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Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Teens

*Recent pic with my girls.  Out of focus, strange lighting, chaotic and pretty much what 92% of our pics together look like.  Also now I’m in the mood for bread. :)

Ahhh teens.  Aren’t they fun!?  And exhausting!?  :)  Raising teens is a wild ride and not for the faint of heart!  That’s for sure.  These two definitely keep me on my toes.  While we certainly have our days, I have to say that for the most part I absolutely love this stage with my girls.  It’s like having two best friends living with me and the three of us have our fair share of funny moments, laughs and bonding on the daily.  My girls have been home doing school on-line since the start of the school year and even though it has had its challenges for all of us, I have honestly loved having them home with me more!  I only have a few short years before they are both going to be leaving the nest (tear) and I will always be grateful for this extra time we’ve had together.  Love them both way too much. :)

Today I’m sharing gift ideas for the teens in your life!  My favorite gift guides to put together because this is what I’m shopping for the most.  The gifts I’ve rounded up for teen girls are all items that my girls (and a lot of their friends) want/love!  I had to get some help on my gift selections for teen boys since Kole is only 10 and we aren’t quite there yet. :)  Luckily I have lots of friends raising teen boys and they all agreed on the items I shared below!  I hope these gift guides are helpful!  Teens can be hard to shop for and of course kids this age always love gift cards!  But I want my girls to have fun surprises to open Christmas morning and gift cards just don’t cut it for that.  I’m sure a Starbucks gift card will find its way into each of my girls’ stockings.  Those pink drinks add up quickly don’t they!?  Anyone else feeling my pain on that one? ;)

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Gifts For Teen Girls (


1 – go girl planner and organizer  – I thought this was a cute planner for teen girls (and adults too!).  It comes with fun stickers and I love how it breaks down goals/habits.  It’s the perfect size for a purse/backpack and has great reviews.  A fun way to kick off what will hopefully be a better year for our teens!

2 – naked eyeshadow palette – LOVE these colors.  My girls are really into skin care and makeup and you can’t go wrong with Urban Decay Eyeshadow palettes.  I also ordered this one for my girls and I know this make up set is a hot item with teen girls this year!

3 – travel jewelry organizer – The perfect way to organize jewelry on the go!

4 – lululemon tamer haeadband – Lulu headbands are always a hit and perfect for dance, running, sports.. any exercise!

5 – cellphone crossbody bag – Remember the cute crossbody bags I shared a few years ago?  (I know many of you bought them for your girls!)  They were just the right size for a cell phone and some cash.  My girls have LOVED them (they use them every day!) but we always wish they were just a little bit bigger!  My girls always want to take random items too like lip gloss, etc.  I found these crossbody bags and couldn’t order them fast enough!  They are a little bit wider and have more pocket space for random items.

6 – mosen blackhead remover vacuum – On Ad’s wishlist this year!

7 – face & eye essential brush set  – You can never go wrong with make-up brushes for teen girls!  This exact set sold out but Nordstrom always has a great selection and this looks like a perfect set for a gift too!

8 – luna mini 2 – A facial cleaning device that teens are obsessed with!  The new Clarisonic. :)

9 – c7skates – Roller skates are making a comeback!  Of course they are. :)  They are too much fun and I love these cute colors!

10 – fluffy luxe throw – the perfect cozy throw for a teen girls’ room and on sale for such a great price!

11 – classic short robe – my kids love their robes!  Perfect to put on after a bath/shower in the winter.

12 – velvet jewelry organizer  – such a cute jewelry organizer and a great price!  Would be cute to give as a gift with some jewelry inside it. :)

13 – little words project – These are cute little bracelets with special words on them.  I especially love these for tween girls!

14 – dead sea mud mask – SO excited to try this!  It has rave reviews and my girls are obsessed with skin masks!

15 – tabletop jewelry stand   – Another cute option for organizing jewelry!  So pretty on a dresser/desk in a teen girl room.

