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January Kitchen Styling

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January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{antiqued metal tray/faux dogwood leaf arrangement/wood pedestal/oil bottle/vinegar bottle/

salt & pepper stack/similar marble salt & pepper/similar utensil crock here/and here}

I don’t know about your house but my house always feels a little strange in January! I take down Christmas and have a clean empty slate and then I take my time slowly adding life back here and there. It can be hard to know how to decorate this time of year! I just focus on adding a little warmth, but it usually takes me a full month before things feel fully decorated again. Probably because I’m spending most of my time organizing and decluttering! :) I’m still decorating my living/family room but thought I’d share a few things I have out in the kitchen. A good faux plant and/or stems always go a long way in January!

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{etu home rectangle board/etu round board/rectangle board/

pizza paddle board/heart board/similar heart board}

This heart board is so cute for just $15! I love this heart board too. A fun way to bring a little Valentine decor into your kitchen!

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{marble lazy susan/faux peonies/similar faux peonies/concrete planter/similar vase/capiz jar candle/

gold candle snuffer/brass salt mill/brass pepper mill/also sold here – gold salt & pepper mill}

These peonies are a little taller than I’d like for this spot so I might eventually move them and put something else here, but I love a pop of pink this time of year when the weather can feel a little dreary. Keeping them here for now!

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{arched gold mirror}

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{moody trees canvas}

Target art for the win again! I love this moody tree print.

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{moody trees canvas/ceila woven tray here/here/

brown glass wide jug vase 12″/brown glass wide jug vase 7″}

This is where my brown jug vases are at the moment. I was going to add some stems to the tall vase and might in the spring, but I’m loving the simplicity of them just on their own for now.

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{faux olive branches/hicks pendant}

I have my long time favorite faux olive branches in my kitchen window. They are perfect to pull out in the winter!

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{OXO towel}

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{OXO towel/& i love you towel/similar heart towel}

I love starting a new year with some new kitchen towels. Just feels like a fresh clean start in so many ways! (These heart towels are so cute for the bathroom!)

January Kitchen Styling (Sunny Side Up)

{hanover pendant/rectangular board/quin ceramic vase/

green leaf branch/red heart plate/checkerboard heart plate}

These green leaf branches are also adding life to my home at the moment! They make me excited for spring! Moving them to my dining room table. I have 5 stems in this vase but you could definitely do a more sparse look with 3-4.

I know these are “little things” and I almost felt like they weren’t even worth a blog post! But I decided to share them today anyway because for me it’s the little things that add happiness to each day. A compliment from a random stranger at the grocery store, a funny text from a friend, a hug from one of my kids, a cute heart board in my kitchen. These are the things that make me smile.

The little things are the good things in life.



xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “January Kitchen Styling

  1. It’s those “little” things that truly help make our lives special. You have a wonderful touch to make the “little” things shine in your beautiful home, Erin. Thank you for that and helping us see them and maybe add them to our homes. I appreciate you and all you do. Hope you aren’t too badly affected by the massive amount of rain that fell in your city recently!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! So kind of you! Oh my word.. we had so much rain Monday! Lots of flooding and accidents but not as bad as it could have been! XO

  2. Erin,
    Sending you a LITTLE HUG across the miles! Yup, it IS the “little Things”!
    You can have an entire roomful or even an entire house full of big,$$$, beautiful furniture pieces……
    and without the “little things” it is a BIG ZERO. Been in many homes (HOUSES) like that. There is the ability to spend big on really LARGE, wonderful, beautiful pieces but the “ability” to SEE the big picture (HOW to put it ALL together via the little “accents”) is sadly just not there.
    Erin, you are the queen of all the little things! Of course you have many of the BIG, BEAUTIFUL pieces too, however, without your talent to add and take away all the little things?
    Just a big, beautiful house full of big, beautiful, no personality pieces. You, Erin, add the “accents”, the PERSONALITY and wham! its a ♥ HOME!

    1. Awww.. thank you so much Sherri! So thoughtful! I really appreciate that and I totally agree.. big ZERO when you don’t have what really matters! XO

  3. I absolutely love everyone of your posts, no matter how many things you share! I look forward to seeing all your ideas no matter how big or small! Thank you for all your ideas and inspiration.

  4. I’m also a little sad once the Christmas tree and decors gets put away. It’s a must for me to keep the red theme going throughout the house when Christmas is done, not only to minimize my work in switching decors out but also to phase into Valentine’s. I buy fresh flowers for the kitchen by getting red alstroemeria and they will last well through January. Then once Valentine’s is done I slowly switch things to more spring colors like pinks, peach, corals, etc.

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