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Weekend Favorites/Sales & Seattle

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{zip front chino dress/button-front chino dress/raffia sandals/mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

Happy Sunday! Apologizing in advance for the length of this post! I’m sharing some recent favorites along with a photo dump from our Seattle trip last weekend. Feel free to skip the second half of this post since I’m using it as a family journal. I’ve learned that if I don’t document life here every once in a while the documenting will never happen! Ha. I shared that I ordered this cute J Crew dress a few weeks ago and wanted to share how it looks on! Such a great find! The reviews were right.. it’s very flattering! Of course I’m a fan of the color so there’s that too. :) It’s sold out in a lot of sizes (I’m hoping they bring it back!) but it comes in white and I also linked a very similar dress above. CUTE.

{pilcro embroidered tee/colette cropped wide leg pants/raffia sandals/

mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

I’ve been living in this outfit this summer! I’ve shared the pants before.. they are so comfortable! The tee is beautiful. On the short side but perfect with high waist pants.

{travel cosmetic bag}

I know I’ve shared this travel bag before, but now I’ve actually traveled with it multiple times and I just couldn’t love it more! I heard it was so popular it went viral on social media? I’m not surprised because it holds so much more than you think it would! I’ve already ordered my girls each one for Christmas. (Yes.. thinking ahead to that already because I want to be mostly done with holiday shopping by October!) 

Favorites & Sales (Sunny Side Up)

{travel bottles}

I also shared these travel bottles and just used them for the first time on our trip to Seattle. LOVE them! They hold a lot of product and didn’t leak at all!

fall leaves (Sunny Side Up)

{cimicifuga ramosa leaves}

Fall is right around the corner (I know that makes some of you cheer and some of you boo!). I’m really enjoying summer with my kids and I never feel ready to decorate until they go back to school BUT I do like to start planning ahead! It’s not difficult for me to enjoy one season while planning ahead and getting excited about the next. I’m tricky like that. ;) You too? If you’re in my boat and enjoying summer while thinking a little about fall decor then you might be interested to know that these stunning cimicifuga ramosa leaves are back in stock! I’m very excited to pull them out again. They sold out quickly last year so don’t hesitate if you want them!

1- eucalyptus leaves   2- nandina leaf branch   3- cimicifuga ramosa leaves   4- ivy branch

A few more AFloral favorites for Fall!

{terracotta jack o lanterns}

I’m also pretty smitten with these terracotta jack o lanterns! They came out with these last year but just in the orange. I loved them but didn’t order any because I wasn’t as into the color. Well ok! Whole new story with this black/gray vibe! I’m definitely a fan. They were so popular last year and sold out before October even hit and I know these will sell out quickly too so I’m sharing them early! A lot of people found ways to make something similar for less which is so fun too if you have the time! I ordered one of each size and will share a pic when they come in. Thinking they’ll land on my front porch this year. :)

1.jack o lanterns   2- cimicifuga ramosa leaves   3-travel cosmetic bag

4- chain bracelet   5-  embroidered tee   6-  round marble serving board   7-  linen blend pillow

Most loved lately!

N Sale Try On (Sunny Side Up)

{pretty things jewelry box}

These “pretty things” jewelry boxes sold out in a blink during the N sale, but there are so many similar fun options still in stock! Sharing 5 I love below! A cute little jewelry box like this is one of my favorite gifts to give because you can put some jewelry inside to make it really special.

While we’re talking gift ideas, below are other fun gifts that are still in stock and on sale! I always knock out some of my holiday shopping during the N sale and when December hits I’m always grateful I did!

1-lipgloss set   2- brush trio set   3- flat iron

4- waterproof mascara   5-marble serving board   6- earrings

7- socks   8- set of 6 candles   9- chain bracelet   10-bath towel

1-kiss lip kit   2- perfume gift set   3-hand cream set   4-texturizing spray

5- crossbody bag   6-heart necklace   7- stylemax dyer

8-leather strap watch   9-leather jewelry clutch   10-plush throw

Anthro Fall candles are out and they have so many fun options this year that double as decor too! That pumpkin/cinnamon fall smell is probably my favorite smell ever and something I always look forward to. I have a feeling a couple of these pretty candles will find their way into my home this fall. :)

1- capri blue pumpkin   2-pumpkin glass candle   3-walnut candle

4- wooden acorn candle   5- capri candle matte candle   6-small gourd candle

7- minka ceramic candle   8-pumpkin soufflé jar candle   9-glass gourd candle

10- pumpkin clove tin candle   11-capri blue jar candle   12-caldron candle

1-table lamp   2- throw pillow   3-floral pillows   4- faux dry grass

5- brass tray   6-harvest spice candle   7- swivel armchair

8-wildflower wreath   9-  coffee table   10- wood candle holder

Above are few recent new arrivals at PB I’m especially loving and below are a few Hearth & Hand. So many cute things are popping up for fall!

