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Fall decor, food and Disney!

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Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

We’re back! Spent 3 days in Disneyland with my sister and her family and let me tell you.. I am TIRED. Ha. There is nothing like Disneyland right!? The characters, the rides, the magic.. the lines, the crowds, the overpriced churros. It’s not for everyone! But I’m a forever fan. :) The last time we went with my sister her kids were so little! It was time for another trip with our now “big kids.” So big in fact, if you look close at this pic you’ll see that I’m on my tip toes attempting to still look like one of the adults! The big kids are now taller than me. {sigh} We were NOT messing around this trip. Walking so fast and trying to fit it all in.. 10 times! We all came home and could hardly move on Monday! My legs still ache from all the walking and my sides still ache from all the laughing. So much fun. There are a few more pics from our trip at the end of this post!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

{cotton fringe table runner/metal taper candleholder/battery operated candles}

First though I need to share this EASY, beautiful fall centerpiece! This candle holder is stunning and comes in 3 sizes (this is the largest). You could get this same look with individual candles or by combining a few of the smaller sizes. Similar options are also linked below! My favorite part of this little set up is my beloved battery operated candles. You know how much I love these during the holidays! They click on and off with a remote and look so realistic! Bonus that you don’t have to worry about setting your house on fire when using them. ;)

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

Once you have candles along your table just add fall branches and pumpkins for a beautiful centerpiece!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

{faux fall branches/faux pumpkins/white faux pumpkins}

These faux branches are so long and beautiful! I have some in a vase and they are stunning displayed that way also (on sale at the moment!). I just laid a couple of branches facing each way and then weaved them inside the candles covering the stems with leaves. Then I added a few faux pumpkins and done! Took about 5 minutes. I love easy decorating!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

This table runner is stunning in person. Wide and long plus I love the texture and the fringe on the ends! I mentioned in my fall pillow post that I am adding more greens in my fall decor this year because it will transition so beautifully for Christmas!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

This bench is usually in my bedroom at the foot of my bed, but I brought it in my dining room to see how it looks. I want a dining bench with a shorter back for this room that doesn’t cover so much of the window! This gave me an idea of how it will look.

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

The best part of this display is when it gets dark outside. I click on my candles and just leave them on in the evening. This room is off of the main hallway of our house that we walk through over and over and we love seeing the soft candle lit glow coming from this space! Makes me excited for all of the Christmas lights coming soon. :)

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

In other fun news I found some serveware that is just gorgeous! It has small gold flecks and a gold rim around the dishes/platters which makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is. Pumpkin serving bowls and soup bowls to match? Why yes.. I’ll take a few more of those too. :)

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

I rounded up lots of our favorite Good & Gather snacks from Target to put together a fun spread for Monday night football!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

The kids loved it. So did I because an EASY dinner on pretty dishes just makes my day. :)

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

{tiered wood/metal round serving stand}

I linked favorites below!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

These chips are my #1 and they are dangerous for me to have in my pantry! I TRY to just not buy them. But then I do buy them thinking “I’ll just have a couple with lunch or after dinner.” Then the sack is empty in a day and I don’t let myself buy them again. Until I buy them again. It’s a vicious cycle between me and the kettle cooked BBQ chips.

They win the battle every time.

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

A few more Disney pics! El reached up to hug Ad and Kole on our drive to LA and I turned around and caught this sweet moment. She has had such an appreciation for us all after living away from home! These two adore her and I’m so happy every time we all get to be together. Half way through the summer we came up with a new game plan for El because she switched her major and the school she was at doesn’t have the best program for what she has decided she wants to do. She was going to go back to finish her generals and then apply to some new colleges, but after such a fun summer at home with friends and family she decided to just finish her generals at a school here in San Diego and then head to a new school next fall to finish her degree. Addison is a senior in high school this year so I get both of my girls home one more year and then they will both leave to different colleges next fall. I’m elated about having my girls home together this year! I’m also already feeling sad and anxious about having them both leave next year. So many emotions with my kids getting older. I have to keep reminding myself to just live in the moment and enjoy each day with them and not stress about the future. Easier said than done sometimes, but I’m trying! I’m so grateful I get one more bonus year with El home. Thinking of all of you who sent kids off to college this year! Just like a trip to Disneyland.. it’s not for the weary. :)

The good news (I’m learning) is that they always come back!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

At least next year I’ll still have these two to keep me young and entertained. :)

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

We love hitting Disneyland in the fall when all of the fall/Halloween decor is up. California Adventure is spooky beautiful (if that’s a thing?) when it’s dark!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

{vuori polo/AG farrah fray hem bootcut jeans/everywhere belt bag/similar adidas sneakers}

Nothing beats spending time with my sister! Our kids get totally embarrassed when the two of us are together. It’s pretty much nonstop hype and laughing.

