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Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack

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Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

{Treasure & Bond Extra Large Wood Cheese Board}

Well.. what do you think of my latest Christmas movie snack!?  I got out some of our favorite snacks last weekend and was going to spread them out on a board for movie night.  I turned on Michael Buble’s Christmas album and before I knew it I had a Christmas tree in front of me!  I was quite impressed with myself (doesn’t take much when it comes to cooking or preparing food.)  I was especially impressed with my cheese star because I didn’t have a cookie cutter that size and I had to whittle it myself.

It took me 3 tries.

I ate a lot of cheese in the process.  Ha.

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

My girls came downstairs for the movie and were equally impressed with my Christmas tree snack board (it doesn’t take much to impress them either).  Everyday snacks just look tastier when they are laid out like this.. right!?  El wanted a pic with the Christmas tree.

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

And so did Ad.  After we snapped some pictures we called the boys and devoured it in no time.  My whole crew loved it and I see many more Christmas tree snack boards with Michael Buble in my future. (I can think of worse things!)  I ordered this so that I can be a little more efficient next time.

And eat less cheese.

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

{Christmas Family Room Sources}

The board I used for my Christmas tree snack is one of my favorites and is back in stock!  I actually own three of them I love it so much.  It’s just the perfect size for snack boards and for decorating.  I’ve currently got two of the treasure & bond boards on my family room shelves behind my reindeer. :)

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

Cheese boards, serving boards, cutting boards (whatever you want to call them!) are honesty one of my all time favorite things.  I use them every single day.  They are perfect for every day snacks and for entertaining.  I also love getting extra use out of them by adding them to my decor.  You can use cheese boards as a beautiful wooden backdrop to special items like I did this year on my entertainment center shelves.

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

A couple of years ago in the Fall I layered and displayed several boards on my mantel.

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{Christmas Kitchen Sources}

Cheese boards always look beautiful layered behind a cook top/range!

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

I also love displaying items on top of boards on coffee tables..

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

and kitchen tables.  And entry tables and console tables.  All the tables are better with a board!

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

So are all of the shelves.  In my humble opinion. :)

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

The holidays are such a fun time to use cheese boards for snacks.  This charcuterie board was one of my favorites!  My friend (who is an amazing cook) helped me with this fancy spread for my Christmas pj party a couple of years ago.

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

When it’s me on my own my boards turn out MUCH simpler.  And much more kid friendly.  Ha.  I love throwing snacks like this together on a board for my kids to snack on.  (This is the same board I used for my tree.. perfect size!)

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

What I love about snack boards is that you can literally use whatever you have in your fridge and pantry!  There is no wrong way to do it!  Pull together any fruits and veggies and meats and crackers and cheese that you already have on hand and when you lay them out on a cheese board they magically look delicious!  Trust me.. your kids will devour whatever you serve when you serve it on a board.  I’ve tested this theory with broccoli and it has an 89% success rate.  Not bad if you ask me.

Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack (Sunny Side Up)

{Platters and Boards / Savor}

One of my all time favorite gifts to give for Christmas and birthdays is a beautiful cheese board with a book!  For years I’ve given one of my favorite books, Platters & Boards with a cheese board as a gift.  This year I discovered and fell hard for the book Savor which is similar and would also be perfect to pair with a cheese board for someone special.

Or for yourself!  Because you owe it to your kids.. right!?  I mean.. 89%..  just sayin.


I’ve rounded up some of my favorite cheese boards below!  Most of them you’ve seen throughout my home. :)

cheese boards (thesunnysideupblog)

1. large round cutting board  2. woodbury serving board 3. rectangular cheese boards

4. evergreen marble and wood board  5. extra large cheese board  6.oversized rectangular board 

7. mateo serving paddle board  8. eastleigh board platter   9. herringbone round board

10. holiday cheese shape cheese boards  11. acacia tree board & cheese knife 

12. round footed serving board  13. wood/marble inlay board 

14. handmade reclaimed oak cutting boards 

Enjoy your day and I’ll be back soon!  Not sure what I’ll be sharing next, but with Michael Buble’s Christmas music playing in the background..

anything is possible.


xoxo, Erin
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15 thoughts on “Cheese Boards & a Christmas Tree Snack

  1. Beautiful cheese/snack/cutting boards. Love your tree board. So fun and cute. Giggled that your girls wanted pictures with it. You all are so funny. You sure have some pretty boards, Erin. And I’m totally impressed by the cheese star. Nailed it! Thanks so much for sharing. Sure looks like your holiday season is filled with fun and pretty things! :)

    1. Thank you Jeanne! Only took me 3 times.. ha. You left this comment so early.. what time do you usually get up!? I’m so impressed! I’m such a night owl.. I probably go to bed just a few hours before you’re up and going. ;) Happy Wednesday sweet friend! xo

  2. Your house is always so beautiful, but your daughters are SO pretty and literally look just like you!! I love that you share your sweet family with all of us…feels like we are REAL friends ;-)

    But I LOVE the cheese board Christmas tree! I am stealing this idea, but might need to throw some goldfish in the decor for my 3.5 year old daughter ;-)

    Merry Christmas, Erin!

    1. Lindsey what a sweet thing to say! You made me tear up mentioning my girls and that we feel like REAL friends. Honestly it means so much to me that you feel that way! I have no doubt that we would be close if we lived by each other. :) I also have no doubt that goldfish “fishy crackers” as we call them will make it onto one of my boards this year too. My kids still love them and eat them daily! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! xo

  3. Hi Erin! Can I just say that I love reading your blog. Special mention of your banana muffins too! I just love it! I think it will replace the cookies for Santa this year! Perfect excuse to make another batch (for someone who’s on a special diet for health reasons). Tried lots of recipes and this is the best that I’ve found. As in “The Best!” Love your style and your stories as well. Happy Holidays!

    1. Peggy! Day made! So kind of you.. thank you! I’m beyond thrilled that you like my banana muffins! And especially touched that you enjoy my blog and stories. Thank you again for putting a huge smile on my face this morning. :) Enjoy the rest of December with your family! xo

  4. Love the snack board! I’m going to try it with my hard-to-impress teenage boys for a Christmas appetizer. It will be a nice addition to a very different Christmas this year. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Yea! I hope they love it Shannon! I can’t imagine teenage boys turning down snacks of any kind so I’m betting it will be a hit. ;) Thank you so much! Wishing you and your sweet family a wonderful Christmas too! xo

  5. Gorgeous Erin! Love the Christmas tree shaped snacks SO much! It is the first day of Summer holidays here in Sydney for my kiddos – Mr 12 was out the door to play golf before 6am and my little Miss 8 is chilling – so I think I’ll cobble up a mini board for her and a friend later!
    Wishing you and your beautiful family the happiest Christmas! Thank you for sharing, your posts always brighten up my inbox!


    1. Shayne you are the sweetest! Thank you! It means so much to me that you enjoy my posts. Happy summer holiday to you and your sweet kids! So much fun. Enjoy your time with them and the Christmas tree snack! :) xo

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