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Corner Update

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Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

{Thatcher Wingback Chair}//BEFORE

Happy February! January flew by so quickly for me this year and I’m grateful! Last year it felt like January lasted three months instead of one. Ha. I hope it was a good month for you! We are getting closer to warmer days. :) Today I’m sharing a little corner update in my family room! This pic above is a few years old but I wanted to share what this corner used to look like. My striped chair was the first item of furniture I bought for our new house over 10 years ago when we moved in! I loved it so much and still do, but I was ready for something new and a little more modern in this corner.

Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)


This is how things are looking today.. such a fun refresh!

Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

{Vernon Barrel Accent Chair/Tufted Ottoman/Floor Lamp/Jute Rug/Woven & Black Basket/

Cream Blanket/Green Blanket/Brown Blanket/Accent Ladder}

I fell hard for this accent chair and ottoman when they came out. I love the soft velvet, fun shapes, and modern vibe. They are a great price and come in multiple colors too!

Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

{Floor Lamp}

I bought this floor lamp months ago for my living room and loved it so much in that space that I bought the same lamp for our family room. It’s so good! Perfection in my opinion. I also added this cute basket with black rope.. a great accent and I feel like I can never have enough baskets for blankets in this space! Especially in the winter.

Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

A closer look at the lamp. :)

Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

{Three Piece Accent Boxes/Faux Boston Fern/Ceramic Planter/Large Black Vase /Medium Black Vase /Metal Easle}

Always so fun styling shelves! I kept my favorite accent boxes and family picture displayed and moved my black vases in from the living room. They are back in stock and absolute favorites! The fern and brown planter are new additions that add a little life to this space.

Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

{Arched Mantel Mirror/Framed Canvas/Woven Fireplace Vase/Faux Willow Spray/Brown Linen Pillow/Floral Linen Pillow}

My mantel is so simple but I love simple this time of year. Especially when I’m on a mission to de-clutter every corner of our home! I added some pretty willow branches to my woven vase and layered this fun canvas over my mirror. We got a lot of rain today so the fireplace was in action! So was my candle. Love days like that. :)

Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

Overall it just feels so much more cozy and inviting and current in this space now! The blanket ladder and throws warm up the corner and I’m really enjoying darker moody colors at the moment.

Corner Update (Sunny Side Up)

Small updates can make a big impact. I’m so inspired to update other spots in our home now!

After I organize a few more drawers of course. :)


xoxo, Erin
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8 thoughts on “Corner Update

  1. Erin,
    Well, you just can’t go wrong with velvet! that NEW slightly pinky beige color too! Just suggested this color (PB “LOOK Book”) to my “recently” married daughter.
    I DO ♥ LOVE the striped chair though…..
    Hmmm.. where will you use it or where will it go? Sending to ME?? ;-) T.Y.! Don’t worry about the directional, brass finish lamp tho (PB?) I already have it!
    No, really, I always wonder how folks use furniture pieces after they have updated or upgraded. I know they SHOULD be donated or sold (get OUT of my head, Marie!)
    In YOUR case they should be sent to ME! :)) I tend to move items on to another room and I need to investigate that practice b/c sometimes, standing back, it just does not go.
    In the end, your eyes “adjust”. NOT good. First impressions usually rule and snapping a pic. might be the best way to determine the suitability of the piece for the new space.

    Great piece Erin! can NOT wait for your new Sat. Post. I will be UP waiting for it being hours ahead of you. Timewise! Really, I’m NEVER ahead of YOU!

    1. Thank you so much Sherri! I’m so happy you like the new chair! I love the striped chair too and will definitely keep you in mind when it’s time to retire it.. ha! (Wish we were neighbors!) It’s up in our playroom at the moment! I’m not sure where it will land and need to play around with it.. that’s always tricky isn’t it!? When you want to keep something but it isn’t really working anywhere in your space. Off to work on my Saturday post! Makes me happy you will be reading it. :) Have the best weekend! xo

  2. I totally love that chair and ottoman and they’re just my style. I still love the old floor lamp you had and I wonder what it would look like with the chair. That corner is more inviting and looks more spacious too.

  3. Your home is beautiful! I really love your family portrait in the easel. What type of picture frame is it? Or is it on a canvas?
    Love your blog!

    1. Thank you so much Cheryl! That makes me happy and is so sweet of you! That’s actually an open book on an easel! When we had those pictures taken there was an option to buy a book with all of the photos in it from our photoshoot and some are spread across two pages. Kind of a fun way to display a family picture! :)

  4. Hi Erin,
    I love your corner update! A fresh look, that goes well with your other decor. You always have such a great eye for style. The mantle looks great with the new look as well. Love the wicker vase, but it looks like only the small one is available in the natural color, so I may go with the black. How many faux willow stems did you place in the large vase? I am looking for a different spring look and think this will look great on my fireplace mantle as well. Have a great weekend!

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