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Favorite Things Party Two and Gift Ideas

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

{maroon square pillow/velvet sherpa tree pillow}

Favorite Things Party Two! I wanted to share details on this party last week but got too busy planning mine. I’m a little behind with posting so I’m combining two posts into one! Party details and then a round-up of lots of fun gift ideas if you are still shopping like I am! It doesn’t matter how prepared I try to be or how early I start, I’m always still ordering a few last minute gifts/stocking stuffers the week before Christmas! I guess that’s part of the fun right? :) I did get my Christmas cards out early this year so I’m celebrating that win. It felt so good to drop them in the mail the first week of December!

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

My friend Ann has been throwing this Favorite Things party since 2010! Some of you have been with me long enough to remember lots of past posts on it. :) This pic of the two of us was actually from this party a few years ago. We didn’t document things as well this year as we usually do! Most of you know the drill with a Favorite Things party but if not I explained it in this recent post. For Ann’s party we each brought two of the same favorite item that cost around $25 each. (Although a lot of us tend to go over the limit!)

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I did snap this picture of her beautiful outdoor space as people were starting to arrive.

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I also snapped a picture of the favorites! I have to say that in all the years we’ve had this party this is the first year that I loved every single gift that was brought.

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I usually have my eye on a few things that I can’t wait to order, but this year I seriously wanted one of everything! The gifts were SO good.

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Wondering what favorite thing I brought to this year’s party? My gift wrap organizer. :)  LOVE this thing. I ordered it after Christmas last year in a desperate attempt to keep my Christmas wrapping paper from taking over my house! I wanted it separate from my regular wrapping paper and I wanted to store it in my attic with my holiday decor so that it was tucked away all year but easy to access in December.

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Mission accomplished! This organizer has a place to store your wrapping paper rolls (long or short), clear pockets for sacks and tissue AND a cute little side box for smaller items like tape and ribbon.  Perfection right!?

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

I keep extra Christmas ribbon and bows in clear ziploc bags and then set these on top of the wrapping paper. Everything zips up nice and tidy!

Along with the wrapping paper organizers I also gave out little gift sacks full of wrapping supplies. My favorite among the favorites. :)

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

Getting totally off point here (sorry.. once I get started talking about organization it’s hard to stop!) but if you’re looking for other great holiday decor organizers these are favorites!

For those of you who like to think ahead. ;)

1 –  Holiday Plate Box  2 – Christmas Wreath Bag  3 – Storage Bags

4 – Ornament Storage Box  5 – Similar container with lid here and here 6 – Clear Storage Box (6 pack)

7 – Christmas Tree Storage Bag  8 – Similar Underbed Ornament Storage Box  9 – Gift Wrap Organizer


Ok. Back to the party! I included all of the favorite things our friends brought in the two collages below. So many good gift ideas! I promptly came home and ordered most of these items for my girls, family, friends and a few things for myself. :)

Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

1- microfiber hair towel  2- thrive liquid mascara  3- mineral sunscreen 

4- wrap organizer   5- letter pouches   & gel pens

6- persuasion novel   7- nude eyeshadow palette   8- table topics game 

9- strivectin  SD advanced   10- breast pillow   11- bonacure moisture spray  12- bronzing bundle


I’ve seen lots of towel wraps before but this one takes the cake! Can’t wait to try the sunscreen and gel pens. I came home with the eyeshadow palette and love it! The table topics game is such a fun gift idea.. topics to start fun conversations. I can’t wait to use them with family over the holidays. I ordered the pens my friend Kristen swears by (already own and love the letter pouches). Ann swears by the small pillow although I know I wouldn’t be disciplined enough to sleep with it (keeps your chest from getting wrinkles!). I also came home with the Coco & Eve tanning spray and mit and can’t wait to try it!


