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Saturday 6

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Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{mail drawer before}

Weekend is here and I’m kicking off my 6 things with some thoughts on organizing! I’ve been thinking a lot about why organizing 15-20 minutes a day is so effective. Organizing can be hard right!? A lot of decision making is involved which can be mentally exhausting. It’s easier to put off, but in the long run this delayed decision making is even more mentally exhausting. Constantly wasting time searching for things you need or looking at that pile or messy closet and thinking “I really need to clean this” takes a toll. Physical clutter and to-do’s that never get done cause mental clutter which can effect your stress levels, how you think, how you feel.. your overall mental health.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{mail drawer after}

Finally jumping in and making decisions and just getting it done is so liberating and knowing that you’re just organizing for 15-20 minutes makes it easier to start! Even if it’s a big project, just tell yourself you are going to chip away at it for 15 minutes a day. Quick wins and progress will motivate more organizing/decision making. Works like MAGIC. :)

My mail drawer had seen better days so I gave it a quick clean out. Looking so much better!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

I had a couple of these organizers left over from my junk drawer so I used them to hold stamps and packing tape.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{greeting card organizer}

Then I took a minute to clean out my card organizer. I’ve had this for years and still love and use it all the time!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

So nice having thank you notes and birthday cards, etc. on hand. Nothing like a hand written note to show someone you care. :)



Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Now that I’m up and walking early in the morning I feel more motivated to eat healthy! Positive habits create such a domino effect don’t they!? It feels good to be prioritizing some exercise/me time again. This week I started working on having healthy snacks prepped in our fridge and on getting dinner ready early in the day for at least one or two nights a week. (This is an older pic but I’m doing basically the same thing so we have healthy snacks ready in the fridge to grab!)

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

I’m planning to make some sheet pan dinners next week because they are easy to prep in the morning and then just set in the oven in the evening.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

I’m also doing a lot of crock pot meals because they are easy to prep early too. It feels so good to come home after a busy day and have dinner ready! I had lots of questions on IG about my crock pot so it’s linked below!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

1-non- stick cookware   2-slow cooker   3- kettle

4-mixer   5- air fryer   6-heart dutch oven   7- blender set

It comes in a a pretty pink too with this darling collection for Valentine’s Day!


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{fleece heart sweatshirt/fleece heart jogger pants/ugg slippers}

Speaking of Valentine’s Day and hearts.. I snapped a pic so you can see this cute set on. I’ve been living in it and don’t plan on taking it off anytime soon!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

1-love sweater   2-heart stud earrings   3- valentine heart plates

4-heart ring   5- heart sweatshirt   6-heart hoop earrings

I also couldn’t resist ordering this black love sweater and heart ring! I love the plates for a cute V-day tablescape too.


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Plump & Repair Lip Treatment}

Ok.. a few new products I have been loving! I have really thin lips (I always have!) which I am so fine with. I have zero desire to get lip filler (nothing against stuff like that at all.. I’m just not interested in having bigger lips!). That said, as I’m getting older I’m noticing my lips have more lines and are looking well.. older and even less plump than they usually do. :)  I’ve been using this plump & repair lip treatment here and there and I love it! It’s a great hydrating gloss and adds just a tiny bit of plumping. My lips look like they did 10 years ago which I love. Don’t buy this if you want a serious lip plumper! It’s so subtle that people won’t notice your lips look bigger which is why I love it! Your smile will just look beautiful and healthy. (Look at the before/after on the website.. it’s accurate!) Also it doesn’t sting when you put it on like some lip plumpers. I’m a fan! (You can also get it here.)

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

You all know I LOVE this hair finishing stick for flyaways. I keep one in my purse and one in my car and use them daily!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

I recently tried this hair wax stick and didn’t like it as much for my hair (it was a little heavy and I like the lightweight hair finishing stick above better for flyaways), but I’m LOVING this for Kole’s hair in the morning! He can just rub a little bit on his wet hair and it keeps it in place. I also love that he doesn’t have to get it on his hands.. it’s easy to use so great for kids!


