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Christmas Kitchen (and new pendants!)

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Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

Happy Saturday! I’m sharing a few pics of my Christmas kitchen today! But first.. a change. My Christmas present arrived early! Some of you might remember me mentioning a while ago that I wanted to replace my kitchen pendants. I started feeling like the silver pendants looked a little lost in my mostly white kitchen. I wanted something bolder that would add some contrast. Plus one light was loose at the top and slightly broken. Plus after 8 years I was just ready for a change. :)

Finding new pendants for this kitchen wasn’t easy because my coffered ceiling (while I love it so) really limits me with pendant size.. which in turn limits me with style.  It was a long search to find lights that were the right size and the right style. Lights that would work in my kitchen and most importantly, lights that I love.

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

I finally found the ones! But while I can measure everything 10 times and visualize how they will look, until they are hanging and l can really see them in my space it’s a little bit of a shot in the dark. (Anyone else feel this way with big home purchases!?)

The day my electricians showed up I was a little nervous. I really love the lights so I wanted to love them in my kitchen. I know my electricians well.. they installed all of the lights in our house when we built. They know me well too which is why they said upon arrival “We love you Erin! But after you show us exactly how you want these lights you have to leave the room and not come back until we’re done and it’s too late to change anything.”


I tend to stress and over analyze (just a tad!) when it comes to light fixtures. They were hands down one of the hardest parts of building for me. I was so confident and quick with other decisions but lights always threw me for a loop. (Wait.. is that too high? Now it’s too low. Is that for sure where I want it? Turn it a half of a half inch to the left. Does this color work in this room? Oh my word.. I love the contrast. Wait. Do I still even like these lights!? Move them a half inch up and let me think for a minute.. ok. I love them! But they need to be a tiny bit lower..) 

Yeah.. my sweet electricians have been through a lot with me. Thankfully they are very patient. :) Also you can see why Kenny doesn’t get involved with this stuff anymore. Soon after we got married I had him hang some art work for me and by the end of that experience we both knew it couldn’t happen again or our happy marriage would take a dark turn.

Ha. I kid! Kind of. ;)

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

Two lights to go! I knew I loved these pendants but I also knew they were larger and bold and would change the look/feel of my kitchen. Which is what I wanted. But scary too! Good scary. :)

Change of any kind usually is right?

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

No turning back now!

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up


BEFORE  (Fall kitchen a couple years back.)

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

and AFTER. (Christmas kitchen today.)

Ahhhh! I DO love them. I hope you love the change too! But I also know they aren’t everyones cup of tea and I’m ok with that. They are very much my cup of tea. :) I love the style and I love the black! I feel like they ground my kitchen a little more if that makes sense. They also pull out my dark counters and are a nice contrast to the white which I felt like I really needed in this space.

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

They are the Hanover Pendants from House of Jade. I went with the large size (another decision I questioned!). The small size was closer to the size of my previous pendants, but I always felt like my kitchen could handle bigger lights because it’s a large space. I don’t have much space in-between each light (in fact according to “design rules” my lights are way too close together!) but like I mentioned, my coffered ceiling limits me. I’m fine with it because I think it works visually with the way my kitchen is laid out and the size of my islands. Really at the end of the day all that matters in your home is that you like it. That’s it! Rules are helpful but not always necessary. You just have to love how something looks. If you do.. it’s right.

My two cents anyway. :)

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

Enough talk about the lights! Here are some Christmas decor details. (All sources are linked at the end of the post!)

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

More details on my window display (and night pics!) in this post. I have to say that I’ve been really happy with these basic neutral washable rugs! I bought them for Fall and wasn’t sure if I’d love them but I do! It has been nice to have a neutral rug with all of the holiday decor happening. Plus they wash SO well. I tossed them in the washer last week (laid them out to dry) and they look brand new!

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

I used my faux cedar garland (sold out) and this eucalyptus garland over my stove. Always a favorite combo!

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

I was half way through my little photoshoot when Kenny waltz in to wash his hands. He was taking forever just to give me a hard time (knew I was in a hurry and didn’t have long to get these pics!) so I snapped this picture of him. If you aren’t going to get out of the way of my photoshoot, you’re going to be featured in the photoshoot. My kids know this by now which is why they are nowhere to be seen. Ha. :)

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

Serving boards make me happy. I love serving food on them and I love layering them in my kitchen for decor.. especially when one of them is a Christmas tree!

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

These favorite white jars are always fun to display in the kitchen. I love putting greenery or faux flowers in one and leaving the other one with the lid on. Add a little brush tree and set them on a board and done! So festive. :)

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

Nice and clean! It sure doesn’t last long does it!? I feel like my kitchen is a mess and then cleaned up 8-12 times a day!

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

I’ve had my dining room table set since my pj party!

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

I kept it really simple with my wood chargers and favorite plaid plates.

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

{similar placemat/similar wood charger here & here/gold flatware/plaid plate/merry plate/stocking}

My formal dining room tablescape looks very similar with these cute merry salad plates on top!

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

I set greenery, trees and candles in the middle. My little red stockings that hold flatware are a favorite this time of year! The tall candles are the coolest because they click on with a remote! Battery operated and they give off such a nice glow. I shared them for the first time in this post (bought them for Halloween). The small gold candles come in a set of 3 and would make a great gift!

Christmas Kitchen (new pendants!) Sunny Side Up

That’s it for my Christmas kitchen! It has been a fun spot to enjoy and host friends the past month.

