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Christmas pjs & a favorite tree

Stair Landing Tree (Sunny Side Up)

Happy weekend everyone!  I hope you’re having a nice one so far. :)  I’m coming to you from my stairs today.  I decorated a slim tree in my landing and am a tad bit obsessed with it!

Stair Landing Tree (Sunny Side Up)

It’s so simple!  That’s probably why I love it so much.  Just a fuzzy tree skirt and white ornaments.

Stair Landing Tree (Sunny Side Up)

Little white houses that light up (you have to set the house on top of a tree light!), snowflakes and white ball ornaments.  That’s it!  Took me all of 20 minutes to decorate.  I don’t have exact sources for these items, but I found several similar options if you want to create this look!

Stair Landing Tree (Sunny Side Up)

I kind of like this tree without a top.  Or maybe that’s just what I’m telling myself because I don’t really want to worry about figuring out a top for it.  Either way – this tree is going topless.

So scandalous.

Stair Landing Tree (Sunny Side Up)

View from above!  One question I get asked often is “what would you do differently if you were building again?  Any mistakes you feel like you made?”  Well here’s one.  I wish that our stair plug outlet was in the corner where my tree sits.  Ha.  Probably not the answer you had in mind (and really I  should write a serious post on that at some point if it would help anyone who is building/remodeling!).  But on a small scale, this plug outlet has always driven me crazy.   I could have hidden the tree cord!  What was I thinking!?  Maybe that I didn’t want to see the plug outlet coming up the stairs?  I don’t know.  But I chose the exact spot for every plug outlet in this house.  And in this spot I chose wrong.

I think I’ll live.  But that’s one little thing I would change. ;)

Special Ornament Tree (Sunny Side Up)

In past years I’ve had a small tree in this landing full of my kids’ special ornaments.  You could set a little tree like this on a table too.  So many fun options when you’re decorating mini trees!

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{cozy joggers/matching henley top/similar red thermal/kitchen barstools}

Change of topic to Christmas pjs!  We’ve been living in them at my house and are quite pleased about it.  These cozy joggers rank high on my list of favorite Christmas pjs.  I’ve had the set for years and then bought my girls the joggers this year too so we could all match.  They are the coziest!  And have been just as big of a hit with my girls. :)  On sale for such a good price right now!  I often mix and match my pjs so even if you don’t get the top, seriously think about these joggers.  They look cute with so many tops and really are beyond comfy.  (For size reference I’m wearing the small and Ad is wearing the xs.)  Also Christmas kitchen decor details are coming soon but here is where we are at the moment!

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{dreamy cotton pj set/slippers}

Another pj set I’m loving this year!  These are the cutest!  They run big.. I’m wearing xxs so definitely go down a size in this set!  They come in a grey and black stripe too if you aren’t into the candy cane look. ;)  J Crew has a lot of cute cozy pjs on sale right now and pjs always make a fun gift!

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{pj salvage joyful top/joyful tie waist pjs/scuffette slippers}

Ok.. OBSESSED with this pj set.  Honestly my husband is sick of seeing me in them!  If you are going for pure comfort.. look no further.  I’ve actually mixed two sets here (the striped pants have a top and the top has matching bottoms) but I love these two together!  PJ Salvage always nails it with their pjs (in fit and comfort!) and there are TONS of cute options this year!  A forever safe gift option!   Also can we talk about how I’m honestly just now realizing that all 3 of my favorite Christmas pjs from this year are striped.  Ha!  Only slightly predictable around here.

I linked other cute pjs for women at the bottom of this post!

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{every day two-piece pajamas}

Kole’s favorite pjs this year!  I knew he would love them because they are just cozy flannel pants (always a win when it’s cold) with basically a super soft t-shirt and that’s all he wants to wear/sleep in (this kid hates buttons!).  I also love that they are fun for Christmas but still work for the rest of the year.  They come in a cute green plaid too with a grey top!  He posed so cute for me for this pic it kind of made me laugh.  Looks like a little boy who has been in many pics with his mom over the years. ;)  He gets his braces off Monday and I’m kind of bummed!  They have been so cute on him and he has loved switching up the color of the bands every month.  Red right now for Christmas of course. :)

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{oversized sweatshirt/vintage jogger sweatpants/scuffette slippers}

Not necessarily for Christmas but I’ve also been wearing and loving these cute sweats from Target!  They come in other colors/patterns but my favorite is this brown ombre.  Cute for teen girls too.  I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they mysteriously go missing from my closet. ;)

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{curved hem tee/cloth & stone everyday joggers}

Believe it or not I actually do get dressed!  Once in a while anyway. ;)  I’ve had these cloth & stone joggers for months and keep forgetting to share them!  I love the pattern and they are such a great fit.  Really nice material and I like the thick cuff at the bottom.  Higher priced, but definitely worth it!  I’ve worn them with a sweater and sneakers and also with dressier black tops and heels for date night.  CUTE.  On a side note the top I’m wearing is Treasure and Bond (available in other colors).  I really like Treasure and Bond tops and they have a lot of cute options on sale right now!  Kenny’s giving me this green hooded sweatshirt for Christmas.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he is. ;)

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{cozy v-neck hooded sweatshirt/faux leather leggings/adidas swift run sneaker/initial pendant necklace}

I’ve about worn out this hooded sweatshirt I shared a few months back.  So cute and perfect for running around with leggings!  Another Treasure & Bond favorite!

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{mock neck waffle top/farrah high waist skinny jeans/similar booties}

Another cute top I’ve been loving!  30% off and seriously such a cute fit!  Plus it comes in green so.. :)   Anthro is having a fun weekend sale and these are other tops on sale I’m looking at..

