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4th of July Outfits/Prep

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4h of July prep (Sunny Side Up)

We are back from a fun family trip and I’m trying to re-group around here. Work, laundry, groceries.. time to catch up! I’m a little behind on life in general these days and can’t believe that July 4th is right around the corner. Some years I have patriotic decor up in early May and other years (like this one) I’ve barely done a thing by the end of June! I’m giving myself a pass with everything we have going on right now and decided to just focus on a couple of main spots I knew my kids would notice.

4h of July prep (Sunny Side Up)

{liberty burlap party banner – on sale!/flag lumbar pillow – also on sale!}

So the hallway is decked with past 4th of July pics. :) I’m hoping to get a few pics from last year developed to add but haven’t had time yet! I also ordered these beautiful red faux geraniums and will show you how I’m using them soon. They are so realistic! They just arrived today and I’m impressed.

4h of July prep (Sunny Side Up)

If like me you are JUST now starting to think about the 4th here is a fun recipe to try! This golden oreo layered pudding dessert is so festive and delicious! Always a crowd pleaser. You can find the recipe in this post.

4h of July prep (Sunny Side Up)

Also my sister always makes my favorite feta and tomato dip! I know I’ve shared it lots before, but it’s so good it’s worth a reminder. :) Recipe is in this post.

See.. we can still pull this holiday off! Plenty of time!

Kind of. Sort of. :)

I was looking around at a few options of what to wear this year and found so many cute red tops! If red isn’t your thing they all come in other colors too. Cute for the 4th or just to wear for the rest of summer!

4th of July (

1- cece blouse   2- floral sleeve top   3- ruffle knit top

4- paisley print top   5- rib cap sleeve shirt   6- wrap top

7- cece floral blouse    8- sleeveless blouse

4h of July prep (Sunny Side Up)

*me & my bro in law – the master chef :)

Another fun option is a summer dress like the denim dress I wore on the 4th last year. Tie a red bandana around your head or add some red earrings and you’re set! Here are some cute dresses I rounded up..

4th of July (

1- somerset mini dress   2- halter ruffle romper   3- denim shirtdress

4- tie-front mini dress   5- ruffle skater dress   6- striped dress

I love all of these fun options too! Ad has #5 and I have #4 – I would recommend them both!

4h of July prep (Sunny Side Up)

{tie-front mini dress}

I wore #4 to El’s graduation. It’s called a mini dress but for shorties like me it hits just above the knee – nothing mini about it. Ha.

4th of July(


1-short sleeves shirts   2- all american girl t-shirt   3- short set

4- two-piece outfit set   5- denim sundress   6- tank

7- pocket t-shirt   8- peplum tank   9- stars wars vintage tee

10- board shorts   11- gingham short sleeve shirt

And last but certainly not least here are some fun options for kids!

4h of July prep (Sunny Side Up)

They usually bring the party to the party.

And if they don’t, Uncle Austin will. ;)

Ahhh the 4th. Bring on the family! Bring on the food! And bring on the sunscreen!

Just want to make sure we don’t get burned like last year.

Can’t wait.


xoxo, Erin
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3 thoughts on “4th of July Outfits/Prep

  1. Happy Summer! It sounds like you are busy as usual. :) Thanks for sharing all the fun ideas and options for us for the 4th. You’ve had a lot on your plate and it’s no wonder you haven’t had much time to think about it. Enjoyed all the family pictures. You all look like a close, fun-loving bunch! I’m sure your get-togethers are pretty epic. :) Hope you are able to enjoy the holiday and maybe slow down just a tad. Thanks for all you do, Erin!

  2. Erin,
    Such WONDERFUL family pics! FOOD fills your belly, MONEY BUYS the home and makes you comfortable, but FAMILY MAKES the home and makes us HAPPY! When we have ALL 3 we have WON the Jackpot! :-D
    Love, love the 4th of July Flag pillow and I say that it is great displayed from now to Labor day. Milk the cute summer stuff for all its worth!
    Erin, I need to know about your skin tone, braided slides that you are waring in the graduation photo! Also, size. Running big or small?? Slides usually run large except like with J. R. They have a notation to 1/2 size UP on a similar slide. My CRAZY feet are so mixed up! 6 1/2 to SOMETIMES close to an 8! My feet OR the shoes-crazy!?! THAT is the question!

  3. I love the dress you are wearing in the picture with your brother in law. I didn’t see it included in the dresses you linked-do you know where it’s from?
    Thanks for all the fun ideas!

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