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

Car yelled to these two “you’re my sister’s favorite!!! We HAVE to get a pic!!!”  Ha ha.. did you know Alice in Wonderland is my all time favorite Disney movie?

Curiouser and curiouser!

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

Not done yet! Our kids had all run away from us at this point.

I don’t think her majesty liked me very much but that didn’t stop me from giving her a huge hug! Careful, she’s stark raving mad!

Oh the memories! That movie is my childhood.

Fall decor, favorite snacks and Disney (Sunny Side Up)

The nice thing about Disneyland is that there is a little something for everyone. :)

That was kind of a random post! I’ll try to stay focused on just one topic next time.. ha.

Until then I’ll just be over here reciting Alice in Wonderland quotes, eating BBQ chips, and enjoying each day! I hope you are able to do the same.


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Fall decor, food and Disney!

  1. What a gorgeous table centerpiece, Erin! Wow! I love it. Thanks for sharing it. How fun for you and your family to make some great memories at Disney. Looks like a grand time for sure. Good for your daughter being willing to shift gears regarding college and what she wants to study. How special for you that you get this bonus time with her and your sweet family together for a little longer. I wish her tons of success going forward. BBQ chips are a weakness of mine, too. I totally understand! Your dinnerware is lovely and your game day spread looks so delicous. Lots of random fun in this post. Kind of like life and perfect! Have a happy day!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! What is it about BBQ chips!? Ha.. I can’t put them down! Happy it’s not just me. :) I hope you are having a good week! xo

  2. Loved this post Erin. I couldn’t believe the size of you niece and nephew, time flies. Great to see your sister doing well. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland, brings back memories of a sweet birthday tea I did for my daughter when she was about 6. After attending one of the mum’s became obsessed with Alice.

    1. Thank you so much Rita! So sweet of you. I’m so grateful my sister is doing so well too! And I know.. time flies right!? Kids are growing up so fast. Happy you are an Alice fan too and I love that you did that for your daughter.. how magical! I bet she always remembers it. :)

  3. Erin,
    WHAT a post! Love it! My comment shall match it!
    The centerpiece is genius! I have similar, only mine has short little candle holders for votives. My son gave it to me for Christmas one year when he was middle school.He saw it boxed for Christmas in one of the big warehouse stores. I put it out, of course, and every time he saw it, he said “mom, glad you like it. I spent all my money on just THAT since I knew it would last for years! Well, it DID last for years and when he moved out it got shoved to the back of the storage room (BLACK hole room!) and over the last couple years, it was found and has been back out. I discovered that it is really wrought metal and the glass votive holders are actually blown! WHO knew! Have not seen anything like it since and it now plays in with all the black added to my family room, when you can see the black b/c right now it is decorated similar to yours!
    I love the pumpkin serve ware! wow! It would go with everything! The green you are adding so you can switch easily to Christmas is right up my alley too! Countdown! I think we are just 41 days from the start of-YOU KNOW WHAT! :)
    So glad you have El home this year. My oldest daughter did exactly the same thing. Went local for a year(actually 1 1/2 years) after being away at college. She later started back at a more suitable school.
    Great family time in Disney! I KNEW you were an “Alice in Wonderland”, so am I ! Of course! Going down the rabbit hole in decorating! Thats what I call my online decorating sessions! The “rabbit hole”!
    PS .Like THIS comment needs a PS, right?? ;) BBQ chips! One of my grands just loves them! Still has the young child, baby taste in everything else, but can finish off a bag in mins! I will be buying these!
    PS. AGAIN! I am going to begin burning my Anthro Fall candle today! Know I will love! When have you ever steered me wrong!?!?

    1. Sherri! Smiling so big right now! Of course you are an Alice fan! How did I know. :) I’m laughing.. “down the rabbit hole” is SO us when it comes to decorating! Ha ha.. how fitting! We are getting so close to Christmas! My next post is right up our alley. Countdown for sure! Bring it on! :) Thank you so much beautiful! xo

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