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Popcorn and Gift Guides!

*This post is sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used.  All product selections and opinions are my own!

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

It’s time!  Bring on the popcorn and Christmas movies!

Gift Guides (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas movies are on repeat at our house and they are cheering us up immensely.  Rudolph is just a welcome sight every year isn’t he!?  The best.  I recently picked up this cute red hot air popcorn maker from Walmart and we have been having so much fun with it!  I’ve always been a popcorn lover at heart and there’s something magical about using a popcorn maker to pop your own.  Makes it feel extra special. :)  This popcorn maker is small but packs a big punch and is so easy to use!  (I got the cute bowls at Walmart last time I was there too but can’t find them on-line!  Shared a few similar options below.)  We’ve  been debating buying a larger popcorn maker for our theatre room and are looking at a couple of these options.  It would be so much fun when we can start having parties in this room again!  *Hint hint Santa.. :)

Today I’m sharing some fun gift ideas from Walmart!  They have such a great selection – something for everyone on your list!  I’ve found that my husband is always the hardest for me to buy for so I wanted to share some things I know he would love first.  I ended up stealing a few of my own ideas. ;)  #jobperk

Gifts for him (thesunnysideup)

1. plush queen blanket  2.copper chef egg maker  3. smokeless electric griller  4. stainless steel water bottle

5. long sleeve thermal  6. glass bookends  7. decorative throw pillow 8. barbecue tool set

9. grill & panini press 10. home repair tool set  11. champion fleece hoodie   12. armor car care bucket

13. smilemart rolling desk chair  14. portable mini fridge 

You can see more gifts for the MEN in your life HERE.

If you know someone who loves to cook shopping is a breeze!  So many fun options.  As an anti-chef I’m lucky to have many people around me who are excellent cooks!  I am more than happy to support them in their hobby by buying them all sorts of fun cooking gadgets.  (LOVE all of the options below!)  Then I can insist that they have me over when they cook to you know.. witness for myself how the products are working.

I’ll set the table. :)

Gifts for the chef (thesunnysideupblog)

1. acacia wood serving tray  2. gotham steel cookware set  3. kitchenAid hand mixer  4. holiday mixing bowl & measuring spoon

5. white marble rolling pin  6. 14-piece cutlery set  7 .quesadilla maker  8. 3 tier cooling rack  9. rachael ray non-stick bakeware set 

You can see more gifts for the CHEF in your life HERE.

Gifts for kids are my absolute favorite to buy.  You too!?  I’ll have some fun ideas coming soon for teens, but if you have little ones below are things my 3 kids would have absolutely LOVED when they were younger!  A couple of the items are things they would still use/love now.  It’s so magical watching little kids on Christmas morning.  We were watching some family movies of past Christmases the other night and I teared up watching the look on my kids’ faces when they saw what Santa had left.  Magic! :)

Gifts for kids (thesunnysideupblog)

1. marvel avengers chair  2. children space toy organizer  3. star wars box kit / harry potter box kit  4. tie-dye party tub

5. master pogo stick  6. pastel cookware playset  7. kidkraft vintage play kitchen  8. kids golf club set

9. beads bracelet making studio 10. lego Star Wars A-wing starfighter  11. make your own water globes 

12. kidkraft savannah dollhouse 13. hot wheels power raceway  14. kids desk and chair  15. kidkraft baking set

16. adventure tracks  17. city life road traffic run  18. sauder 4-shelf bookcase 

You can see more gifts for the KIDS in your life HERE.

I hope these gift guides gave you a few ideas for men, kids and the chefs in your life!  If you end up buying any of the fun cooking items I recommended I’ll be waiting for my dinner invite!

I’m free.. hmm.. pretty much any night but Thursday this week.

Thursday I’m popping popcorn and watching Rudolph.


xoxo, Erin
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6 thoughts on “Popcorn and Gift Guides!

  1. Lovely items! I do want to say that the small tool kit under “Gifts for him” is also an equally great gift for the Her! For years, this type of tool kit has been my “go to” graduation gift for guys and gals. I give this as a high school graduation gift, for taking to college. My niece graduates from high school this year, and she will be getting this tool kit!

    When my daughter graduated from high school in 2003, my sister in law gave her a tool kit, and it turned out to be the BEST gift! We put it to use the day we helped her move into he dorm, for adjusting her bed. Now married, with 3 little girls, and a homeowner, she still has that tool kit today, and uses it for all kinds of home needs.

    A good basic took kit is something everyone should have. My dad gave one to me decades ago when I had my first apartment in college. At the time, I thought “Boring”, but now 40+ years later I am using that same tool box!

    1. Oh my word.. I LOVE your comment and couldn’t agree more! In fact if I put together another gift guide for HER I’m going to include the tool kit! SO SMART! And you’re absolutely right.. a great gift for anyone graduating and moving out! I remember getting “boring” gifts like that from my parents after I moved out, but they always turned out to be the most practical items that I really needed! Thanks for sharing and happy December! xo

  2. I’m catching up on your blogs – been keeping up on Instagram, but haven’t had a chance to check email as much lately. Anyway, that gingerbread set is adorable!! Of course it’s out of stock now, but would have been such a cute idea! So many good ones you have listed!

    1. Thank you MaryJo! I know.. cute right!? So happy you had a minute to hang out with me here. :) Happiest holidays to you and your family! xo

  3. where are your white and gray vases from on your popcorn bar? So pretty and just what I’ve been looking for! Thank you!

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