16 – dr. martens platform boot – Docs are also making a huge comeback and it cracks me up!  Did you wear Docs in school?  I lived in them in high school.  They were the coolest!  I know.. I’m totally dating myself. :)  Nordstrom has a fun selection.  The pair I linked are the pair El really wants this year and they are sold out at Nordstrom and backordered until January at Urban!  Clearly a hot item with teens right now.

17 – pompom fleeced socks – A long time favorite for me and my girls!

18 – panacea necklace   /  gorjana ring hoops– Some favorite jewelry.  This necklace is a perfect personalized gift and you can go wrong with a nice pair of hoops.  A staple!

19 – erikson ties  – Our favorite elastics!  SO good and we have THICK hair at our house.  Perfect stocking stuffer for teen girls!

20 – faux fur bean bag  – My kids all got PB teen bean bags a couple of years ago for Christmas and we have used them non stop!  They love them in their rooms but also pull them in to the theatre room/family room for movie nights.  They are also great for when friends come over.

21 – slingback sandal  – These Ugg sandals are another teen favorite.  El got them for Christmas last year and has LIVED in them.  Ellie is a shoe girl (not as into clothes!) and asks for a nice pair for her main gift every single Christmas. :)

22 – charlotte tilbury  – This makeup set is perfect for girls just starting to wear makeup because it explains exactly where to apply each color (eyes, face, cheeks).  Charlotte Tilbury is always a good choice too.

23 – waterfall string lights Lighting for teen bedrooms!  Always a winning gift and I love these waterfall string lights!  Ad has something similar in her bedroom now for Christmas. :)

Gifts For Teen Boys (thesunnysideupblog)

1 – nike sportswear fleece   2 – madden NFL 20 xbox 3 – under armour duffle bag  

4 – flex training shorts  5 – metal basketball hoop 

6–  jack black shave set  7 – dock worker beanie 8 – spike ball game set  

9 – compact refrigerator 10 – weave crew sweatshirt 

11 – apple iPad  12 – apple airpods pro  13 – spicebomb after shave  

14 – chuck taylor all star sneaker 

15 – herschel leather wallet  16 – adidas training pants  17 – scuff slipper  

18 – Chamois lounger  19 – nintendo switch  

20 – indoor table tennis  21 – vans long sleeve 

After puling these items together it made me excited for Kole to get a little older!  So many fun things for teen boys.  All of the clothes are perfect staples and I love the duffle bag for hauling sports stuff or extra clothes around.  The lounge chair (#18) looks so comfy I want to buy it for myself!  Nintendo switch is a hot item and you can’t go wrong with AirPods or an iPad for a teen boy.  If your teen loves basketball how fun is #5 for their bedroom!?  I thought this basketball hoop trash can was fun too.  My friends boys all want mini fridges for their bedrooms. That made me laugh!  I guess to keep their own food/drinks close by?  Perfect for someone heading to college soon too.  #6 and #13 I’m getting for Kenny too and wouldn’t the indoor table tennis be fun if you have the room for it!?  Lots of easy ways to spoil your teen boys. :)

If you are shopping for teens and have other fun gift ideas share them in the comments below!  Parents of teens need all the help we can get right!?  And if you’re going through a phase with yours right now (like we all do!) just remember – this too shall pass.


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Teens

  1. I love the picture of you and the girls more than the lists even! Although I thank you for pulling them together and sharing. You captured such a fun moment where you all look happy and healthy and like you are having so much fun. Better than any gift under the tree in my book. Thanks so much for all you share, Erin. I’m with you on the roller coaster of life with teen girls. :) Mine share a room and they talk to each other with the lights out right before going to sleep. Love to hear the murmuring. What a bond. I’m so lucky and so are they to have each other. Just like your girls. :) Happy holiday fun to you and your family.

    1. Oh you are the sweetest Jeanne! Thank you! I agree.. time together is always the best gift. One of the silver linings of 2020 for sure! Having girls close in age is such a gift isn’t it!? Nothing like that sister bond. :) Enjoy your day Jeanne and hug your beautiful girls for me! xo

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Erin! I’ve been waiting for this gift guide and it did not disappoint! I’m in the throws with the same ages too! This guide gave me lots of good ideas to wrap up my shopping with! Have a great day!

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