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Cozy additions to the theatre room

{This post is sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used. All product selections and opinions are my own!}

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend! Ours was both relaxing and productive. Activities for the kids, a nice Sunday walk, lots of football and I started my pumpkin collection! I need more color, but these medium sized white pumpkins were speaking to me this year and are a good start! I also cleaned my front porch so that I can decorate it soon. It was so dirty and I have been putting off that little chore for weeks so it felt good to get that done too. See.. I told you I’d bring us right back to fall. ;) (If you missed my Christmas prep post and 2023 Holiday Planner details are here.)

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

{cream stowaway coffee table}

Today I’m sharing a couple of new additions from Walmart I recently added to our theatre room! I finally got a coffee table for this space and I’m in love! Isn’t it just the coziest table you’ve ever seen!? Such a fun style. I’ve wanted a coffee table for this space for years, but I didn’t want anything big and bulky taking up too much space. My kids and their friends live in this room and always use bean bags and blankets and sometimes sleep on the couch and floor. This is a great size and easy to move! The hard top is perfect for drinks and snacks. Plus I just love the look! So fun for any space but I especially love it in a TV room because it gives off such a cozy vibe.

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

{eucalyptus in glass vase/flameless candles/similar candles}

I added this pretty vase with leaves and battery operated candles to bring in fall. It doesn’t take much right!?

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

Want to see the best part about this coffee table and what sealed the deal for me? Hello storage! The top comes off and you have a place to store all the things! I needed blanket storage in this room so badly and this is the absolute best solution. Blankets are now easy to grab when the kids need them and easy to clean up and put back after. I’m such a fan of this set up!

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

I was able to fit so many blankets inside. GENIUS! I would have loved this with little kids too. How smart to put this in a family room and use it to store toys! It’s also a great coffee table for little ones with no sharp edges.

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

{faux marble/walnut entryway table}

I also ordered this console table to set behind our couch in this space for drinks and snacks. I mentioned years ago when I finished designing this room that I needed to get a table for behind our couch. Better late than never! Ha. This table is beautiful and the perfect size.

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

I love the faux marble top! Great quality for the price and it comes in other wood/table top options.

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

{electric popcorn maker}

A few other Walmart favorites in this room! I’ve had this cute popcorn maker here for a while now. It comes in several colors and the minute I saw it came in black and gold I knew I had to have it for this space.

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

{brass hammered metal tray/black and white stripe pumpkin 7″/

black and white plaid stacked pumpkins 14″//tan pumpkin}

I also ordered this pretty gold tray and soft, cozy pumpkins.

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

They are a perfect fall addition to our black and white theatre room!

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

{set of 2 natural baskets}

I’ve had these baskets for a while for blanket storage and just set one at each end of the couch.

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

They come in a set of two!

Cozy Theatre Room Tables (Sunny Side Up)

I snapped this with my phone at night and will share better pics when the console table is behind our couch. I need Kenny to help me move it! He helped me put these tables together but then football started and I lost my wingman for the night. Ha.

So excited about my new tables! Pop the popcorn and turn on a movie to celebrate! I can finally call this room DONE.

Until it’s time to add a Christmas tree.


*Below are more fall favorites from Walmart!


1-decorative pillow   2- metal vase   3-fall wreath   4- wall mirror

5- throw   6-bookcase with storage   7- gather doormat   8- fall maple leaf garland

9- artificial fall leaves   10- black lanterns   11-pumpkin sherpa pillow   12- pumpkins

1-lighted ghosts   2-  black feathered crows   3- large spider web

4-candle stickholder set   5-hanging skeleton  6-bats

7- ghost candle holder   8-black cauldron   9-platter   10- striped pumpkin

xoxo, Erin
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9 thoughts on “Cozy additions to the theatre room

  1. Wow! Great additions for the room. I agree that the coffee table is very unique and quite versatile. Big win for you! The couch table is very pretty and who wouldn’t love a pretty popcorn popper? Thanks for sharing your great finds. The room looks amazing, Erin!

  2. Erin,
    I just love this theatre room! I want to take this idea and revamp an underused (UNUSED really) large room. Many have them in our area and use as a bedroom, playroom or large office. Usually over the garage (in the Northeast) and known as “bonus rooms” AKA “junk rooms”. Ours has served as a bedroom, a craft area and an unofficial “storage room”. Sad b/c it is one of the largest rooms in the house, encompassing the entire area above a 2 1/2 car, plus storage garage. THAT, my friend is one for New England. HALF a car!? I guess IF you are on a golf course it would serve the purpose of golf cart storage. Anyway, this garage is large enough for 2 of the largest SUVs (which we don’t even have!) and a golf cart plus storage (which we also do not own a golf cart!) I am at the point where I want to chuck everything in that room and do a theatre room. I am ready. DH. is NOT. :( :( :( Our current “Theatre room” is actually the family room addition and there are skylights and LOTS of windows of all kinds. No matter what you do, this southern facing room has way too much light, shining directly on the TV till almost sunset. Wonderful for movies at night, but daytime on a snowy/sunny day (yup-that is WHAT we have in Jan and Feb.!) is just awful!
    I JUST HAVE to do this! I am pumped! I won’t have the mini kitchen you do (well, at least till DH gets used to not having a dumping ground and having to buy some new furnishings.) Hmmm Hard one! I think I can win this by using some sofa-like day beds instead of sofas so the grand girls can have a sleep over space and watch their fav. Disney movies! ALL I have to do is figure out a NEW “dumping ground”. He won’t be happy otherwise. We don’t really have storage at the beach house so this NEW “dumping ground” has to be large enough to handle his needs here (stuff he needed to rid us of eons ago) plus storage for seasonal stuff from the beach place.
    I am going to take a shot and get the storage coffee table for my “new space”. As I have said before Erin, when have you EVER steered me wrong!? From Minka vases to FALALALA LA (enough “La”?) pillows to Barefoot in the Wild throws to Anthro Pumpkin spice candles to Sam E sandals to Army green, high waist pants to towel racks to Pineapple pool floats Etc, etc. etc.
    Sad thing is I already own so many of the things YOU own and suggest that you don’t get the credit, but I hope you did for all the above!

  3. Great additions! I went to order the console table and the site said, “other items you might like“ and I ended up getting something else. But… I would never have looked for anything at Walmart if you hadn’t posted :)
    Happy fall! Looking forward to seeing your styled front porch!

    1. Oh I’m just happy you found something you like Jenni! Was it cute!? Share it with me if it’s a good find! ;) I hope you’re having a good October! xo

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