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Saturday 6

Trail (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Saturday from the trail! I hope you’re enjoying nice weather wherever you call home! It has been so beautiful here lately and I just want to be outside 24/7! We’re heading into our cloudy May Grey and June Gloom in SD so I’m really trying to enjoy the sun while we have it.

date-night (Sunny Side Up)

Lots of time in the yard, at the beach, walking the trails, driving with windows down and dinners with friends outside.. yes please to it all! Kenny and I snapped this last weekend waiting for our friends.

Restaurant (Sunny Side Up)

Recipe for a happy life?

Good company, sunshine and Diet Coke with lime. ;)


Garage (Sunny Side Up)

{pressure washer/pressure washer cleaner}

This happy weather even inspired my husband to clean our garage floor last weekend. I love sleeping in on Saturday and waking up to this scene! Never gets old to me. ;) It’s definitely time to pull out the power washer and get the garage and outdoor spaces clean. You can’t tell in this pic but I have a lot of spots I want to organize in our garage and I’m hoping to get them done next week. Lots of piles that Kenny pulled out to clean the floor. I seem to have a lot of piles all around my home too so I’m setting a goal to tackle them ALL. Wish me luck!

Garage (Sunny Side Up)

At least the garage floor is clean. :)

Cushions (Sunny Side Up)

And the cushions are out of the garage and back on the furniture. Kole helped me knock that little chore out. We usually do it so much earlier but just haven’t had a free weekend until last Saturday. This time of year always makes me so excited for slower summer days without a schedule!


necklace (Sunny Side Up)

{mini heart pendant necklace}

I’ve shared this gift idea before but it’s such a favorite. Sharing it again if you need an idea for Mother’s Day/Graduation/Teachers.. all the May events! This mini heart necklace is so cute.

necklace (Sunny Side Up)

{mini butterfly pendant necklace}

So is this butterfly!

jewelry case (Sunny Side Up)

{initial travel jewelry cases}

Perfect to put inside one of my favorite initial jewelry cases! I think this combo makes such a sweet, personalized gift. I’ve given this so many times and it’s always a favorite. I added some other beautiful necklaces below that would be fun for Mother’s Day! I also started an Amazon folder HERE with some fun gift ideas that I’ll keep adding to if that’s helpful!


Bracelets (Sunny Side Up)


While we’re talking jewelry, this is an inexpensive set of bracelets I’ve been wearing and loving lately. On sale and less than $15!

Jewelry (Sunny Side Up)

{bracelets/diamond ring/wide gold ring/purse/sneakers}

I usually just wear two at a time.. cute to mix and match!


Drawer Before (Sunny Side Up)


Back in my closet (will I ever leave!?).. ha. Definitely the LONGEST I’ve ever spent organizing a space because I’m just working on it 15 minutes here and there. I’m happy I got my shoe organization wrapped up this week! I also tackled a couple of long time messy drawers. I don’t even know what was happening in these drawers. They never had a set purpose so Kenny just started dumping random things in them.

Drawer After (Sunny Side Up)


{Drawer Organizers}

My favorite drawer organizers to the rescue! I rounded up his running things and put them together in a separate bin and then just placed the random items he wants to keep in this drawer.

Drawer Before (Sunny Side Up)


Same with the second drawer!

Drawer After (Sunny Side Up)


{Travel Favorites}

I took over this drawer to store a few extras I use when I travel!

Drawers After (Sunny Side Up)

These drawers took me 15-20 minutes each to clean and we have been living with them messy for YEARS. Really the whole time we’ve been in this house! I keep opening and closing them. And they don’t get stuck because they are too full! Ha. One of those small wins that just feels so good.

Drawers After (Sunny Side Up)

{Luggage Scale}

Where are my over packers? This is the most important item in these drawers. Kenny weighs my suitcase before we go anywhere to make sure I’m not over the weight limit. I won’t share how often I am and have to pull a few things out. Ha.


coin holder (Sunny Side Up)

{coin holder}

Random fun find! I used to have loose change in my car console and love having it all together here. Easy to grab when we need quarters for parking or change for a drive-through. More car favorites HERE.


Rug (Sunny Side Up)


I ordered a new rug for my front porch! It’s still sitting in the package in my entry and my porch isn’t decorated.. ha.

patriotic-front-porch (Sunny Side Up)

I’m trying to decide if I should just pull out my patriotic decor I used last year or mix it up and do something different!

patriotic-front-porch (Sunny Side Up)

{liberty banner/natural jute rug/red rug/stars & stripes door mat/faux ficus trees/modern rustic fluted planter/white ceramic planters/ faux hydrangeas /faux red geranium options here/here/here/here/Americana wreath/similar options here/here/here/here.}

This do love this look for May, June, July. I love this jute rug too and used it on my porch for 4 years! It got ruined a few months ago when something spilled on it so I’m replacing it with the rug above.

patriotic-front-porch (Sunny Side Up)

Law books work fabulous to flatten rugs btw.. can’t tell you how handy these books have been for me through the years. Ha.

faux-hydrangeas (Sunny Side Up)

Love these faux ficus trees!

faux-hydrangeas (Sunny Side Up)

And this Americana wreath is gorgeous in person. I’m just short of 5’4 so you can tell how large it is too.. on sale at the moment! I’m definitely using it somewhere if not on my porch again.

faux-hydrangeas (Sunny Side Up)

That wraps up our 6 on Saturday! Have a beautiful weekend. Wishing you lots of sunshine!

And Diet Coke with lime.


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Great post as always! We had tornadoes a week ago in Nebraska and lots of thunderstorms. Yikes!!

    Love your ring in the photo of your bracelets and your nails look gorgeous. Maybe it’s time for me to try white polish?!

    Have a great week! Love following you and your sweet family and your organization is inspiring! If only I could get my hubs on board! :)

    1. Oh you made my day Janet! What a sweet comment.. thank you! I hope everyone is safe after the tornadoes. You have definitely had some weather! I was just reading about the floods in Texas this morning.. so scary. Makes you really appreciate calm sunny days! I’m so happy you like my nails! Your comment made me smile because my friends tease me that I never switch things up.. I always do white! It just seems to go well with everything. I’m so boring that way.. if I find something I love I just stick with it forever. And good luck with your husband when organizing is concerned! I wish I could be more help there.. Kenny has just learned to stay out of the way. Ha. ;) Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. ERIN!
    You do NOT have “piles”! I have piles. Lots. :(
    Oh, ok wait a min. you DO have a pile.
    A pile, ONE pile of outdoor cushions! The angels are singing too much over at your place for piles! The angels here at my place only very slightly hum from time to time!
    BTW, as much as I do LOVE your red/white/blue decor for Memorial Day and the 4th of July, I would love to see you mix it up! Just once. I love to see that when you do it!
    You are SO creative! Love it AND, and…….
    The fact that your garage floor is so clean, cleaner than most kitchen floors, you could sleep on that floor!

    1. Slightly humming angels! That made me laugh out loud.. ha ha. Trust me.. I’ve definitely got piles going on over here! And I’m going to mix up my front porch now just for you. ;) Thank you Sherri! For your sweet words and the laugh today.

  3. What a fun post, Erin! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I would love to walk that trail by your house for sure. Your porch will look wonderful whatever way you choose to decorate it. I hope you have a great rest of your weekend! :)

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