1-sage table runner   2-euro bed pillow   3-fringe throw pillow   4- grid lines euro pillow

5- horizontal pillow   6- stoneware utensil holder   7- dark green vase

9- sideboard buffet cabinet   10- throw blanket   11-cable knit throw   12- wooden lazy susan

Below are some pics from our recent trip to Seattle! Kenny and I love Seattle, but have never taken our kids. It was a short trip but we packed a lot in and had such a good time.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

We kicked off our trip touring U Dub with Addison. What a stunning campus!

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

It was a beautiful day and the grounds were absolutely breathtaking.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

The buildings were gorgeous too. Total Harry Potter vibe. I half expected Dumbledore to pop into this beautiful library at any moment. ;)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

I would love to go back and see it again when the cherry blossom trees are blooming! It’s the same thing every time with these college tours. Kenny is always asking questions about things that are actually important for Addison to know about the school while I just get lost in the architecture and landscaping. Ha.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

We took the kids to Pike Place Market (of course!). So fun to show them everything.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

El snapped this on our way. :)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

We showed them the first Starbucks which was a summer highlight for Addison since she’s addicted to pink drinks. Ha.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

So fun seeing where it all started!

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

We hung out at the Pier for half of a day and did all the fun tourist Seattle things. Definitely do the “Wings over Washington” ride if you go.. it was incredible and Kole’s favorite part of the trip!

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

The Carousel was a hit too. :)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

My kids loved the city and it made me so happy to finally show it to them! We lucked out with perfect weather too.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

We ate at a few fun restaurants..

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

and walked a lot exploring in the evenings. We stayed at the Residence Inn Downtown/Lake Union and the location was great. We were so close to everything so we didn’t rent a car and just walked most of the time and took an uber if we needed one.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

I love this city! I would seriously want to move here if the weather was always this beautiful. Not so sure I could handle the rain. :)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Another sweet moment El captured. She’s becoming quite the photographer. :)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Day 2 we took the kids to Lake Union to kayak!

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

I was so happy to finally have Tevas.. ha! Every trip we’ve taken for the last few years I’ve wished I had a pair for stuff like this.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

We paddled around and had the best time! I loved seeing the beautiful houses on the lake and kept thinking of Tom Hanks and how they looked just like his house in Sleepless in Seattle. When we left the lake I looked it up and sure enough.. this is exactly where that movie was filmed!

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Check out these expert kayakers.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

So in sync! ;)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

After a fun day on the lake we cleaned up and got ready for the main reason we hit Seattle..

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Taylor Swift! What a night.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

{pleated cap sleeve minidress/similar prairie dreams flutter sleeve dress/similar black over the knee boots/ruffle romper/monikka western boots}

To say the 3 of us were giddy is an understatement! I wore this black dress I recently bought at the N sale.. Reputation all the way for this Swiftie. ;) My girls wore these cute rompers they have been living in this summer and I last minute ordered El a pair of western boots from the sale because she didn’t have a pair!

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

I also ordered these cute clear purses for each of us to take! Now we’re set for future concerts/events too.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Kole’s first concert. Now I’m worried any future concerts will fall a little flat in comparison.. ha! So special experiencing this night with my family! And a couple of Ad’s besties she was face timing at the beginning of the concert. Too fun.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

The energy in this stadium was off the charts! I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it! This clock started counting down to Taylor coming on and everyone went absolutely crazy.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

She was unbelievable.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)


Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

We never sat down and sang and danced our hearts out! Kenny was laughing after and said he felt like he was there chaperoning his 3 teenage daughters.. ha. I definitely lived it up with my girls! Ad and I even traded friendship bracelets with other fans. Swifties are the sweetest people! I loved everyone I talked to that night. Even the boys had the best time. We have all been singing her songs nonstop this past week! It was a night we will never forget.

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

Seattle (Sunny Side Up)

We didn’t travel far but that was hands down one of my favorite family trips. :)

xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “Weekend Favorites/Sales & Seattle

  1. Thanks for sharing all the shopping things, but hands down, my favorite part of your posts are when you post about your family and the great things you get to do together. SO special to have a peek into your Seattle trip and the concert. Thank you so much for sharing. You guys captured the beauty of Seatlle it looks like and had a amazing seat for the concert. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the concert. I’ve also listened to a lot of Taylor since her concert here in Denver. She is a force of nature that is for sure! I hope you have a happy day and a great week, Erin!

  2. Seattle is such a fun city! We’re on the east side of the state, Spokane, where Gonzaga University lives. We’re often in Seattle if we need a short getaway, and we’re heading there this coming weekend to see a comedy show from a lady standup comedian. It should be a fun evening for us as well. Summer is the best time to go because less likely chance of rain. Ahhh…the Starbucks first store. For years I thought that was the 1st ever Starbucks store but after doing a Seattle guided tour our tour guide let us in on a secret, which is supposedly not be told, that the actual 1st store was a block or two away and that it burned down from the city fire. The 2nd store has since been known the 1st store. If you ever go back to Seattle book a historic guided tour and it’s so fascinating to learn new things about the city. There’s food tours as well and we did the vegan food tour where we not only tasted some delicious vegan food at Pikes Market but learned the history of Pikes Market. So much fun!

