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September Amazon Buys, A Party, Fall Decor

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September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Friday! I’ve got a fun post of total randomness for you today. Kicking off with a little party we had in my backyard last week! It was for our church and I can’t take credit for any of the cute decorations.  I was just the hostess who provided a location.. always so happy to play that role. :)

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{“Now Showing” banner and stars}

We were spotlighting different women in our church (kind of a get to know you activity) and I thought the movie theme was so fun! We hung these cute filmstrip frames and with pictures and a little write up about each person in each.

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I thought I’d share this because I was thinking of how fun this movie theme would be for a child’s birthday party.  You could fill these filmstrip frames with pictures of the birthday boy/girl.  So cute right!?

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Lots of fun treats in popcorn boxes!

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

Such a fun night!

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

When we were cleaning up a friend who brought decorations had these fun InstaCrates to carry supplies/decor.  They fold up so easily for storage..

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

and then pop open to hold anything and everything! I don’t know how I’ve never seen these before. GENIUS!  I ordered two immediately!  I’m going to put them in my car so that my groceries don’t roll around in the back but I know I’ll use them for all sorts of things.  One of my September Amazon buys!

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

I also picked up these fun black candle holders and battery operated flameless candles.  These just arrived today so I’ll report back with how well they work.  I was thinking they would be fun to switch out with my gold candles for Halloween week!  About as spooky as we get around here. :)

Below are all of our September Amazon purchases.  More of my favorite faux olive branches, favorite acne patches, Kole’s favorite masks (his school requires them and these are so soft), two cute rug options (I’ll share more on them soon!), new pillows for the kids (trying these best sellers), some silicone mats for Fall baking, crates and a tripod stand to assist with my IG reel making attempts. Ha.

What did we ever do without Amazon?  Have more in savings and less faux olive branches I guess. ;)

September Amazon Buys (

1- olive branch stems    2- acne healing patch   3-  battery operated flameless candles

4- kids face masks   5- seagrass area rug   6- jute area rug   7- pillows

8- 7-inch candle holder   9- 5 inch candle holder   10- silicone baking mat

11- storage container   12- tripod stand

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{Pine Brooke Diamond Rug/Abbott Dining table/similar chairs here}

A fun little Fall display in our dining nook.

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

{wood serving board light wash/wood serving board dark wash/large reclaimed wood vase/ olive branch stems/smaller reclaimed wood vase/spectrum pitcher}

Featuring ta-da!  My olive branches!  So beautiful for Fall.  (They are so much shorter than this tall vase but because they are bushy at the top they sit in it nicely!)  I think they will work well for Christmas decor too.  You all know my love of serving boards.  I use them often to display seasonal items and I’m really liking this look of various wooden vases.  Isn’t that pitcher in the front adorable!?  A newish Anthro find.  I keep moving it around.  It’s one of those items (like my olive branches) that looks good everywhere.   September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1-wood serving board  2- dark brown serving board   3- plaid throw

4- tan glass gourd   5- black pumpkin   6- clear glass pumpkin  7- indoor/outdoor plaid rug

My serving board now comes in a darker wash!  These are a few RP items I love that were recently released.  I’ve had the plaid throw for a few years and it’s beautiful!

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

You can see it sitting in my basket in this picture. :)  I have a similar plaid throw from Target too (linked here).. it’s a little thinner and not as fuzzy but still so cute for Fall!

September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1-solid washable rug   2- diamond stone rug   3- textured striped area rug

4- herringbone seagrass runner   5- textured rug brown   6- woven runner rug

I rounded up some fun neutral rug options for Fall after getting lots of questions about them on IG.  I have rug #1 in my kitchen and am loving them.. skid resistant and machine washable!  You can see the runner in this picture..

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Below are some other fun Halloween decor/entertaining items I rounded up from Amazon and PB too.  Love them all!

1- battery operated flameless candle set      2- witch hats    3- black candles 

4- bat decoration stickers   5- black cast iron holders   6- spider web


September Amazon Buys/Fall Favorites (Sunny Side Up)

1- indoor/outdoor lantern  2- wood salad bowls  3- black glitter wreath

4- cheese & charcuterie boards &  wood pizza paddle

 5- fairy pre-lit tree  6- metal halloween lanterns  7- dinnerware set

My kind of spooky. :)  Happy October!

xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “September Amazon Buys, A Party, Fall Decor

  1. Looks like you had a great turnout for that fun looking event. Happy to see that. :) The theme is a great one. That crate you ordered, I remember them from when I worked in the elementary kitchen. Great concept. I’m sure you will find lots of uses for it. I enjoy seeing the peeks of fall in your home. I have a thing for pitchers and really liked the look of the one in the pitcher. Thanks for sharing. I like posts that have a bit of this and that, so I really enjoyed this one. Hope you have a terrific weekend. :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne. I’m happy you enjoy my random posts! They can be a little scattered but are usually my favorites too because they are just life at the moment.. whatever that is! :) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love your amazon roundups! The new wood vase arrangement on your kitchen table is PERFECT! Have a great weekend, Erin!

  3. I was thinking of getting my mom those white flameless candles you bought from amazon. Do you like them? Thanks!

    1. Hi Andrea! So sorry.. I haven’t even tried them yet! I had the busiest week.. I will definitely try them out this week and get back to you!

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