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Fall in the Kitchen (styling inspo!)

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Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{hanover pendant}

Happy almost September everyone! We are back in a routine this week and it feels so good! We had a busy August and I’m due for a life catch up/photo dump at some point. All good things, but it has just felt like I’ve been running for a month and now I’m ready to walk. Actually I’m ready for a nice STROLL. Ha! September is truly one of my favorite months of the year. It’s always the month we settle back into a good school/work/life routine and I love the calm rhythm that comes with it. Football starts and we start welcoming fall! I’ve been adding fall decor here and there and just love how cozy it makes everything feel.

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{antiqued metal tray/black marble serving board/marble & wood serving board/rattan bowl/round wood stand/brass salt mill/brass pepper mill/similar utinsel crock}

I really didn’t do too much in my kitchen but small changes make a big difference don’t they!? I took my lemons out of this rattan bowl and added some pinecones and just like that.. good-bye summer and hello fall. :)

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{golden ash leaf arrangement/river scape framed art/round black marble & wood serving board/wood rectangle board/round wood pizza board}

I also added a pretty leaf arrangement and some art on the shelf above my stove. I’m a sucker for all of the true fall colors! Deep oranges, yellows and reds.. I love bringing fall colors into my home.

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{marble lazy susan/dried flowers/similar bowl here & here/marble stacking salt & pepper/pumpkin spice pumpkin candle/black candle snuffer/gold candle snuffer}

These dried flowers are perfect for fall too and so easy to arrange in a vase or bowl! They are a little messy to style, but they stay put and don’t drop once you are done and I love the look! I’m also loving this little salt & pepper holder for easy use when I’m cooking (I actually cook a little in the fall) and this candle holder! If you only buy one thing this fall let it be this pumpkin spice pumpkin candle. Aside from being adorable (right!?) it’s my all time favorite candle scent! So good! I look forward to having this scent in my home all year. Kenny and my kids love it too. Antho also has this cute wooden acorn candle. I love it too! It’s just a different scent and the pumpkin spice scent is best in my opinion. :)

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{wooden lazy susan/faux rust eucalyptus stems/glazed terracotta vase/stoneware mini bowls}

I was playing around with a few different arrangements for my island and decided to just photograph them all to give you some ideas! Here is a fun option with this wooden lazy susan. These stems are a great price and come in a bundle. I’m using 3 bundles for this arrangement and the stems don’t even go down half way in this vase! The branches are so full it was easy to get them to stay put. The vase is a favorite (I love the shape) and it’s on sale at the moment!

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Add a candle or some mini bowls in fun fall colors to complete the look. :)

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{matte black vase/faux rust leaf branches/ruffled marble bowl}

I pulled this vase and branches in from my master bedroom to try and love it on a woven tray. My Celia woven trays are sold out at the moment so I linked a few other fun options below. Rattan trays always work so well in the fall with their beautiful texture!

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{ruffled marble bowl/faux acorns here & here}

A pretty little bowl with acorns is always a nice touch in the fall too. Especially when the acorns are from your dad’s tree and collected by the grandkids for some change. ;) I’ve used faux acorns in bowls too and they always work great! I linked the two faux options I like best. :)

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{tondo rectangle serving board/small ribbed glass jug vase/large ribbed glass jug vase/faux hops flower stem/pumpkin spice pumpkin candle}

You know how I feel about green.. these vases just sort of hopped into my on-line cart! I love the ribbed look and they will be pretty for Christmas too. These stems are so realistic and a crazy great price! I just used 6 stems in the tall vase.

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Oh hello little pumpkin. You look cute there too. :)

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{slope ceramic vase/faux willow eucalyptus stem/antiqued brass candlesticks/spiral candles/tondo rectangle serving board}

Another fun option! Love this tall vase next to candlesticks. It’s so pretty, but I wasn’t feeling it as much in my kitchen so I moved it to another spot (perfect for a console table!). I love these spiral candles for fall! (Obviously don’t light them next to branches.. ha.) These faux branches look lighter in this lighting and spread out.

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Here is a pic of the same branches in my kitchen last year. Don’t be afraid to manipulate and bend faux stems! I had the stems of these branches coiled up to fit in this shorter vase for a totally different look. Make your branches work for you! That’s why I love all things faux. :)

Fall in the Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Alright friends.. do something you enjoy today for even just 20 minutes! Read/listen to a good book, go on a walk, or pull out your fall branches and start decorating.

I give you permission to do all 3 of the above! And to buy the cute little wooden pumpkin. You deserve it. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Fall in the Kitchen (styling inspo!)

  1. Love all your fall touches, Erin. Your beautiful kitchen looks even more pretty and very cozy! That wooden pumpkin shaped candle is gorgeous, as are all the lovely fall colored leaves. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful day.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! That pumpkin candle seriously smells so good. It’s a fun time of year isn’t it!? I bet it’s beautiful where you live in September! Happy Fall! :)

  2. Erin,
    What a good post! You have inspired me to do just a bit more Fall. Early. INSIDE, of course! All the neighbors are enjoying the last days and rays of summer right now….
    SOoooooo…. who am I to point out FALL is really pretty much here!? It’s not up to me to throw cold water on it all. Leave THAT up to nature! Trust me, Fall is in the air!
    Strong, cool breezes last nite and this AM. Idalia winds coming up the coast from Florida/Georgia? THATS what I think. All it takes is just one coastal, Atlantic storm to change our weather almost immediately! HELLO outside Fall decor!! Coming SOON! As I pull out my solar blanket for the pool today, I will also add some Fall touches to my pool yard gazebo! BTW, your Anthro Pumpkin spice candle just popped right in my cart! I was surprised at the reasonable price of it. Some candles are just too crazy expensive and the smell when they burn is even more of a disappointment, considering the price.! Erin, I trust your reviews of pretty much everything. You have never steered me wrong!
    Sadly, NOT the case for some other bloggers/influencers all the time. Many inconsistencies on product recommendation in SOME, even in light of some pretty good decorating.
    Erin, your blog is a WIN WIN for so many I know! :-)

    1. Sherri you are truly the sweetest.. thank you! Makes me so happy you like my recommendations! I know you will love the pumpkin candle – the two of us have so much in common! :) Fall is definitely close! We have had cloudy days lately and that’s about as close to fall as we get around here until November. So fun you are feeling the change in the air! I miss that fall feeling you get with seasons! I hope your fall is LONG before it gets too cold. And when it does just come and visit me. :) Enjoy your beautiful summer/fall weather! xo

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