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Hallway/Mudroom decor and last minute gifts!

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Shiplap Santa picture display (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Monday!  Fun and busy week ahead! :)  So I’ve only shared about half of my Christmas decor.. ha.  I seriously had the best intentions of getting everything decorated and photographed early and the “decorated” early part happened but all of a sudden it’s almost Christmas and the photographed part is another story!  I think we’ll all live.. I mean – there’s always next year. ;)  And I’ll be sharing more decor when I have time this week, but really – didn’t Christmas week sneak up quickly!?  It always does!

Shiplap Santa picture display (Sunny Side Up)

{woven ottomans/red merry pillow/home pillow}

Here’s what my shiplap display wall is looking like at the moment!  I added garland (attached it like I did in my kitchen) and put up our beloved Santa pics we’ve had taken through the years.  I made them in the shape of a Christmas tree like I did last year and then when the amount of pictures didn’t work out perfectly I added a star ornament to the top to improvise.  Same stars I used for my family room tree.  I just attached it to the wreath!  A simple solution that added some 3D sparkle. :)

Shiplap Santa picture display (Sunny Side Up)

These Santa pictures are so special to me!  They show my kids growing up through the years right in front of my eyes!  One of the first things I would grab in a fire.

After my actual kids of course.

And some cherry ice chapstick. ;)

Shiplap Santa picture display (Sunny Side Up)

On my stairs I doubled the two garlands I used throughout the rest of the house and then I ran out of garland before I could do the top!  I had big plans to add lights and maybe some ribbon or something else fun and then never got around to it.  I’m calling it my 2020 stair garland and am making peace with the fact that it just won’t get done like I planned.  I’m very used to this feeling (as we all are this year!) so I’m not too phased by it.  I still might get wild and crazy and add some lights.

Show 2020 who’s boss. ;)

Shiplap Santa picture display (Sunny Side Up)

Shiplap Santa picture display (Sunny Side Up)

{Mumbai Rug}

I kept my mudroom decor really simple too!  Just added more of my beloved jeweled snowflakes to my baskets.

Christmas mudroom (Sunny Side Up)

And then this adorable HO HO HO pillow to my bench!  I usually jazz up my 1 2 3 hooks with Christmas ornaments but I’ve loved using them for our masks.  So convenient!  So the masks are staying put.  Hopefully that won’t be the case next year!

Christmas mudroom (Sunny Side Up)

I hung the other tree scroll wall hanging (from this set I bought for my family room) on my mudroom basket hook.  I love it next to the black door!  So moody.  Kind of like the lighting in this room.  Which was horrible when I finally found a few minutes to snap these pics!  But like I said.. it’s 2020 and I’m just rolling with whatever comes my way.

Christmas mudroom (Sunny Side Up)

I added some garland to my little hobbit closet door and loved it off to one side!

Christmas mudroom (Sunny Side Up)

So I did the same thing around my door casing for this room.  Makes a perfect backdrop for my Christmas cards!  I’ll share a pic when they are all up!  I’m still waiting for our family Christmas cards to be delivered.  They were backordered and are coming late of course.  Whatever!  You do you 2020.  Thanks for teaching me to become as chill as Crush the turtle on Finding Nemo.

Before 2020 I was a Marlin.

Christmas mudroom (Sunny Side Up)

Last pic on my camera!  I moved our dining room bench in the hallway to make room for the tree I have in that room.  I added another HO HO HO pillow (just love them!) and some garland above the bench and our hallway is feeling festive!  I tried attaching garland to my arched hallway mirror and it didn’t go so well.  Epic fail!

But DUDE.  It’s all good!

Ok ok.. I’ll spare you more Crush impersonations.

