single cupboard! My wallpaper was a custom order but I shared info. on where I got it in the post below. I’m not sure if they still have it (I put it up when we built our house over 9 years ago!) but you could definitely reach out and see! Thank you for your kind words.. happy December! xo

  3. ErinI love the green and white but I did the red and white this year. I’m hoping to next year have more green and white😂. I also bought the same Crate & Barrel vase years ago through your link. I still love it. The new look of your website is gorgeous too. 🥰

    1. Thank you so much Debi! That makes me so happy to hear that you like the new website! And that vase is a favorite (the perfect size!).. I’m so happy you still love it too! So thoughtful of you. Thank you for your sweet comment. Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season! :)

  4. I’m also liking the green this year and opted to add checked green ribbons in our tree instead of the checked red. I also used green accent pillows on our sofa to tie it all together. I didn’t have enough green items to carry it throughout the other rooms like towels and such. Maybe I’ll be better prepared next year if I shop the after holiday sales for some greens, golds, browns.

  5. Erin,
    I looked at the vase with the branches right away and could almost SMELL a cedar smell! Certainly, it was evergreen! The branches look so real! Are they the EXACT same as
    the ones you linked?
    As far as the color scheme. I love them BOTH, however, and THIS is a first. I might like last year’s just a very teeny, tiny bit more?
    I think it is the Merry rug and Santa towel. NOW IF the Merry rug came in green and the Santa towel (or maybe a NOEL towel on the rack), well then, ALL bets would be off!
    Erin, it is BEAUTIFUL either way!

    1. Thank you so much Sherrie! Not the exact same branches. Holiday decor sells out so quickly! I have to link to similar options this time of year because everything is sold out by the end of October! It’s crazy. And the reason I start sharing holiday decor so early. I’m always bummed when people can’t get what they want! I’m so happy you like the bathroom decor! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! XO

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