Favorite Things Party & Gift Ideas (Sunny Side Up)

1- Baker & Olive   2- extender chain   3- ankle socks

4- dry volume blast  5- olaplex no5 & no4   6- cozy plush wrap 

7- clear purse   8- olaplaex no3   9- sun kissed & fairy string lights

10- vitamin C & zinc supplement   energy supplement   facial & body mask

More favorites included a necklace extender, the best olive oil & balsamic vinegar (love Baker & Olive!), Olaplex (my favorite thing at the last party.. it’s everyone’s favorite!), the best socks and dry volume blast (my friend Katy swears by this for hair volume!), a cozy plush wrap, the cutest clear purse for stadiums/concerts, string lights, a beloved mask and some supplements that help prevent colds, etc. So many fun things if you are looking for last minute gift ideas!

Below are a few other fun collages I put together! These are all items I have and love or things I bought this year for gifts. I hope it helps with any last minute shopping you need to do! I’ve included gifts for HER, gifts for HIM and just a few fun items that are on sale right now.

Beauty Gifts Amazon (


1-under eye mask   2- tula under eye treatment   3- makeup bag

4- T-3 Curling iron   5- makeup brush cleaner   6- face roller skin care tool

I have and love every item here other than the brush cleaner and I’m hoping Santa brings that for the girls in our house this year. ;) You can see more details on my favorite makeup bag and other favorite travel bags in this post. Fun gifts for anyone who loves to travel!


Beauty Gifts Amazon (


1- neutrogena moisturizer   2- mitt  & tan mousse   3- hair dryer 

4- makeup mirror   5- Dead Sea mud mask   6- similar brush set

All beloved items at our house! Along with some fun make-up brushes because they always make a great gift!


Gifts for Her Amazon (

1- journal   2- silk pillowcase   3- slippers

4- measuring spoons   5- jewelry case   6-keychain

More favorites! I ordered the keychain as a little stocking stuff to me from me this year. :) I love wrist keychains! Also that cute bestie book comes in other versions. So fun to personalize for kids or anyone in your family!


Gifts for her Amazon (

1- watch & bracelet set   2- luggage   3- pajamas

4- beats headphones   5- strainer   6- vaccine & passport holder

More fun items that might pop up under our tree this year! The pjs come with great reviews (lots of patterns!) and look so cozy.

Gifts For Him Nordstrom(

1- jacket   2- gloves   3- backpack

4- leather wallet   5- old skool sneaker   6- hybrid shorts


The collage above and below are some of Kenny’s favorites along with a few things he’ll see under the tree this year. :)


Gifts for Him (


1- beanie   2- sweater   3- skin saviors set

4- spice bomb fragrance    5- slipper   6- tech t-shirt


Gifts on sale (

1- wood gallery frames   2- large serving bowl

3- comforter   4- bean bag chair

A few fun things on sale! My comforter (you can see it in my master bedroom here) and a favorite serving bowl I use often. You can’t go wrong with frames and beanbags for gifts! Items everyone can use.

Gifts on Sale (

1-flannel pajamas   2- hydro flask

3- olaplex no. 5   4- faux fur slipper

Gifts On sale (


1- benefit mascara   2- flowerbomb   3- wreath 

4- Cole Haan jacket   5- boot   6- olaplex bonding oil

These last two collages include more favorites on sale that would all make great gifts!


I need to get moving on that. :)

xoxo, Erin
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4 thoughts on “Favorite Things Party Two and Gift Ideas

  1. So happy you were able to go to your Favorites party and that there were so many fun ideas. Thanks for pulling them all together. Lots of neat things to explore. I appreciate all your hard work during this very busy season. I’m far more behind than usual this year and have resolved to just do what I can and try again next year. LOL Enjoy this last week or so before the big day. :)

    1. I so know how you feel Jeanne! It doesn’t matter how prepared I am I always feel like I’m last minute scrambling for gifts and other odds and ends that need to be finished. I guess it wouldn’t be the holiday season without a little bit of that chaos right!? Ha. Thank you for your sweet comment! Do what you can/want and then relax and enjoy! :) xo

  2. Very fun post, Erin! I always love all of your unique gift ideas. The Favorite Things ribbon that your friend found for her tree was perfect! Your Favorite Things parties over the years inspired me to start my own years ago! :) Have a great day!

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