Daily Deals (Sunny Side Up)

{denver plaid dinnerware collection/cowl neck sweater/modern full length mirror/dyson V8 cordless stick vacuum/le creuset cast iron dutch oven}

If you follow me on IG stories or in the Like To Know it app I’ve been sharing fun daily deals I see when they pop up!  These are a few I found this weekend.  Honestly such a great price on this beautiful modern mirror!  It’s a thinner version of what I have in my hallway.  I love the plaid dinnerware.  I have four of the plates in my glass kitchen cupboards but would love more for entertaining.  Can’t wait until I can have people over again!  The vacuum is also on sale and supposed to be so good.  We have central vac but it’s so much work pulling it out with the huge cord every day.  I’ve been debating getting a Dyson like this one for quick clean ups!

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

{cowl neck sweater/AG jeans/davis knee high boot/madewell crossbody tote}

The cowl neck sweater is a favorite.  I have it in two colors and love it!   Love the neck, love the sleeves, especially love how warm and soft it is.  It’s on major sale and all sizes are available in black!

Fun deals.  Happy holiday decorating, shopping or vegging!  I’m planning to do a little bit of all three and am excited to enjoy the rest of the weekend with my family.  Chances are if you stop by to say hi we will be in our Christmas pjs.  All month long!

So scandalous.



xoxo, Erin
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17 thoughts on “Christmas pjs & a favorite tree

  1. That little tree is adorable! Ooooh, if you could find a big crochet star for the top, that’d look really neat. But no topper looks great, too. When we re-did our kitchen (which is nowhere near the style of kitchen you have) I asked for my outlet on the peninsula to be near the top, for ease of plugging in an appliance, like a mixer. Didn’t happen. Husband didn’t want that. Shrugs, so I continue to use the ones on the backspash. I sometimes wish I’d insisted, but like you, I deal with it. Lots of cute pj options! You all look adorable! Thanks for sharing. I also think Kole is definitely growing up. He looks more young man than boy. How exciting for him to get his braces off in time for Christmas! Yay for him. Now he can have all the gooey treats he’s had to miss, right? Enjoy your lounging! You’ve earned it with all the garland hanging you’ve done! :)

    1. Than you so much Jeanne! So happy you like the tree and pjs! Funny you said that about Kole getting to eat gooey treats again. When Addison was his age and got her braces off we had a “chewy party”.. ha! We had popcorn and taffy and gummy bears and all the chewy stuff she hadn’t been able to eat! Good times. ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend Jeanne! xo

  2. Love all of the cozy and fun pjs in your post! Thank you for sharing. Your home is gorgeous and looks so festive!

  3. I would love for you to do a post on the things you are glad you did in building and the things you would do differently.
    Love the simple tree, and it doesn’t need a topper.

  4. Your staircase tree is really cute! I’m with you on the love of pjs. So comfy, especially on cold German winter evenings! (or any other time of day!)

    I have a different version of the Dyson V8 vacuum, and I LOVE it. My husband calls it a toy for adults. ;-) It is lightweight (lighter than some similar brands) and easy-to-use. It works great for vacuuming my whole apartment without having to recharge. Would definitely recommend it. It’s worth the price.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Sending you warm greetings from Germany!

    1. K I’m asking for a Dyson for Christmas! A toy for adults!? You’ve convinced me! Thank you so much Alicia! Stay warm! Loved hearing from you. :) xo

  5. If you’re unhappy with the stair way plug why not just display a couple of gift wrapped boxes in front of it or some other Christmas decor??

    Also, why do you not wear a wedding ring ?

    1. Hi Betsy! The tree is in our stair landing so it’s a major walkway. Not really room for presents/boxes although that’s a fun idea! And I usually do wear my wedding ring when I’m out and about, but I haven’t had it on as much the past 6 months because I’m home so much. I’m often cleaning and always take my ring off when I’m home. Same reason I hardly ever paint my fingernails. I’m too practical that way. ;)

  6. Hi Erin,
    Yes! ASK for the Vac. BUT be sure to order WHAT you REALLY want for yourself, wrap and put under the tree!!!
    Advice I DO give, but HAVE not done for MYSELF, EVER-MAYBE this year????????
    BTW, although I will NEVER think of a vac as a “TOY”-NOW NEW furniture-MAYBE! THAT is ANOTHER story ;-D
    I DO like the rechargeable, light weights. Extra. handy.
    I have The SHARK. It is in MAUVE(so you will know what model) I have no idea what the NEW name for that color is,
    we USED to call it MAUVE!
    This little wonder in in our Seaside, vacay townhouse.
    I bought The SHARK b/c of the reviews on small, heavy particles like sand.. Also, the tiny, crushed, oyster shell pieces coming inside from driveway. So much better than the electric broom I used to have in my classroom. These things have come a long way.
    I do love this vac.(BUT IT will NEVER be a TOY for ME!) and may get another for the reg. house b/c the central vac, as you know, is like working with a Fire hose!
    At least my old unit is THAT way.
    OH, nearly forgot, Tree on landing-simple, fun and fab! Very frosty, V. winter, not just Christmas. COULD make it thru Jan!

    1. Ha ha.. I hear you Sharon! Maybe not a toy, but I’m definitely ready for something easier to work with when it’s time to vacuum! Hopefully there will be something fun under the tree that requires a little less work on my part too. ;) Thank you sweet friend! So happy you like the tree! xo

    1. Hi Joann! Thank you! At the bottom of this post (or any post!) you can enter your e-mail and download a free printable with all of my paint colors on it! :)

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