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Bathroom Organization & N sale favs

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Amazon Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{artisan vase/faux tree branches}

July is flying by in a blink isn’t it!? Crazy how some months go by so quickly while others (I’m talking to you January/February) feel like a never ending slog. Ha. I guess that means we are enjoying summer and I hope you are doing the same! I feel like my moto this summer has definitely been play hard/work hard. We have been having lots of fun in the sun with friends, but I have also been working hard to get a few things organized around here and I’m happy to be sharing a new solution that is making me happy in my bathroom!

Amazon Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{bathroom counter organizer}

I mentioned a while back in a post that I was loving this bathroom counter organizer. It really has been such a good solution for me! I had my vase & branches on a tray in this space, but I noticed that I kept putting my most used items on the tray to make life easier and it always looked cluttered and messy. So I ditched the tray! It’s happily living somewhere else now and this cute acrylic bathroom counter organizer is doing a much better job of holding often used items AND looking beautiful.

Amazon Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{acrylic Q tip holder}

I love having Q tips close when I’m putting on my make-up (for some reason I’ve never learned how to put mascara on without getting it all over my eyes) and this cute acrylic Q tip holder keeps them tidy and accessible. It’s the little things. :)

Amazon Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

{marble heart tray/flowerbomb perfume/TNS serum/sheer renewal cream/extreme recovery cream/vitamin c brightening serum/retinol eye serum/complete eye cream}

Then I just have my every day jewelry in my little heart tray, my favorite perfume, makeup brushes, and all of my favorite skin care products that I use at night and in the morning on the organizer also. It really does make life easier to have my most used items easy to access! (*Sidenote – I just noticed while I was linking my skin care favorites that Colleen Rothschild is doing a Christmas in July sale – 25% off right now!)

Amazon Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

Plus this organizer is just so cute and stylish. I love the gold grommets on the side! This is a great solution if you are short on drawer space in your bathroom and it could also be used under the sink to hold items that aren’t as pretty to display. I’m a fan!

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{makeup brush trio set}

Two days after I took pictures of my little organizer my new makeup brushes from the N sale came in the mail! So excited about these. I’ve had my previous foundation brushes for years and they were starting to fall apart. (I also have a foundation brush I really like that is similar to this in my drawer.)

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{crewneck sweater/farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans/luissa bootie}

Here are a few more N sale favs I ordered that finally arrived! These farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans must be the best kept secret of the sale because they are still in stock in most sizes! You know my love affair with AG jeans.. hands down the best fitting jeans for my body type. If you have curves or gain weight in your butt/thighs you will love these. They are so flattering! You might love them if you don’t gain weight in your butt/thighs too, I just wouldn’t know about that because that’s not the case here. Also I hate you and we can’t be friends anymore.


Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{havana friendship chain/mini paperclip chain bracelet}

Very excited about some jewelry I picked up at the sale this year! I always wear a few bracelets on my left wrist and these are going to be my new go-to’s. Both so beautiful and I love them paired together.

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

I got the matching paperclip necklace to go with the bracelet too. So pretty and delicate! They would make beautiful gifts also.

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{crewneck sweater/farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans/luissa bootie/leather moto jacket}

I wanted to share this cute leather moto jacket too because it’s such a staple for me! I’m sure many of you recognize it (or own it!). It was part of the N sale a couple of years ago and they keep bringing it back no doubt because it’s a favorite. I have loved it! I wear it all year and it’s my go-to jacket for football games in the fall. It’s leather but lined with a soft sweatshirt material and hood making it so soft. I got my regular size going for a more fitted look and just wear thin long sleeved tops under it, but if you want to wear sweaters under it I would go up a size. A splurge but definitely worth it!

Amazon Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

Wearing it in these pics we took on Addison’s birthday in May. :)

Amazon Makeup Organizer (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{central drapey shirt/farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans/luissa bootie/mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

This is another favorite shirt from the sale! It’s oversized so I went down to an xxs and love the fit, but some reviews say that it shrinks when you wash it. I will wash mine and report back! It’s so big I actually wouldn’t care if it shrunk a little, but if you’re worried about that order your regular size. I LOVE the style and color for fall!

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{alna v-neck sweater/farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans/luissa bootie/mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

Another Madewell win! Such a cute sweater and it comes in pink too!

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{quarter zip pullover/farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans/luissa bootie/mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

Ok – this quarter zip pullover was one of my favorites from the sale this year and I didn’t share it immediately because it sold out SO quickly in all colors, but they just re-stocked it! YEA! It’s so comfortable and cute! It’s on the short size but perfect to pair with high waist jeans/pants.

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

I know I will live in this when it cools off. Very tempted to get it in black or green too while it’s such a great price! (It’s oversized – I went down a size to xxs)

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{cleo balloon sleeve top/farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans/luissa bootie/mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

This cleo balloon sleeve top is another favorite top from the sale that you might remember from my initial collage round-up of the items I was most excited about. I wish it would have come in sooner to share because it looks like the black is sold out and the other colors almost are too. I’m hoping they re-stock it, but if not this is one top that is worth buying at full price when it comes back after the sale (in my opinion!). It’s so beautiful! I just can’t get over the sleeves. One to watch for and I’ll share it again if they re-stock it!

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{funnel neck cotton blend sweater/farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans/luissa bootie/mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

This funnel neck cotton blend sweater is another great find if you like turtlenecks like I do!

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

So soft and I love the sleeves! It comes in lots of color options.

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{funnel neck cotton blend sweater/farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans/luissa bootie/mini paperclip chain necklace/mini paperclip chain bracelet/havana friendship chain}

Same sweater in black! It’s another oversized sweater so definitely go down a size. (This is xxs and still a little big!)

