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Summer Goals/Father’s Day/Favorites

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

Thank you for your sweet comments/e-mails after my last post! I’m so grateful to each of you for spending time with me here. I feel such a strong connection with all of you (even if we’ve never “talked!”). I know that’s strange but I do. If you read this blog chances are we have a few things in common ;) and you know me well. If I haven’t scared you off yet I have a feeling we would be pretty tight if we knew each other in person. Thank you for your support and for always making me feel safe to share bits and pieces of my life with you. I’m incredibly grateful for this kind community!

Summer goals! I’m keeping it simple but I’m definitely excited to get a few things done around my house over the next couple of months! Because it’s always a little crazy with the kids home I’m going to focus on 15-20 minutes of organizing each day vs. attempting major overhauls. I’ve found that if I really commit to organizing just 15 minutes a day I can make a lot of progress. Join me! I’ll share my progress in IG stories and try to do some round ups here too. I have a cute printable I’m using to keep me on track! Of course I do. You can download it too! Of course you can. :)

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

I have this printable with double lines and one with single lines if you need more room to write. Whatever you prefer! You can download my 15 minute organizing printable HERE. *If you are already a Sunny Side Up subscriber just enter your info. again to get the printables.. it won’t add you twice!  Also, if you sign up and don’t get an e-mail soon after check your junk mail!  Once in a while it lands there first.

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

This is what my list looks like at the moment. Just a few spaces that need a little re-fresh! I’m also working on my husband’s side of our closet so I’m breaking that down into sections I can tackle in 15-20 minutes a day. His office needs some help too.. I started it in January and never finished!

*affilliate links used

Favorite Tee (Sunny Side Up)

{free people you rock t-shirt/AG skinny jeans/madewell transport tote/similar sandals here/here/here}

More on staying on track this summer at the end of this post! I’m excited to share my cute new phone case with you! Not long ago I shared the cute floral phone case above..

walli case (Sunny Side Up)

Walli cases released a few new patterns for summer and I couldn’t resist picking up this fun sun kissed pattern! Nothing like a little ombre in the summer time. :) I also picked up this cute yellow rose case for my mom. She has yellow roses all over her yard – they are her favorite so when I saw that case I had to get it! I love these cases because aside from the fun patterns they also have a finger loop and a slot for cards. They also have some cute matching card pouches and lanyards. Love them! Use this link and the code SUNNY when you check out for 15% off!

Father's Day Gifts (Sunny Side Up)

Father’s Day snuck up on me this year and I’m sorry I’m a horrible blogger for not sharing gift ideas two weeks ago! Ha. I’ll make it up to you buy sharing Kenny’s favorite gift EVER. A new pair of Vuori Banks shorts. Clearly he’s a fan! I get him a pair for every holiday/birthday/special occasion which is why we basically own them all now! But really it’s all he wears. Especially now that he’s working from home most days. He’ll throw on a dress shirt with a pair of these shorts for zoom meetings and then put on a Vuori tee after work with these shorts. Regardless of what is happening he’s always in these shorts! They are so soft and comfortable and look great. You can get them HERE or HERE.

Father's Day Gifts (Sunny Side Up)

My husband also lives in Van shoes. The kids and I all just get Vuori clothes, a pair of vans, chocolate chip cookies and a hand written note any time we need a gift for Kenny. We’ve learned what puts a smile on his face. :)

Father's Day Gifts (thesunnysideupblogcom)

1- slip-on   2- stanley tumbler   3- vuori henley

4- crossbody backpack   5- vuori crewneck

6- vuori hybrid shorts   7- old skool  8- personalized photo map

9-  large toiletry bag   10- electric pressure washer

A few more of my husband’s favorites! The small backpack I just ordered for summer travel and the map I landed on and thought was such a cool gift. You put a picture from each state after you visit. A perfect gift for someone who loves to travel!

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{faux fern potted plant}

I ran to Target last week and found so many cute things!

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{rattan bedside table}

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{distressed ceramic vase}

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{cotton striped placemat}

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{framed canvas black art}

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{chunky knit bed blanket}

I love these quilts to lay at the end of a bed!

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{Christmas bedroom sources}

Picture of my room at Christmas but I still have this knit blanket (natural) at the end of my bed. :)

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{woven tray with handles/large fern/handheld vintage vase}

This woven tray with handles is so cute! LOTS of ways to use it.

Target Finds (Sunny Side Up)

{woven planter/cream vintage vase}

Thanks for joining me on a little Target run! Fun right? That store is downright dangerous. You think so too?

Told you we were tight. ;)

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

Sine we’re talking about getting organized this summer here is the one 15 minute organizing project I have checked off my list. A go-to drawer for Kole when he’s bored! I just cleaned out one of my office drawers and filled it with some activity books I know he likes to do.

