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Saturday 6


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Chateau Parka}

It’s Saturday 6! On a Sunday! Some things never change. ;) I have a good excuse for being late with this post though. We’ve been a little busy the past two weekends watching Ad perform as Cady in Mean Girls and we’ve gone to so many shows that I’m definitely behind on life in general! But completely worth it.. we are all so proud of her! It has been so fun to watch her in this role and to hang out with so many sweet friends who have come to support her.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve been so emotional the last two weeks about this one graduating from high school this June. I’m always emotional watching her sing and perform but knowing we are down to the second to last show she will do with the theatre company she has been with since she was a little girl has brought on all the tears! I’m trying to really focus on just being present and enjoying all of these beautiful moments with her, but it’s hard to not feel a deep sadness at the same time that this phase of life with all of my kids under my roof is coming to an end. She is growing up and I will miss her fiercely when she is away at college next year.


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

What do I do when I’m feeling sad? Or anxious? Or happy? Or excited? Or any emotion really?

I organize. :)

My pantry was a disaster after the holidays and I kept putting off cleaning it because it felt overwhelming. I finally decided to just use my 15 minute a day trick and break it into smaller tasks. It ended up taking me 5 days! But I got it done. One night I turned on Harry Potter (I’ve been on a major Harry Potter kick lately) and just washed out the cereal containers.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

One day I just went through all of my cans.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

It had been a while since I last went through them and I knew there would be several that had expired!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Can Organizer}

Just a small project that only took 15 minutes but it felt amazing to have done! (Despite the fact that this scene gave me total Sleeping with the Enemy vibes.. ha.) I still love it!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

One day I just cleaned my pantry shelves.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

The next day I cleaned out these 3 drawers.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

One day I cleaned out my baskets.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Bag Storage Organizer/SpaceAid WrapNeat Dispenser & Cutter}

Along with the drawers below my baskets. (This drawer always stays organized thanks to these favorite organizers!)

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Then it was done! I was going to clean off my pin boards on the left wall but they are full of my kids’ school work and sweet notes from friends and pictures. I decided that’s one spot I’m happy to leave messy. :)


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Heart Ring}

I got some fun mail this week when my cute heart ring arrived! I’m in love! I was going to send it to Kenny as a fun Valentine’s Day gift idea but then decided I didn’t want to wait until the 14th to wear it and what if he didn’t end up getting it? I was pretty sure it had to be mine.. ha. So a little gift to me from me that cheered me up immensely. :) I linked my other rings too. My actual wedding ring sits up so high off my finger that I don’t like wearing it daily because I’m always cleaning. I’ve had these beautiful stacking rings for a while now and they are perfect (and much more practical!) for every day.

Valentines Gifts

 {Cookbook / Gucci Perfume / Heart Dishes / Slippers / Candle / Ring / Westman Atelier Set / Charlotte Tilbury Kit}

Here are a few more cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas! I love celebrating all of the women in my life for Valentine’s Day and bought the Charlotte Tilbury mini lip stick for some of my girl friends to try. It’s a color that seems to look great on everyone!


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{Ugg Boot Socks}

If you need a good pair of socks to wear with boots look no further! I have several pairs of these Ugg boot socks and just ordered one more. They are so good! Thick enough to be warm but not too thick and bulky. They stay up and are a perfect length plus they are just so soft and comfortable. My favorite socks for boots by far!


Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{cotton rope basket/jute woven storage basket/xxx L cotton rope basket/large herringbone weave basket/wool jute rug}

When I was decorating the corner of my family room I ordered a few baskets to try. I already had my rectangle basket but like it best next to my couch. I knew I wanted something round and with black! I ended up liking the rope basket best in that spot but I’m keeping the others too for blankets up in our theater room. Thought I would share because they are all cute baskets! The xxx L basket is so big and holds several pillows and blankets.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

{planter pot/boston fern/marble bunny/ceramic green candle/small leaf succulent tray/black marble rectangle tray/crochet egg pillow}

A few other fun Target finds! I have a feeling the cute little marble bunny will sell out. Perfect to set on top of a stack of books or next to a vase with tulips in the spring! I love each of these items and will share them in my home soon! The fun egg pillow comes in 3 colors.

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

Here is the beautiful leaf succulent tray. I’ll probably move it outside when the weather gets warmer!


Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

Speaking of the corner in my living room.. my cute new accent chair has definitely become a family favorite!

Saturday 6 (Sunny Side Up)

My kids are all close to my same height at the moment and this chair is a perfect size for us but I didn’t think my husband would sit in it much because he’s on the taller side. Guess where he has been landing every night after work? :) He sits down to go through mail and then stays a while watching and teasing me about whatever I turn on in the evening. (Started Lord of the Rings again after going through the Harry Potter series a few times). He loves the chair!  He does not love that I keep rewatching Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings over and over. I’ll mix it up at some point! When I’m ready.

Which might be a while. Ha. But lucky for him the chair is staying too.

Target Accent Chairs

{Top Left / Top Right / Middle Left / Middle Right / Bottom Left / Bottom Right}

A few other cute accent chairs I’m loving at Target right now which wraps up our Saturday 6!

On a Sunday. :)

Have a great week everyone!

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Saturday 6

  1. Love your Vday ring!!! What brand/style of shoes is your husband wearing, and his shirt as well please and thanks!!!

  2. Hi Erin,
    You, of course, are♥ forgiven. I think this will be a Sat. OR Sun post! ;) SO good watching your child in a play, isn’t it? A play or any stage performance. AHHH.. take me back to those days. NO! Don’t! The GOOD, BAD and The UGLY, right?? Really, MOSTLY GOOD but I must admit that the year you are in now with Ad was a particularly challenging one for me and one of mine.
    Great post! Loved it (even on Sun.!) I have to go back and see if you linked the blanket ladder in another post. I NEED it!!!!
    At first I said to myself; “That Erin! Probably having a nice dinner OUT. Over in La Jolla, I bet! Georges!!!!! Forgot all of us “little readers” patiently waiting at home for the Sat. blog! ;)
    There you were doing your “mommy thing” at a daughters play. Mommy thing. The BEST thing in life along with decorating, vacations, puppies and grandchildren! Just the BEST!
    Carry on, my friend, and see you next Sat. (or SUN!) WHATEVER will be WILL BE! THAT was a song, right?
    PS. Just a little heads up. I saw some Dark jeans on the pinky beige velvet chair. You have to watch it. Had it happen here with my daughters dark wash jeans. NEVER came out! :-(

  3. Oh goodness, Addie is definitely your mini me! Congratulations to her in her latest performance. So exciting. What an exciting time for her. I totally understand your feelings about all the things as she wraps up high school. Does she have plans/hopes to continue performing in college? Seems like it is a life long love for her. Looks like you channeled your energies really well in your pantry. It looks fantastic! And I know how good it feels to get it done. Thanks for sharing all your new finds. You definitely found some winners it looks like. Glad Kenny can enjoy the chair and judging by his distraction to the movie, I’ll bet he secretly enjoys that you watch them on repeat! haha! Have a great week and I sure hope you don’t wash away in all the rain dropping in CA. Maybe you are a little south of where the flow is coming throuh. I hope.

    1. So sweet of you Jeanne! Thank you for your kind words! Ad definitely wants to keep singing and acting in college for fun but she doesn’t want to major in it. We’re still trying to figure out the best school for her where she can do it for fun on the side! :) xo

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