Even though I like so totally rock at them.  ;)

In other news.. I’m happy to report that I actually finished up my Christmas shopping tonight!  YEA,  I’m usually done so much sooner in the month (Marlin – remember?).  I’ve been very behind this year but thanks to Amazon I’m now set. ;)  While I was finding a few last minute gifts I rounded up favorites for anyone who (like me) has surrendered to the chaos and is still pulling things together this year!  I found so may fun things and love everything on the two gift guides below!  Random gifts for anyone on your list and they all come highly recommended.  Most of them are favorites of ours and a few things I picked up this year.  They all ship quickly before Christmas but that might not be the case for long!

Amazon Holiday gifts (

1 – portable charger  2 – crayola light up tracing pad  3 – hilife steamer

4 – magna – tiles  5 – coasters  6 – phone tripod selfie stick

7  – make up vanity mirror w/ lights  8 – weekly planner pad / weekly meal planner

9 – microfiber quick drying hair towel wrap  10 – champion sweatshirt

11 – adidas duffle bag  12 – beats solo3 headphones  13 – le creuset dutch oven

14 – weekly and monthly planner  15 – fujifilm instant camera  16 – Disney 3D jigsaw puzzle

17 – flip slide game  18 – portable sit or stand desk  19 – the life-changing magic of tidying up

20 – best selling high waisted leggings

stocking stuffers (Sunny Side Up)

{hand sanitizing holders}

I also rounded up some fun stocking stuffers because that’s usually what I’m still throwing together at this point in the game!  Aren’t these hand sanitizer holders cute!?  Perfect to clip on your purse, a backpack, key chain.. whatever so that it’s always with you!  I have a feeling that even when all things Covid are behind us the hand sanitizing habit will stick!  I know it has definitely become a routine for us that we don’t even think about anymore.  I love that these come in fun floral pattens and in a more sophisticated brown/black for whatever you prefer.  Below are 15 other fun stocking stuffers!  All tried and true favorites except #12 that I keep hearing are amazing and #15 that I just ordered for myself to try. :)

Stocking Stuffers (

1 – Melissa and Doug water wow   2 – makeup sponge beauty blenders   3 – gold layered necklace

4 – 4 pack cooling towels (exercise)  5 – Mario Badescu facial spray   6 – slinky

7 – Buxom plumping lip gloss  8 – hand sanitizer holder  9 – playfoam snowman

10 – handheld head massager  11 – metallic scrunchies  12 – gel heel socks

13 – sports headbands  14 – tire pressure gauge  15 – makeup brush cleaner sponge

*HERE is a link to last year’s Amazon gift guide post if you need a few more ideas!

Have a great week rolling with whatever comes your way!  I know that’s the plan around here.


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Hallway/Mudroom decor and last minute gifts!

  1. Oh 2020 has been a year, hasn’t it? You just can’t let things get to you so bad, right? You’ve handled the “setbacks” in decorating with a great attitude (at least publicly). Everything looks beautiful. I barely decorated, so you are doing better than I did. It’s okay. Maybe next year will be more fully decorated. Thanks for sharing all your ideas this year. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into pulling pictures together and all the links. A labor of love for sure. I hope you spend oodles of time this week hanging out with your family and enjoying the magic of the season. Merry Christmas! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! It really has been a crazy/difficult year and anything goes so don’t feel one bit bad about not decorating much! I’m letting things drop right and left over here! It’s really just about learning to roll with whatever comes your way. Praying 2021 will be better for everyone! Thank you so much for all of the love you’ve sent my way this year Jeanne. Your thoughtful blog comments are always such a bright spot in my day. Your continual support means a lot to me! So thank you thank you. Sending a huge hug to you and your family this holiday season! xo

  2. Thank you, thank you for the last minute gift ideas. I needed something under 15.00 for a yankee swap gift! The tire gauge is it! Merry Christmas to you and yours. I so enjoy your blog!

    1. Tricia this made me so happy! I’m thrilled that was helpful! And so touched that you enjoy my blog. Kenny loves that tire gauge and uses it all the time. :) Thanks again for such a sweet comment and happy holidays! xo

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