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Christmas Mantel & Weekend Sales

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone!  I hope it has been a good one so far!  We usually travel to Utah to be with extended family over Thanksgiving weekend but stayed home this year.  My whole family made the decision a few days before – we just didn’t want to risk getting our parents sick.  We were all so sad and depressed about not being together!  The kids had really been looking forward to the trip and seeing cousins and were pretty bummed too.  Then to top off my sadness I was terrified about the thought of cooking Thanksgiving dinner!  My cute husband saw the look of horror on my face and immediately said “don’t worry.. you won’t have to touch the turkey!”  He knows how I feel about raw meat.. ha.  He saved me!  Kenny cooked an amazing turkey and the girls and I did all of the side dishes (on the phone with my mom all morning!) and we pulled it off.  We were all so proud. :)  We also decided the day before to quit moping around and to think of everything we have to be grateful for and to make the best of being home.  Again. ;)  After cooking and dinner Thursday we went on a bike ride and then watched a Christmas movie together and it ended up being a really fun day.  This year has been difficult in so many ways for all of us.  I’m incredibly grateful for this holiday weekend!  A perfect reminder for us to focus on the good and remember all we have to be grateful for – despite such a crazy year!

Christmas Fireplace (Sunny Side Up)

I’m sharing my Christmas fireplace mantel in our family room today!  I had so much fun with it this year!  I combined two garlands (my favorite faux cedar garland and this eucalyptus garland I used in the Fall) and I love the look of them together!  My faux cedar garland sold out so I’ve linked some similar beautiful garland options below.  (This garland looks very similar and is on sale!  So is my eucalyptus garland.. yea!)

*affiliate links used

Christmas Fireplace (Sunny Side Up)

I decided to make it asymmetrical and swoop the garland all over to the right side.  Kind of fun to mix it up and do something different!  I twisted the two garlands together before I attached them and then used these command hooks and these twist ties to hold everything in place.  I hung the bells from one of the command hooks on the far right and added my favorite marble and gold stocking holders and stockings to the left.

Christmas Fireplace (Sunny Side Up)

To fill in the blank space above my mantel I hung this pre-lit faux pine branch and it is absolutely STUNNING!  It’s hard to tell because this fireplace is massive, but the branch is huge and it looks so incredibly real!  It would also look beautiful above a console table.  Perfect to fill in any big, blank wall space and it’s on sale this weekend!  (I just used a white command hook to hold it also.)   I kept my gold lanterns up and added these flickering flameless candles.  I have wanted these candles for years and finally splurged on them.  Definitely worth the price!  I have them set on a timer and they are so beautiful when they turn on every evening!

Christmas Fireplace (Sunny Side Up)

{flannel joggers/slippers}

We spend so much time in this room and have loved having this cozy spot to sit by the fire.  We haven’t changed out of our pjs much this weekend which has been especially nice since I don’t think my jeans would fit after all I’ve had to eat!  I have some fun Christmas pjs to share later, but a lot of them are on sale this weekend and going fast so I’ll link a few of my favorites below!

Christmas Fireplace (Sunny Side Up)

The best part of this fireplace is at night when the timer turns everything on – so cozy!  The candles on the right are real and I’m afraid to light them!  Knowing me I would burn the house down with them which is why I’m a huge fan of faux candles. ;)  I might add a string of lights to the garland.. still playing around and tweaking all of my decor.  I pretty much keep adding to it right up until Christmas Eve when it’s time to wrap presents.  Ha.  Christmas decorating is just too much fun!

Christmas Fireplace (Sunny Side Up)

I’m grateful for many things this year and one thing at the top of my list is all of you.  I got emotional a few days ago thinking about you all!  And just how grateful I am for this community.  Every time I get a kind comment or an e-mail letting me know about something random (like someone using my picture without giving credit or links not working in a blog post) I feel so incredibly grateful.  You all look out for me and are so supportive and kind.  You have no idea how much you cheer me up every day and how much your support means to me.  It’s the reason I’ve been blogging for so long.  I just love connecting with all of you!  My Sunny Side Up family. :)   So thank you!  Thank you again and again.  So very grateful for you all.  XO

Post sources and some fun weekend sales are below!  Nothing beats shopping holiday sales from the computer in pjs with a Hallmark Christmas movie on.  Whose with me!?

See.. I knew you were all my people. ;)



–  These are favorite stores I alway check out and below them are some items I love that are on sale this weekend!

Pottery Barn – 20% off and free shipping over $79 with code Black Friday

Nordstrom – up to 50% off through Dec 1st – (I shared LOTS of fun gift ideas from Nordstrom HERE!)

Abercrombie – 40% off their entire store – a go-to spot for me for cute Christmas pjs – love them all!

Banana Republic – 50% off everything

Anthropologie – 30% off everything with free shipping over $50

J. Crew – 50% off everything with code Friday

Serena & Lily – 20% off & free shipping with code Together – best sale I’ve seen for S&L!

Mcgee and Co – 20% off through 11/30

Wayfair – up to 80% off some items

Madewell – Up to 50% off with code Verymerry

Ulta – lots of random deals – I definitely spent some time on their website today with two teen daughters to shop for!

Colleen Rothschild – 30% off your entire order with code BF2020 – I shared favorite products I’m using in this post!  Loving them and I’m ordering a few more things to try this weekend.

