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Saturday 6


Home Refresh (Sunny Side Up)

{Wreath / Serving Platter / Serving Set / Utensil Caddy / Crossbody Bag}

Happy Saturday! YEA for the weekend. Lots to share in this week’s Saturday 6 so let’s jump right in with some recent Target finds! I went into Target for deodorant and cleaning supplies and came out with a wreath, summer serve ware, a utensil caddy and the cutest crossbody bags! I mean.. do you blame me? All so good! And a lot more fun than deodorant. The bags look so much more expensive than they are! They are so soft and I love the woven look. Cute for gifts too.


Cheese Board (Sunny Side Up)

{Scallop Marble Board}

This scallop marble board is adorable and makes such a cute gift! It comes with the little wooden knife so just add a thank you note and you are set. It would be perfect in a kitchen or bathroom holding soap or kitchen essentials. I love the scallop edge! I shared lots of gift ideas in this blog post if you missed it! I also have fun gifts rounded up in my Amazon folder HERE. We have a few May birthdays in our family so add that to Mother’s Day and teachers/graduation.. it’s a busy month for gift giving!

Cooking (Sunny Side Up)

{Egg Spatula}

I’ve shared this egg spatula before that’s perfect for scrambling eggs. I’m sharing it again because I pretty much use it to cook everything. Ha. Why? It’s easy to use and most importantly..

Spatula (Sunny Side Up)

it keeps the counter clean. :) On sale at the moment and definitely a favorite!


Planters (Sunny Side Up)

{Faux Olive Tree/ Planters}

I found the best planters for my little faux olive tree! They come in a set of 3 and are such a good deal (on sale right now too!). Great quality and they come in a concrete version also that I love. I’m using the largest size for my tree and the smaller sizes on my porch or in the back yard (still need to see where they look best!).

Faux Plant (Sunny Side Up)

{Faux Plant}

I found these eucalyptus shrubs on-line and love how realistic they look for outdoor plants! They come in a set of 8 in lots of color options. I’m loving the white.

Faux Plant (Sunny Side Up)

I just set these quickly in the small pot (didn’t even style them) and look how good they look! They work in the medium size too.. I’ll just need to set some filler in the bottom to keep them the right height. I’ll share where they land as soon as I figure that out myself. :)


OOTD (Sunny Side Up)

{Top / Bottoms / Sandals / Pendant Necklace / Bracelets}

Sharing a few cute things I’ve been wearing lately! Give me all the stripes! Again. Never enough. :) This top is from Amazon and is so cute! It has a dressy vibe and would be cute with a skirt too. My beloved Collette copped pants work well with everything! Hands down my most worn pants in the summer. They are on sale this weekend if you buy them through my link and use the code ANTHRO20 at checkout! It should work on anything fashion related that’s full price. YEA.

OOTD (Sunny Side Up)

{Top / Bottoms / Sandals / Bracelets}

Another cute striped top! Love the cap sleeves.

OOTD (Sunny Side Up)

{Top / Bottoms / Sandals / Pendant Necklace}

These oversized cropped crews are one of my favorites from Lululemon! I have several colors and couldn’t resist this cute new stipped version. Love the style, length and fit of these. I wear them a lot over my workout clothes too!

OOTD (Sunny Side Up)

{Top / Bottoms / Sneakers / Pendant Necklace / Bracelets}

This is one of the solid cropped crews I have and love! These are buttery soft and so comfortable. Great for over workout clothes or casual with jeans/shorts.

OOTD (Sunny Side Up)

{Pilcro Rugby Top / Similar Top / Similar Jeans / Sandals / Pendant Necklace / Bracelets}

Cute top from Anthro! It’s just FUN. Remember to use my link and the code ANTHRO20 at checkout for a discount! I’m having a love affair with brown lately. (I also linked a similar less expensive top!)

OOTD (Sunny Side Up)

{Similar Top / Jeans / Sandals / Pendant Necklace / Bracelet}

I wanted to share these jeans  too because they are selling out so fast! LOVE them. They are flattering, comfortable and such a cute style! A little too long on me (nothing new there) so I’m trying to decide if I want to take some scissors to them and raise them just a little closer to my ankle OR just wear them long. Either way they are keepers and I would definitely recommend them.. 10/10!


Anthro bags (Sunny Side Up)

{Brigitte Satchel / Brigitte Satchel Mini / Dual Pouch Wristlet}

Antho has a few other things on major sale this weekend for Mother’s Day including my two recent favorite bags! You can’t go wrong with either of these.. I have loved them. I use the larger size every day that holds all the things and then the smaller size on weekend date nights. My wristlet holds my keys, a couple credit cards, license and lip gloss so I can just grab it and toss it in another purse when I want to mix things up! Here are a few other Anthro favorites that are on major sale..

Anthro bags (Sunny Side Up)

{Extra Plump Hydrating Lip Gloss}

I’ve been on a lipgloss kick lately trying different options and real love this one. It makes your lips a little fuller (not really plumped, just full) and is such a pretty gloss. I like this bare pink that is a clear gloss but it comes in lots of shades! I wear it alone and over lipstick. Current favorite. :)


Hat Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{Acrylic Hat Organizers}

Ok.. we can’t finish this post without a little organization! My closet is so close to being DONE! My side actually is done.. I just need to finish a few things on my husband’s side. This week I tackled his cupboard/shelves and organized all of his hats!

Hat Organization (Sunny Side Up)

This took all of 5 minutes to set his hats in place.. genius! They were in his office on hooks but he wanted them back in our closet. Perfect solution!

Hat Organization (Sunny Side Up)

Two organizers held everything and if he gets more hats I’ll just order one more.

Hat Organization (Sunny Side Up)

How many SD Padres hats does one man need? Apparently a lot. Ha.

I can’t say anything. I have too many purses. ;)

Hat Organization (Sunny Side Up)

{Linen Bins / Acrylic Hat Organizers}

I set his hats on the bottom shelf and used the linen bins I used on my side to hold other miscellaneous items. Love them. I’ll spare you the “before” of this cupboard.. just picture it being so stuffed with clothes and other random items that I could hardly open it! Donating a lot and it feels so good to have less in this space!

Hat Organization (Sunny Side Up)


It also feels amazing to have these two cupboards clean after living with them messy for years! Such a win. Organizing makes me so HAPPY. So do weekends!

Wishing you a wonderful one. :)

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Erin,
    Great organizing post!
    I’m also glad to hear that you, too, go into Target for deodorant and leave with the kitchen sink! Well, IF they sold kitchen sinks, that might be the ACTUAL case for me since I do need one! Some of the things are just so good!
    Happy Mother’s Day my friend. Have a wonderful day with your incredibly ♥ beautiful family!

    1. Hi Natalie! I’m wearing a size zero. I think they run a little on the big side. I’m usually an xs in tops for reference but if I wouldn’t have tried it on I would have assumed I’d wear a 2. Hope that helps! :)

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