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

The sleeve has a slit in it giving it a fuller look at the bottom. CUTE.

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{v-neck rib sweater/ribbed crewneck sweater}

Two other sweaters I love from the sale this year! (The blue and orange are the same sweater.) These are both cropped but work great with high waisted pants.

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{dri-fit racerback tank}

I didn’t have time to try this on to show you but this tank is so cute too! It has a built-in bra and is a great fit. I went up to a small in this one (my regular size felt a little too tight).

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{long sleeve performance tee/zella live-in joggers/similar adidas sneaker}

These live-in joggers are long time favorites they brought back to the sale again!

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{rounded v-neck tee}

They also brought back these tees that I live in! I have multiples in all colors. I’m actually wearing one right now as I type this post.. ha! They are perfect to layer with cardigans and vests or just to throw on to clean, run errands, etc. I sleep in them all the time too. :) This year they also came out with these similar tees that have more of a sharp v-neck vs. the rounded v-neck so I ordered a couple to try!

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{cast iron double grill/marble and wood serving board}

They brought my cast iron grill back too! Love this for grilling chicken and vegetables. Also here is another pic of the beloved marble and wood serving board. It’s back in stock in black! After I shared it in this kitchen post full of N sale decor favs it was sold out for a few days.

Fall Clothes (Sunny Side Up)

{adidas top/adidas shorts}

I haven’t had time to share my kids’ favorites from the sale, but this is my favorite outfit I got for Kole this year. I can’t believe he is going into 8th grade next month! I have to say that so far middle school has been a breeze with this child! I was so worried after going through the middle school years with two girls. I had my combat boots ready and was gearing up for ALL the drama. Every day I picked him up from school and he had a smile on his face. (What!?) I would say “how was your day bud? Everything ok with classes? Everything ok with friends? Is everyone getting along?” And every day it was the same thing. “It’s good mom! All good. School is good. Teachers are good. Friends are good. But mom.. the girls my age. What is WRONG with them!?”  

Ha ha..

I told him if he wants my advice I’d steer clear until high school. We mellow with age. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Bathroom Organization & N sale favs

  1. Wow! Lots of goodness in this post! What a great round-up and what a workout for you to pull it all together! Thanks for all you do, Erin! It is much appreciated. That last picture of Kole…is he growing up or what? I am struggling to believe he is in the 8th grade. That must mean high school is just about here for him. So glad he’s enjoying middle school. Loved your comment that girls mellow with age. Made me giggle as a mom of two girls. Maybe THAT is what turned my hair white???? LOL

    1. Ha ha.. no doubt the girls did it! ;) Middle school is no joke with girls right!? At least for me that stage was the hardest. Thank you always for your sweet encouraging words Jeanne! xo

  2. Hello from Iowa!
    Love all your posts!
    My #5 son is going into 8th grade also. Agree…boys are so much easier to raise. At least with my two boys (age 13 and 19). My three oldest girls are now 24, 22, 21 and pretty much every day there would be drama in MS. Now I just have to survive one more daughter through JR and HS (Felicity age 12.) The drama does seem to ease up in high school though!

    1. Right!? The funny thing is that girls are so much more mature than boys at that age BUT they are so emotional. A bad hair day can derail the best of plans. ;) It’s a hard time for girls figuring out how to accept who they are and fit in. I really understood it because I remember going through it myself, but as a mom I was so happy when things mellowed a little in high school! Ha. You are my hero raising 2 boys and 4 girls! What a fun family! Hang in there through middle school with your last! ;) Thank you so much Susanne! xo

  3. Erin,
    You are a great model for it all! I think that you MUST post a “TUCK” tutorial. I just can’t seem to get it right and I am NOT alone. Just look around! Either too much is “tucked in in that little spot over the pants button in the front or way too little is in the “tuck” or it is uneven, etc.!
    When down at our vacay place w/the grand girls, I wore an unusual Lilly top that I just adore. Soft cotton jersey knit (unusual for Lilly) My fav. w/long sleeves and slightly heavier weight for our SOMETIMES-cooler nights. I gave up in the end (tuck) and just wore it all on the outside with my straight leg, cropped jeans (I just can’t give them up!) and in the pics, young grand girl looks fab, but I looked like I was in a maternity top! :O
    Oh, almost forgot. Love that Lucite bathroom counter organizer! That is perfect. Have to see IF I have the room for it in my now smaller bathroom. There is one BIG plus in empty nesting. You get to take over the “kids’ bathroom” for yourself! The only REAL advantage of getting older I can see right now! Trust me. THIS is a piece of Heaven, especially when the wedding anniversary years climb well past the mid 30s in years!
    Now IF I was a builder, I would have double bathrooms built into EVERY “Master bedroom” (sorry. They call it the “Main Bedroom” now! ;)

    1. Sherri you crack me up! I can see how taking over kids’ spaces after they move out is appealing! I’ve definitely pictured my girls’ rooms with exercise equipment in them a time or two.. ha! ;) I’m laughing about the tuck too! Honestly I think the messy, uneven look works so you are probably spot on with your tuck and don’t even know it! One tip.. I use my thumb! So really it’s just a little in the front! ;)

  4. Cutie Kole is starting to look like Dad… sort of sad to see his cute baby face looking more manly….😉☹️

    1. Right Jodey!? I know. He is growing up so quickly and looking older every day. My baby! Makes me so sad but he is also so fun at this age. :)

  5. Erin,

    The farrah raw hem high waist bootcut jeans, cleo balloon sleeve top, and funnel neck cotton blend sweater are all gorgeous! Your post was hilarious! I laughed out loud when I read “Also I hate you and we can’t be friends anymore”. Thanks for all you do!

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