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Fall Throw Pillows

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Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{chunky wool/jute rug – on sale!/kitchen sources here}

Happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying the long weekend! (If you missed my Labor Day Sales post you can find it here.. sales are still going through today!) I recently shared a few pops of fall I added to my kitchen and today I’m continuing with my family room. I’m especially excited about the pillows I’m using this year because they instantly brought fall into my home and made it feel so cozy! I played around with lots of different pillow combos and these were my favorites. :)

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{belgian linen throw pillow/desiree floral embroidered throw pillow/heathered stripe woven throw blanket}

If you want your throw pillows to really add the cozy factor in your home pay attention to texture! I love pillows with extra texture and I love browns in the fall. This linen pillow is stunning in person! So is the embroidery on the floral pillow. I love that it adds small pops of gold and cream and blue. A perfect fall accent!

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{rattan wrapped side table – on sale!/antiqued brass candlesticks/spiral candles/barstools/hanover pendants}

The gold/cream throw is lightweight and also adds texture with its stripe pattern and fringes. So good for the price. Speaking of price, my rattan side table is on sale for the lowest price I’ve seen it! Pretty much everything everywhere is on sale right now.. ha.

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized embroidered striped lumbar throw pillow/horizontal chain stripe throw pillow/zenia floral quilted throw pillow}

I decided to bring in greens for fall this year for two reasons. One.. I can never get enough green. But you already knew that. :) Two.. the greens will transition so smoothly into Christmas! I could not love this floral quilted throw more! So stunning and I love it paired with the stripe lumbar.

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{terracotta vase/faux wild grass bundle}

Behind my couch I have my faux bundle in a vase. Talk about easy decorating! It’s all put together for you so you just set it in a vase and walk away! Brilliant and beautiful for fall. :)

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{coffee table}

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{comfort roll arm sectional}

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized woven striped throw pillow/belgian linen lumbar throw pillow/similar knit throw}

I added another linen throw on the other end of my couch in green and paired it with this fun large striped throw pillow. You can’t really see the beautiful textures going on in these pictures. You’ll have to trust me! Or just come over to visit. :)

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

Once I added these pillows to the couch my family room instantly took on a new life. It’s crazy how a few throw pillows can completely transform a space isn’t it!? I’m a fan. :)

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{wingback chair/x base stool/textured chenille throw pillow/chunky cable knit throw toasted almond/lamp/tartan plaid woven throw}

I continued the greens in this corner with a chenille pillow that is also gorgeous and perfect for Christmas! I’m also loving these two throws. The almond throw is thick and heavy while the green plaid is lightweight. We’re now set for a wide range of fall temps! Which for us is basically 70-75 degrees.. ha.

Good thing I’m prepared. ;)

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

{faux rust eucalyptus stems/glazed terracotta vase/trinket dish/nesting tray/maple leaf platter/

wooden book display/made for living/similar hand knit throw pillow/reed striped lumbar throw pillow}

Our coffee table is ready for fall too! I kept decor really simple this year on my table with just a few larger items. Half of my coffee table decor gets set on the floor every night when my family invades this space. We use this table for laptops, homework, board games, books, drinks and snacks. I decided to make it easy for me to put it back together each morning by keeping the decor at a minimum. I’m tricky like that. :)

Fall Pillows (Sunny Side Up)

Fall decor you are my favorite!

Until it’s time for Christmas decor when you become a very close second.



xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Fall Throw Pillows

  1. NO Erin, NO! Fall is YOUR 2ond fav!!!!
    I don’t want to have to go back and cite all the posts where you claim CHRISTMS as your very favorite! ;-)
    Now, Erin, you MUST tell the truth. Fall is your 2ond Fav!!!! Yes!? Well, yes, of course it is!
    I agree with the green, BTW, IF you just do JUST browns and tans the “blah” factor can invade. Even w/some orange.
    Green is such a pick-me-up for all seasons with the exception of Valentines Day!
    Now there it’s all reds, whites, pinks and maybe silver or gold for accent. No green.
    Erin, I will always be in love with your kitchen/family room. Its just the best! It gets better and better. AND BETTER…..

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