  3. …… the two boys holding hands…. the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time!!!❤️

    1. Oh thank you so much Jodey! Every once in a while I capture a moment that gives me a lump in my throat.. this was one of them! xo

  4. I’m glad you and your family could make these memories together! I read that the Taylor Swift concerts in Seattle registered on earthquake monitors because of all of the dancing?! Must have been one amazing show!

    1. Thank you so much Alicia! I heard that too and it doesn’t surprise me.. the energy in that stadium was off the charts! I’ve never experienced anything like it. An amazing show for sure. :)

  5. Love your Seattle pics! As a native Washingtonian, I always tell people it really doesn’t rain that much, we just say that so everyone won’t move here. But truthfully, there is nothing more soothing than falling asleep to the sound of rain. You would fall in love with the rain, most everyone does.

    1. Ha ha.. now we know your secret Shawna! :) I bet I would too if I lived there. (As long as there is sunshine in-between!) Seattle is so beautiful!

  6. Erin,
    I am late again! I did a quick skim of your latest (ALWAYS do!) and then came back late last night to view your wonderful photos! Today, I comment! Magnificent! Don’t apologize for the length of your post and “photo dump”. I love it and am sure most of your readers do too! Erin, this sort of thing removes you from the “garden variety” blogger/influencer. Yes, you promote products, same as they do, but you let us know your family and most of us have been following along for years! I followed you long before I subscribed and then again quite a time before I commented.

    U Dub is just wonderful, and wouldn’t it be great IF that institution was the one of choice and you could go often (as often as “allowed” ;) to experience the architecture and gardens!? AHHhh… No “nudging” now ;-) Remember how we spoke of letting the young person lead? Well, MAYBE just a little nudge??? Can’t hurt pointing out the right direction, right???

    Ohmygosh-your trip was so amazing and the TS concert! I can just picture it now, you dancing and singing w/the daughters!! WHAT is it about concerts!? Live music is 40 steps above anything else! My oldest daughter went to a TS, N.E. concert w/my grandgirls. They were ALL on cloud 9 for weeks! BTW, Taylors summer home is not too far from our regular house (not our beach place) N.E. is like that. Many states just glommed together, and you just drive over! Taylors house is on the Watch Hill beach, the town of the famous oldest carousal, has never been moved! I will have to get you a pic of the grandgirls w/Taylors summer “COTTAGE” in the background! COTTAGE ;) !!!
    Also wanted you to know that Ad is a remake of you! ALMOST, anyway! Oh, yes, TIVAS! They are back! I might still have my old ones. I hear Marie saying now: WHY? Do you love them? Do they bring Joy? You have not used all these years….. Nope. Do not love. Nope, no real “JOY”, but practical? YUP! SO practical!
    PS. Love the joke of your husband and 3 teen girls! Also, a pumpkin jumped into my cart but has been there 2 days so I had better delete and have him jump in again so you get credit! Sorry for the length of this!

    1. Sherri so many fun things in this comment I don’t know where to start! You have that effect on me.. ha. (It’s a good thing!) First of all YES and YES! I’m going to need a picture with Taylors “cottage” in the background! That is unreal her summer home is that close to you. I love that your oldest daughter got to take the girls to see her too.. she is such an amazing performer! And I hear you with the Tevas! So many things like that right!? Not really sparking joy or being used often but when you need them they come in SO HANDY that you have to hang on to them. Pumpkins are starting to sound more and more appealing every day to me.. definitely excited for fall decorating! And it means so much to me that you’ve been reading so long. Truly! You are always so thoughtful and kind and supportive. I’m very grateful my blog found you and brought us together. We have too many things in common.. we had to “meet” at some point! Ha ha.. ;) LOVE YOU! xo

  7. Hi Erin, great pics and looks like a fun trip! Loved the Harry Potter vibes in that pic! And love the Fall links :) I was scrolling Facebook and saw YOUR awesome pool towel set-up on an ad (your pic and your house)- I clicked the link and nowhere did they give you credit!! Im not sure how to post a screenshot here but I have it if you want it.

    1. Thank you so much Rachel! You are the sweetest! If you ever have time would you mind emailing me that screenshot? ( I so appreciate you letting me know about that! xo

  8. First of all…the concert looked so fun and you guys looked so cute!! . We tried to get tickets for the LA show but they were gone. My favorite thing to do with Elle is to go to concerts. We always have so much fun. We try to go to one every summer.
    Second… I want to thank you for this post, it really helped me with Elle’s birthday. Of course I went down a rabbit hole but I hit the sales so I count that as a win! XO

    1. Oh thank you so much Cathy! I’m thrilled this post was helpful. :) And I love that you take Elle to a concert every summer.. what a fun tradition! She will have so many amazing memories of that time spent with you! xo

  9. Aw Erin!!!! How special! Reading this made me so happy for your family! What an amazing time in a lovely city. So memorable! I am a new Swiftie as of this summer lol and loving learning all the things about her and her music. Such a force!!!

    1. You are the sweetest Genelle! Thank you so much! Love that are you a new Swiftie too.. ha! She really is a force. We have been having so much fun listening to all of her music. I hope you had a good summer! Crazy it’s already almost fall! xo

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