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “Christmas Mantel & Weekend Sales

  1. Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Erin! Can I say, as a mom of a daughter who works in senior living center(with the patients who have dementia and Alzheimers), where recenlty a visitor, who KNEW they had tested positive for Covid, came into the center to visit their parent., thank you so much for doing the responsible and incredibly caring thing by staying home and keeping your lovely parents safe. A patient(not the parent that person came to visit) later tested positive, but thankfully was okay in the end. Still, our older generation needs to be kept safe. I know how hard it was for you to make that decision and I really respect you for it. This same daughter had to work on Thanksgiving, so it was different for our little family as well. But, in my humble opinion, what a gift we’ve all been given in being able to really focus on the things we have to be grateful for. The ability to be with our immediate family, and enjoy a good meal. We have our health! And with technology, we can even “see” each other in a unique way. Your living room looks stunning in the evening glow. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and family. May your holiday season be full of love and beauty.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! That means a lot to me and I couldn’t agree with you more. Such a gift that we all have our health this year and we are praying for those who don’t. I’m so happy you enjoyed Thanksgiving even with things being a little different (and what an amazing job for your daughter!). Wishing you all the best this holiday season too sweet friend! xo

    1. Thank you so much Kimberly! I’m getting this question a lot on IG so I’m going to measure them all and share this info in an upcoming blog post and in stories this week! :)

  2. If anyone can make a tree branch look great, its YOU!! Lol I know I have said it before,but love your decor style. So fun & inspirational.
    Glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our health & holding our breath we stay that way through all craziness.

    1. Ha ha.. thank you so much Jennifer! Loving my branch! ;) Sending a huge hug your way and yes! Praying for health as we all get through this crazy time. Enjoy the holidays! xo

  3. Erin, your mantel & fireplace look so lovely – especially cozy at night! I’m so sorry you had to give up your family trip this year – I remember how much you all love it. But what a blessing you had cooking with your girls (& with your mom from afar) – and your sweet husband taking over cooking the turkey! :). I think a lot of us have had to remind ourselves of our blessings this year. So many people have suffered unimaginable things – it is easy to get depressed just thinking about all the sadness. But then we look at all the good – how so many people have come to the aid of those who have needs so much greater than ours!
    Thanks for sharing – for being real. I hope it doesn’t sound weird – but I love your sweet family & that you share them with us!! :)
    & yes – I have been keepiing Hallmark channel on pretty much nonstop!!

    1. Patty you are so incredibly kind! I’m just touched by your sweet comment. Thank you! I couldn’t agree with you more.. it’s easy to get depressed quickly thinking about all of the heartache this year. But there is always good.. so much good and we have to remind ourselves daily to focus on it. Sending you a huge hug! It means so much to me that you feel close to me and my family and that you let me be a small part of your day. Enjoy the holidays! And keep those Hallmark movies rolling. :) xo

  4. Hi Erin, I have the same dash and albert runner rugs in my kitchen that you have. I love them, but struggle to keep them clean and stain free. I was wondering how you clean yours? Do you only professionally clean them? I just had them cleaned and a week later they are dirty again.

    1. Hi Erin! I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve never had mine professionally cleaned! I just spot clean them with a little dish soap on a washcloth. I feel like they hide the every day traffic and any type of food spot I’ve been able to get out with a little dish soap.

  5. Erin,
    I haven’t left a comment before, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog! It’s is my favorite and I always read yours first 😊
    From home decor, to fashion, to just every day life coming and goings, I am so thankful that I found you online. And I have gotten so many organizational ideas from you. I can relate as I am always sorting and organizing! We recently moved full time into our new lake house and I am following some of your tips as I combine “stuff” from two houses into one.
    Enjoy your thanksgiving weekend!

    1. Denise! So nice to “meet” you! Thank you for such a sincere and thoughtful comment.. it made smile so big! I’m truly honored that you stop here first and so happy that my ideas have been helpful. Seriously that makes my day. And ahhh! A new lake house! What a dream. I’m so happy for you! Lots to organize for sure. Part of the fun. :) Enjoy the holidays and thanks again for hanging out with me here! It means so much to me! xo

  6. Hi Erin! So glad y’all were able to make the best of your Thanksgiving in spite of this crazy year! My mom and my husband’s mom came over for lunch…per our usual holiday tradition…but we ate outside this year. It was actually really nice…and of course the weather here in SC was sunny and warm :-)!!

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog…it really is a bright (and sunny) spot here on the internet…and you home decor and fashion choices are always inspiring!! Hope you and your family have a happy holiday season!

    1. So sweet of you Hali! Thank you! It makes me so happy that you enjoy my blog! Means a lot to me. :) And I’m so happy to hear that you had a fun Thanksgiving with your mom and mother in law and nice weather! The best. Enjoy the holiday season and thanks again for hanging with me! :) xo

  7. Erin,
    Your relationship with your daughter just shines thru SO MUCH in that pic. with the matching PJ pants. SO FUN!
    I wish I had done more of that w/the girls. Now they are out of the nest!
    I did the mom/daughter thing when they were very young and I loved it!
    Giving away my age, but I loved Laura Ashley Mother and Child, back then.
    Maternity, Baby, Mommy and Young Child. Yup-I (We) did it all! LOVED it then(and LOVE the photos NOW!)
    Wish I had continued the tradition longer with-maybe P.J. pants! ;-D
    BTW. LOVE the lantern with candles, and THE BRANCH(what a great and different thing!) and JUST ALL OF IT!
    WHEN are you moving to MY area so I can hire you as a Decor consult!?!?

    Take care ,
    Sharon, New England

    1. Sharon you are the sweetest! Oh my word.. I LOVED your trip down memory lane with all things Laura Ashley mother/child! So much fun. I know my girls will be out of the nest before I turn around (only 1 1/2 years for my oldest!) so I am soaking up our time together for sure. I’m so happy that you like the fireplace decor! You made my day with your kind words and I would be all over a trip to New England to decorate with you! I imagine the two of us would have a pretty fun time together. :) Thank you Sharon! All the love to you and your family this December! xo

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