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Hello hello! I’m popping in with some fun kitchen runner options today! These are all from Target so very affordable! I’ll share some options from a few other places this weekend too. A cute runner in the kitchen can add so much life, personality and warmth to your space! I love all five of the options I’m sharing today. (All of these runners come in other sizes too so really they are options for any space in your home!)


You can’t go wrong with green in my humble opinion. :) Cute and simple and so fun for spring and summer! I love that this works for the holidays too.. next December I would be set with this!


This is such a great neutral option! It’s so soft to walk on too! Reminds me a lot of my beloved wool/jute family room rug (the look and how it feels!).

This runner works with any and all decor. I love a good neutral rug!


This cute plaid pattern is giving me all the spring vibes! Another fun neutral. I think I’m going to try this in my laundry room too!


This rug looks black but it’s actually a deep grey. I love dark runners! They really ground your space. A dark runner also won’t show as much wear and tear!

So good!


Last but not least this cute tan/cream option! This runner added instant warmth to my kitchen when I laid it down. So beautiful.. I love the pattern. Another great neutral option that will work with any and all decor!

All so cute! Which is your favorite!?

I hope you’re having a good day! We are getting nonstop rain in southern Cal! The flooding hasn’t been too bad in my area but it’s definitely causing problems in others. I hope everyone affected is staying safe! My biggest fear when it rains like this is having my teenage drivers on the road. There are always so many accidents on the freeways when it rains! We aren’t used to any kind of weather here so it gets a little crazy. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Kitchen Runners

  1. They all look great. It’s really hard to pick a favorite. I might lean toward the darker one to hide dirt and wear. Thanks for sharing that you are doing okay with all the rain. I hear you about worrying about your kids driving in it. I get that way, too. Especially when it snows and gets icy. They simply don’t have all the skills down as young drivers. Keeping positive thoughts that you all dry out soon!

  2. Erin,
    All the runners are good! Your beautiful kitchen models ALL of them well. I think (possibly) that the dark one (gray that is a near-black?) is the most “snazzy” in your space !?
    Here I am using my dear, sweet ‚ô•grandmothers words for describing!
    Know what I love best??? Our fav jug/vase, Miss Minka! What a great spotlight for her!
    Hope you are holding up with the terrible weather you are having. Is there any place that has just wonderful, safe, livable weather? All the time!?

  3. Hi Erin! Okay you cannot go wrong with these rugs! The plaid is my favorite or the last one in tan/cream, but I’d take them all! Have a wonderful weekend :)

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