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Outdoor Furniture Progress

*This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions and product selections are my own!

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads out there! I hope it was a good weekend for you! We gave Kenny one of his favorite things.. a family trip that was go go go with minimal prep/get ready time, minimal bathroom breaks and all kids happy and getting along. We know what this guy likes. :) I’ll share a few more pics soon!

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

Today we have other important things to discuss! I’ve been playing musical chairs (literally!) in my backyard moving outdoor furniture around the past two weeks. One of my goals this summer was to create more seating around our pool. We have our lounge chairs to lay on, but often I have a friend over and we just want to sit close to the pool to chat and watch the kids swim. I originally bought these fun outdoor canopy chairs (back in stock and on sale!) to set by the pool. I love them and was planning to set them under the tree in my yard..

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

{willow sage 3 piece set/navy outdoor rug/woven blue outdoor throw pillows}

And then I realized that wasn’t my brightest idea because those chairs have a canopy that isn’t needed in this spot because of the shade from our tree! Sooo I bought this cute 3 piece set that’s perfect for under my tree and I’m going to move the canopy chairs on the other side of the pool or up on my girls’ deck (a spot they use all the time that desperately needs more shade!). I really just can’t get enough of this line of wicker outdoor furniture from Walmart! I mentioned earlier that I wanted this larger 4-piece set that sold out. It’s back in stock and on sale! So I ordered it too and I’ll show you where that is going to go when it comes. Like I said.. musical outdoor furniture but I’m making progress and I’m excited to get everything here and set up! Walmart has so many fun items on rollback right now. It’s the best time to get larger items like outdoor furniture sets while they are marked down and before they sell out!

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

A closer look at this cute set.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

I love the wicker design on the sides!

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

It’s the same fun look on the canopy chairs..

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

and on this cute 3-piece set on our back deck. Like I said.. I’m a big fan of this line of outdoor furniture. :)

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

{lilah outdoor wicker 3-piece set/navy outdoor rug/woven blue outdoor throw pillows/rattan woven plant stand/coat rack turned towel rack/outdoor console table}

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

This navy patio umbrella is also on rollback right now! Our Walmart umbrella on our sunny upstairs deck has held up great. This is the exact umbrella we have on this deck, but I had to buy a separate base for it and the umbrella on rollback (that looks identical) comes with one. Both great options!

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

{3-piece patio set}

Rattan Outdoor Furniture (Sunny Side Up)

I love walking out in our backyard and having this cute spot to sit and watch the kids swim! These chairs are so comfortable and I can visit with Kenny or a friend or read a good book. Exactly what we needed! Below are other fun outdoor/home items that are on rollback at Walmart right now. I rounded up items for a couple of collages of my top picks to share and then promptly ordered the wood lanterns! My job is downright dangerous sometimes. But in the best way possible. Just don’t ask my husband if he agrees when another furniture set shows up on our porch (that he always helps assemble.. ha). 

(Remember the fun Father’s Day trip babe? And how fast we moved all day for you? Hold on to that memory for a while..) 


Walmart rollbacks outdoor (

1- patio umbrella  2- grey planter   3- wood lantern

4- rocking chair   5- electric air fryer  6- canopy  chair and ottoman

7- wicker egg chair   8- patio heater   9- 3-piece bistro set   10- white bench

walmart rollbacks (

1-throw pillow   2- natural woven pendant   3- round wood wall mirror

4- standing floor mirror   5- wood photo frame set   6- desk   7- rattan table lamp



xoxo, Erin
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2 thoughts on “Outdoor Furniture Progress

  1. Looks great, Erin. What an oasis for you and your family and friends! I sometimes miss having a pool, then I remember I used to have to clean said pool and I get over it pretty quick. LOL I enjoyed lounging in it like your girls are doing. :) I’m glad Kenny had a fun Father’s Day. We tried to get my husband interested in something to do, but he would rather hang out at home and have us go do our thing. Shrugs, what can you do? He got to smell the ribs he requested cooking all afternoon in the crock pot. ;) Thanks for sharing all the great furniture for your backyard. It sure looks beautiful! Have a great start to your week!

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! Pools are definitely a lot of work! Our cover just ripped the other day and we’re sick about having to replace it so I feel your previous pool pain.. ha. I think your Father’s Day sounds great. I’d go for ribs and a chill day anytime! Whatever makes them happy right? :) Enjoy your week! xo

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