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How to make a pumpkin napkin (and set a cute fall table!)

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Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{pumpkin chargers}

I can’t believe it’s already almost Friday.. I hope you had a good week! We’ve had so much going on lately that I’ve had this post half way ready for a while now and just couldn’t find time to get it over the finish line. I’m so happy to finally be sharing it today! Remember the cute pumpkin chargers I shared earlier? I was thinking about a fun table setting with them and thought “wouldn’t it be cute if I could make a pumpkin with a linen napkin.. what a fun idea!” I started playing around and figured out a way to do it and was thinking I was pretty cool for my new creative discovery. Then I decided to just check Pinterest to see if there is anything similar out there and it turns out this creative discovery of mine was discovered a long time ago.. ha! Whether you’ve seen this before or not, it’s such a simple and cute idea for fall/Thanksgiving tables! And it’s new to me. ;)

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

{napkin ring/taller napkin ring option/linen napkin}

I just used a circle napkin ring I had on hand, but after making these I actually think a taller napkin ring like this would work best. I saw a few tutorials on-line using a small section of a paper towel roll too so there are lots of options! Set your napkin ring in the center of your napkin. (Don’t worry about ironing your napkin if there are creases.. they won’t show!)

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

Then pull about this much napkin through the ring. Just a little!

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

Keep that middle section pulled through and then pull all of the napkin corners in and start stuffing them inside the napkin ring.

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

This is easy when you start and then gets harder because you start running out of room and it gets tight inside the ring. You can use a butter knife to help slide more napkin inside the ring if you need to! Keep stuffing the napkin in all the way around until you have this..

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

It will look a little messy and that’s ok! I actually love the imperfection with this little project. :)

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

Flip it around and it will look like this on the other side! Hello pumpkin! The cutest right!? If pieces are falling out, flip it back over and keep stuffing the napkin inside the ring until everything is tight.

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

You can use anything you want for a pumpkin stem (I saw a lot of green versions on Pinterest). I just used a cinnamon stick and it fit perfectly! :)

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

Aren’t these little pumpkins adorable!? I love to see how different each pumpkin turns out. They are messy and uneven and all so unique and that’s what makes them beautiful. :)

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

{pumpkin chargers/cream dinnerware set/harvest pumpkin salad plates/napkin/cinnamon sticks here or here/gold flatware/rattan glasses}

I’ve had this set of four harvest pumpkin salad plates for years so I pulled them out and layered them with a plate from my favorite cream dinnerware set. Then I just placed the pumpkin napkin on top! Such a cute and easy tablescape. I love this for Thanksgiving too!

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

Here it the same place setting using a cream napkin.. another fun option to go with a more neutral fall table!

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

3 pumpkin place settings for my 3 pumpkins! Sidenote: I don’t think you have to have a fancy party or special dinner like Thanksgiving to use a fun table setting like this. I often use our cute dishes at home with the kids on our island. Every once in a while we will just use the fancy plates! Even if we’re just eating pizza. Ha. Makes the every day feel a little special.

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

{kitchen pendant lights/barstools}

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

{fall kitchen sources}

Fall is the coziest isn’t it!?

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

I love this time of year.

How to make a pumpkin napkin (Sunny Side Up)

{anthro top}

I hope you’re all doing well and getting in a good fall routine! I have so much to share! My mind is just racing with holiday decorating ideas!

That have probably (unknown to me) all been done before.

ha ha.. ;)

Be back soon!


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “How to make a pumpkin napkin (and set a cute fall table!)

  1. Those are some pretty darn cute pumpkins! So fun and they look terrific. Thanks for sharing. Yep, it’s beginning to look like fall around here. Had a pretty good downpour yesterday and I think it’s going to rain again today. May need to bake something. Haha. I like the idea of using the special plates outside of special occasions. Everyday is a special occasion, right? Thanks so much for sharing, Erin! Happy weekend to you. :)

  2. The pumpkins turned out great!! They ma🤛🏼🤛🏼🤛🏼go perfectly with your tablescape 🤎

  3. Hi Erin, I just popped over from In My Own Style. I’ve been Pinterest addicted for many years, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen these napkins before- too cute! They are perfect on those plates too- like the pumpkins on the plate have become 3D! Where did you get your adorable top?

    1. Thank you so much Bettsi! I’m so happy you like the pumpkin napkins and haven’t seen them before! My top is from anthro.. I linked it below that very last pic of me in the post! :)

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