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Fall Porch Ideas

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Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{nottaway chandelier}

Happy Friday! I hope you’re doing well! It felt like we had a million random things going on this week. So busy. I’m looking forward to the weekend so that I can catch my breath! Also so that I can finish decorating. My house is a fall explosion at the moment. Ha. I have so many fun things to share! If only I didn’t need to sleep.. that would solve a lot of problems. Do you ever feel that way!? :)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Sidenote: Aren’t these pumpkin chargers the cutest!?  I think so too. :)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I’m sharing some fun fall porch ideas today! This was last year’s porch decor and I think I’ll do something similar this fall because I want to use my lighted maple trees again. So excited to pull them out and to see pumpkins popping up in stores!

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

 {lighted maple trees/tree baskets/jute rug/orange outdoor rug/cream & brown stripe rug/caleb metal lanterns/bats/happy halloween garland}

I added the cute happy halloween garland and some bats in October. Now we’re talking. :)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

The best part was seeing the pretty tree lights and candles click on at night! They added such a cozy glow. (My trees are on sale at the moment!)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{similar faux eucalyptus trees/caleb metal lanterns/hand woven jute rug/similar tan accent rug/black planters}

The year before I went a slightly different direction. My fall porch was simple and GREEN. Not quite as traditional but I absolutely loved the change!

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I use stools some years to add variety in the height of my pumpkins. :)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Combining different shades of the same color is always a decorating win! Especially when the color is green. ;) Some hanging witch hats would be cute with this set up too right!?

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

One year I used more whites and purples and loved that look for fall. So many fun options this time of year!

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{striped jute runner/hey there pumpkin mat/similar wood crate/similar wheat bundle}

Nothing like beautiful mums with a hey there pumpkin mat. :)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{caleb metal lanterns/similar black jack-o-lantern/similar stripe rug/hello door mat/similar free standing chalkboard/similar black square planters}

Traditional black and orange! Always a good thing in October. :)

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{metal black lanterns/similar black jackolantern/black lanterns}

Stacking pumpkins on top of each other is another fun idea.

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{similar free standing chalkboard}

So is writing a cute Halloween message on a chalkboard! Cobwebs are easy to draw so I recommend sticking with them if you aren’t an artist like me. Ha.

Fall Porch Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t like. Did you know that? Especially in the fall. :)

I hope these porch pictures gave you a few ideas! It’s always so fun to get creative with outdoor holiday decor. I rounded up more fun options below! Faux trees, mums, lanterns, wreaths, mats and bats. My favorites for a spooky (or not so spooky) fall porch. :) Happy decorating whenever you choose to start!


1-autumn fall eucalyptus tree  2- large faux eucalyptus tree

3- faux maple tree   4- maple tree   5-lighted maple tree

1 – mum filler  2 – harvest faux mum spheres

1- wreath with bats   2- pumpkin wreath   3-faux fall grass

4- dried sunset wreath   5- grass wreath   6- dried grace wreath

1- handwoven outdoor lantern   2- set of 3 stainless steel lanterns

3- cross bar outdoor lantern   4-malibu outdoor lantern

1- set of 3 stainless steel lantern   2-handwoven outdoor lantern

3- chester handcrafted lantern   4- metal outdoor lantern

1- trick or treat doormat   2- ghost doormat   3- bats light up doormat

4-welcome ghost doormat   5- halloween trick doormat   6- hello pumpkin doormat

1-bat wall decor   2-bat doormat   3-hanging bats   4-lit hanging bat

5- bat shaped pillow   6- hanging bats string lights    7- lit woven bats   8- 10 pcs hanging bats

xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Fall Porch Ideas

  1. Happy to see you weren’t too badly affected by the storm, Erin. Whew! Thanks for sharing all these fun ideas for your porch. Your lighted trees and candles really add a cozy glow. So many fun decorating options. I’m definitely in the not so spooky camp!

  2. Erin – these are gorgeous! I saw a variegated green pumpkin at HomeSense (HomeGoods for you) last night that had to come home with me … and how you’ve given me inspiration on how to style in my entryway. Thank you! Was thinking of you during the hurricane – hope you all came through that unscathed <3
    Cheers, Samantha in Canada

    1. Oh I love it Samantha! Green is so fun this time of year! I’m happy this post was helpful. And yes! We lucked out during the storm and just had some rain and a power outage. So grateful it wasn’t worse! Thank you for thinking of us.. so thoughtful of you and it means a lot! xo

  3. Erin,
    I just love your Fall porch! Need I say more!?
    Of course I DO! You know me! Sharon/New England of the “Bedtime reading comments”. ;-)
    SOoooo… I think I like the all green tones AND the one last year w/the lit maple trees.
    I just can’t choose, but I have an idea!
    The all green tones are perfect for end of summer thru early Fall.
    The traditional (last year) with the oranges and lighted trees shouts “FALL is HERE! LOOK AT ME”.
    Time and money. Money and time….. Got to have it to switch up the porch X2 in one season!
    Now here in the Northeast, particularly New England, you don’t see much Fall decorating. YET.
    We hold FAST to the last days of summer, knowing below freezing temps are just around ye ole corner.
    In the warmer places, Fall and its falling temps makes this a popular season to look forward to EARLY!
    Once we get going in N.E. we beat you warmer guys big time! WE have the bright color leaves and super crisp air.
    We have the trappings!
    Erin remember the fantasy? Your little cabin with smoke curling up and out of the chimney, surrounded by a riot of natural color!?
    So, after we reluctantly give up the last of the warm summer days and the last swimming pool is closed (YES, unfortunately we have to close our pools here:( our area EXPLODES w/FALL! BTW, have to admit that I HAVE put a few Fall things out. INSIDE only. So Far. Well, I don’t want my house to get “egged” for giving up summer too early!
    PS. I notice your auto correct has gone into overdrive. It is “correcting” things that I know are right!

    1. Sherri! You are so spot on! I do think all of us in warmer temps start celebrating fall early! Leaves never change here so really we create our own seasons.. ha. I’m still dreaming of my cabin surrounded by fall leaves! I think we agreed that you would provide that for me if I flew you here in February/March to sit by the pool? Sounds like a fair and fun trade to me. ;) Enjoy the end of your summer Sherri! Thank you for your “bedtime reading comments!” They are my favorite. :) xo

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