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

I also added a few more things to this “fun things to do when you’re bored” list I started for him a few months ago. I’m keeping this list in the drawer too. Now if he’s board and needs a little direction this summer I can just point to the drawer! I’ve seen jars where you pull out items to do too – lots of fun ways to do this! I decided a list would be best for Kole so he can just scan it and pick something he’s willing to do. No excuses with two pages full of suggestions!

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

If you want other options to keep kids motivated and productive (in-between fun) this summer these Daily Expectations charts worked great for us for years. One version is for younger kids with fewer tasks, behavior and a reward. The other version is just a task list for older kids.

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

We also use and love our Zone cleaning charts. Well.. I love them. The kids not so much, but they get the job done. ;)

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

When you download these they are a PDF that you can type on and personalize. Add things you want your kids to get done daily..

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

and then fill in the Zone section. This is for the main living spaces that need to be cleaned every day. I wanted each space to have a detailed list so my kids wouldn’t forget anything. We rotate the zones each week or month so they have a chance to clean different spaces. Cleaning their Zone is one of their daily tasks.

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)

I also have my HOME PROJECTS printable if you are working on specific projects you want to break down.

Father's Day Gifts (Sunny Side Up)

And my beloved CURRENT PROJECTS printable if you have a lot of individual tasks for certain projects!

Summer Printables (Sunny Side Up)Last but not least is this fun habit tracker. Just write the habits you’re working on in the empty boxes and check off each day of the month that you follow through!

You can download any of these printables in my library when you join my e-mail list HERE. Whether you want to keep your kids on track or keep yourself on track (both for us please!) I hope they are helpful this summer.


xoxo, Erin
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10 thoughts on “Summer Goals/Father’s Day/Favorites

  1. Lots of great info in this post, Erin! Thanks for the round up of it all. That must have taken a lot of time. I think the phone cases are terrific. Your mom is sure to love the roses one! Yay for comfy shorts and shoes when going about his day for Kenny. I like the idea of the 15 minute organizing projects. Feels so much more doable and who knows, it could lead to something more. The quote at the end is perfect. I need to write that down and put it where I can see it daily! Thanks for all you do, Erin! Enjoy your summer break! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I love that quote too.. it’s all about routines right!? What you’re trained to just do every day. I need to put that somewhere big that I can see it too! I hope you’re having a good summer so far! Your state is so beautiful this time of year. :)

  2. Erin,
    Thank you for thanking US but certainly not needed! YOU are the ONE that deserves the thank you for bringing us such a wonderful, informative, insightful and touching blog. I agree that we all must have quite a lot in common (regular blog readers) which includes family life, decorating and at least an “attempt” at organizing! You have helped me so much on that front, Erin! I doubt anyone can shine a candle to you in that area, but you have certainly “led the way” for organizing. Thank YOU for letting us into your life! A bit of a bird’s eye view into your life/home showing us HOW to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Time after time I have thought IF ONLY, I had handled it like Erin! Found the balance between Mom and “friend”. I was Too much a “mommy”, not enough “friend”. NOW I get a do over with little grands! Last Fall I did your “pumpkin wash” with one of them and she already wants to do it again this year! Little, tiny moments-well they are the absolute best! Doesn’t always have to be BIG DISNEY WORLD(Land) moments. Some of the things I remember most about my parents and my wonderful grandmother are such little things.
    Have a wonderful Father’s Day with Kenny and the kids! Keep living your BEST life. You are so special and Unique Always and especially in the “BLOG WORLD”. IF I ever Unsubscribe promise me that you will call the men in the white coats! ;-D

    1. Sharon I have no doubt you did an amazing job with your kids! Finding that mom/friend balance is tricky and I think you’re always better to err on the side of mom vs. friend! I love hearing that one of your sweet little grandkids had fun washing pumpkins. :) That just made my night! And I agree with you 100% – the small every day moments are what we cherish and remember most. Thank you for such a sweet reminder! Your comments are GOLD! So encouraging and kind and FUNNY with important life lessons and nuggets throughout. You should start a blog! And still keep reading mine. Ha. No men in white coats aloud. ;) XO

  3. Sunny side up is a perfect description of your posts! Always enjoy your content, and it’s fun to see snippets of your family and how they’re growing/changing! Keep up your excellent blog! 😍. HAPPY SUMMER

  4. I love the idea of the zone cleaning charts – especially the detailed list! I know what I’ll be working on soon for my kids. ;) It’s so much easier (for me and for them) when things are written out (I am forever a fan of making lists!). They can work on their zones while I do the 15 minute organizing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jenn I love that you are a list maker like me! The best right!? And so smart to have a little zone cleaning/15 minute organizing session together every day! Why didn’t I come up with that? Ha ha.. ;) Thank you! So happy these printables were helpful. :)

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