Can you believe it’s already the 18th!? I wish we had another month before Christmas! It always goes by way too quickly for me. Don’t be surprised if my kitchen still looks like this in January. I am in no rush to take down the greenery. Or my tree board. Or the pendants!

Pendants are staying put for sure. My electricians need a nice long break before they see me again. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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28 thoughts on “Christmas Kitchen (and new pendants!)

  1. Looking beautiful, Erin. The pendants are definitely bold and at first look, I wasn’t sure, but it’s YOUR kitchen so if you love them, they are perfect! By the end of your photos I can see that they work so well in your space. They do indeed bring out the counters and bounce nicely off the gray cabinets. They look lovely. Good job! I applaud you being able to decide. I’m horrible at visualizing how something would look, or how much space it will take/fill, so I’m in awe of you being able to have a sense or visual in your head of how it would look. Thank you for sharing your kitchen. Always enjoy seeing the heart of your home. Merry Christmas, if you don’t post again before the holiday. Have a wonderful holiday with your sweet family. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I’m happy the light grew on you! Ha. ;) It’s hard to visualize things like that for sure and even thought I kind of can.. there’s always still a change I’ll do something and hate it. I’ve certainly been there before. :) Luckily it’s only lights.. nothing too stressful at the end of the day! I’ll definitely be back! Oh my word.. I could easily post every day this week if I just had time. I decorated so much and haven’t had time to share it. Tis the season for falling behind! Hopefully I’ll have time to squeeze a few more posts in before the new year. :) I can’t believe how close we’re getting to Christmas! Wishing you the best week with your crew! xo

  2. Love the new lights Erin! You r right the black so pops now. Wishing you & your loved ones a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  3. I like the bold look of the new pendants! I agree 100% with you and it has always been my mantra as well that if I like it and it works for me and my space I don’t let “rules” or convention sway me! I’m a fellow San Diegan reader (and former fellow blogger before I had kids 10 years ago) from long ago – and recently rediscovered you when I was looking up stuff for the house we just moved into and renovated (though the process started before covid!!) – so it’s been super fun to rediscover you!
    This may be a dumb question and I’m sure you covered it at some point but what do you use to secure your greenery to the walls? Command hooks? Something you leave up all year?

    1. Hi Rachel! Oh my word.. so happy you found me again! :) Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you like the lights! Not a dumb question at all. I just use command hooks! I take them down after the holidays and put new hooks up every year. I usually show how I attach everything in IG stories so follow me there for little tips like that! (I probably have some of that saved in highlights.) Good luck with your renovation.. so exciting! :)

  4. YES! It LOOKS right and IS RIGHT! The new lights. They really DO “ground” the space. LOVE!
    Erin, you know though that my eyes were right on that coffered ceiling. The FIRST thing I am doing IF we EVER downsize a bit!
    ALSO I am with you on THE SHOT IN THE DARK THING! I feel like it always is a “shot in the dark” till I see the project DONE. I recently put everyone thru the mill on my choice of “cream” color exterior house paint. CREAM, mind you. NOT ivory or “off white”. TRUE “cream” is hard to find IF you are trying to avoid TOO many yellow undertones and or too many gray or brown undertones.

    Like you, Erin, my fellow partner in “crime”-I WISH it was the 8th and NOT the 18th. , No matter the season and especially at Christmas being able to see IT ALL spread out ahead of me. Part of the fun. The anticipation and plans and then I feel like it is almost here and there is still so much that I wanted to plan for, move around, etc.

    Fa LA la la la time next week! Keep calm. Have a cookie! We HAVE to keep up our strength! ; D

  5. New pendants are fabulous! Thank you for sharing your beautiful decor. I like the black touches elsewhere, black bow ribbon on the wire wreath, cutting board, pottery, etc. Exotic hints that stay fresh. I wanted to rearrange 2 bookshelves and a desk after a new chair (recliner) arrived. What I had planned resulted in the desk drawers not being able to open. :0 About 3 hours later, my husband, son and I had a solution that my daughter (and even the cats) are happy with. Switching things up is for the brave, indeed. Merry Christmas

    1. Ha ha.. yes it is Pamela! For the very brave indeed! I’m so glad your story has a happy ending! I’m glad both of our bold moves worked out! I’ve certainly had a few that didn’t. :) I’m thrilled you like the lights! And such a good eye noticing my other black touches. :) Thank you for making me smile today! Enjoy the holiday with your family! xo

  6. Merry Christmas week, Erin!!! Bittersweet to say that since like you said, it means Christmas has almost gone and gone already! Okay those new pendants are SO beautiful!!! So striking and dramatic and bold in all the best ways! I agree about the drawing out the dark countertops and adding some lovely contrast to all your trim and classy white details. How fun to have new lights in time for the best season of all! Thanks for sharing! And enjoy every minute of this week. :)

  7. I LOVE how your new lights look in your kitchen. I once heard a decorator say that every room should have at least a little bit of black in it, and I totally agree. It adds elegance and contrast but is still a great neutral. I also like how they’re a little industrial leaning– I think it’s the layering of different finishes and styles that makes a room feel really special and curated. Well done!

    1. Such a thoughtful comment Cathy! Thank you! I’m thrilled you like the new lights! And I love what you heard about every room needing a little black in it. I’m going to remember that! I agree.. such good advice. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday! Thanks again for your kind comment.. made my night! :)

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