I love listening to a good podcast! Especially when I’m driving alone in my car or organizing. I always have a podcast or audio book going! My favorite podcast I’ve loved for over a year is The Mel Robbins Podcast. I’m sure you’re already listening to it too, but if you aren’t.. look it up and check it out! She talks about so many things to improve your life in general. Great topics and she is so fun and down to earth. Her podcast is incredibly motivating and it has inspired me so much that I had to share. Let me know if you love it too!


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

1- woven plaid pillow   2-textured woven pillow   3- velvet round pillow

4- striped lumbar pillow   5-egg throw pillow   6-floral square pillow

7-green square pillow   8-brown oblong pillow   9- oversized square pillow

I already have or ordered most of these and just love them all so much! CUTE pillows at Target right now. (Many of these come in multiple colors!) I’ve been loving greens and tans for winter and with pillows like this cute green floral they will transition beautifully to spring too! I’ll share them styled in my home soon. I have a few I forgot to collage but I’ll take pics!


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

1-outdoor patio umbrella   2- indoor/outdoor planters   3- outdoor lantern

4- outdoor patio chair   5- floral lumbar pillow   6-green floral pillow

7- drinkware set   8- bar cart   9- double wide chaise lounge

10- outdoor cylinder pillow   11-accent table   12- artificial faux potted plant

Speaking of Target favorites this line of outdoor decor is just beautiful! I can’t decide what I love the most. The cute rattan and black planters!? The accent stool!? The chaise lounge!? Or the green glasses!? Clearly I love it all.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Also speaking of Target.. this beautiful floor lamp is finally back in stock! It comes in black and gold and sold out so quickly the first time around. I actually bought this cute floor lamp for this spot in my living room and moved the Target lamp to my bedroom recently! Both are such fun options. I’ll share them both photographed better soon. This isn’t a great pic of my Target lamp but it was all I could find and I wanted to share it quick before it sells out again!

That wraps up my Saturday 6! Enjoy your weekend everyone! :)


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Lots of good stuff here, Erin. I will say I was proud of myself earlier this week. I’ve been meaning to go thru my dresser drawers where I have my t-shirts shorts and jeans. I told myself I will go through one of them one day this week. I actually did it before work and went through all three! Put the stuff I didn’t want into a bag and put it in my car. After work I stopped at the thrift store (there is one a few minutes from my house) and donated the bag. What you say is TRUE!! And I’ve listened to Mel Robbins on and off for about a year, too. I listen better when I’m walking regularly like you do. Thanks for sharing all you share! You are making a difference!

    1. Jeanne this makes my day! YEA! Feels so good to go through drawers like that doesn’t it!? You are amazing and should be proud. :) Thank you so much for sharing that with me! xo

  2. I’m a huge fan of the Mel Robbins podcast! What an inspirational listening tool for those long walks and car rides!

  3. Erin,
    So glad you are up and running! Was so sad (REALLY!) when I couldn’t click on!
    I am trying to be a bit better about bedtime as well. So far its just a BIT! A LITTLE bit!
    I am getting up quite early in the AM. however, I’m finding I’m on the computer on decorating stuff with this new found time I created. Looks like I switched out the late night on the computer for early AM. Not sure about that…….
    They do say screens on devices late at night interrupt sleep, so I guess the switch out is better.
    Love the Valentine jammies and all the pink kitchen items. So Barbie! :)

  4. Your Saturday Six is my favorite. I love seeing people’s favorite things- especially books, beauty, podcasts. Keep it coming. Thank you so much.

  5. Hello Erin!
    I love your Saturday Six. A little while back you shared a bit on your trip to the Big Island. Would love details on where you stayed since we’ve been considering going and have never been to this island, You mentioned putting a post together, maybe I’m missing it? Thank you.

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