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Holiday Entry

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Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

Happy December! I can tell it’s finally here because my house is all lit up at night! I’m also tired and all out of batteries. The ups and downs of the most wonderful time of the year. Ha. ;) This week has been fun, but also busy.. holiday events are in full swing! I set a goal today to prioritize sleep because that’s usually the first thing to go for me during December. My goals usually stick for about a day so I’m declaring it here in hopes that I can actually make it happen. I just wish I didn’t need to sleep at all! There is so much to fit into one month! I personally wish December was 3 months long.

Which probably explains why I start decorating and celebrating in October. :)

Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

I decorated my holiday entry on the sophisticated side this year to match my front living room. Which I still need to take pictures of and share!

Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

My Merry Christmas banner greets everyone on their way inside.

Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

I combined a variety of branches in my beloved minka pot. I used a few different faux cedar branches with these white berry stem branches. Such an easy way to make a big impact! It took less than 5 minutes to arrange – really there’s no secret to it! Just use a variety of greenery. Then I placed ornaments in a woven tray next to my pot. At the end of my post I’ll link the branches I used and similar faux cedar branches. I found a lot of beautiful options still in stock!

Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

{vintage countryside framed canvas}

I ordered this print on Amazon for my entry table in the fall and then decided to keep it up through the holidays because I love the green! It’s such a pretty canvas of the countryside. I added candles on the other side and a basket and blanket below. Simple and done!

Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

I kept my bench simple too with neutral pillows and a pom throw.

Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

{faux trees/faux snow}

This was my entry table last year. A little more whimsical and fun!

Holiday Entry (Sunny Side Up)

Which look do you like better? I love them both and always have fun mixing things up each year!

Ok.. short post because I have to sleep. It’s my December goal you know.

So no more long rambling blog posts that keep me up too late!

Until tomorrow night.



xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Holiday Entry

  1. Your entry way looks very pretty, Erin. I love that countryside print! I have to be honest and let you know that one of things it made me think of is the opening of Little House on the Prairie series where the girls are running down the hill. It brought a smile! Thank you for that. I enjoy seeing all your spaces and appreciate the thought and care you put into your home. I do hope you get some rest! Wouldn’t want you to get sick after all your hard work prepping for this joyous holiday season. Please take care and enjoy the fruits of your labors! :)

    1. You are too kind to think of me Jeanne! And I love that you thought of Little House on the Prairie when you saw that print! I loved that series growing up (the books too!). I read them all to my girls when they were little. :) That print made me think of Anne of Green Gables so we both had a fun countryside flashback! Ha. It’s a fun print for sure. Very calming. :) Happy December! I hope it’s a great month for you and you get some time with your sweet girls home! xo

  2. Erin,
    IF you stop the “long, rambling blog posts” ;-( I will HAVE to stop my “long rambling comments!”
    Now for the entry way. As soon as I saw the picture and BEFORE I read your post, I thought “HOW Sophisticated!” THAT word! REALLY! BEFORE! Great minds think ALIKE, however, YOUR “decorating mind” is better than mine! Our THOUGHTS are the same, though…….
    Hmmmm…. Last years or THIS year? Last year it WAS fun, but THIS is better. SO rich. So “I GOT THIS”. It looks absolutely effortless. Like when you find that PERFECT navy dress for a party or gathering. EXACTLY that! Navy dress, gold and OR silver jewelry and bag, maybe black velvet or suede pumps…….
    I refrained, so NOW I will read what others said, myself being late w/my comment, as usual!

    1. Ha ha.. oh no! But I love your rambling comments! I guess I’ll have to keep up the rambling blog posts. Who needs change anyway.. ;) Love that you compared my table to the perfect dress.. ha! That made me laugh and smile. BEST compliment! Thank you Sherrie! And happy December. :) xo

  3. I like both styles, but my favorite is the one last year and it’s probably because of the trees. I like the cedar branches in the vase too though. Such an easy way to decorate and the white berries bring the holiday touch on the neutral side. My goal this December is to keep up with my workouts even though I only do yoga, low impact cardio, or barre. Since Thanksgiving this has gone on the way side and it’s probably because I’ve been going to bed instead. The whole time change has messed me up. Without the workouts I’m feeling the jeans tightening already and it’s not even the end of the year yet. Yikes!

    1. That’s a good goal Debbie! Amazing if you can keep it up! I struggle with finding time for exercise in December but it’s so important! Just like sleep. Things that need to be a priority but easier said than done. ;)

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