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Christmas Kitchen

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Saturday!  Sharing some pics of my Christmas kitchen!  Simple but festive this year. :)

*all sources are at the end of my post – affiliate links used

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

I kept the same round gold tray I used for my Fall kitchen decor on my island.  Really loving pops of gold this holiday season!

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(gold tray/white terra-cotta jar/fir & firewood candle)

So easy to decorate with just berries in a jar, a gold glittery tree and a favorite Christmas candle.

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(white marble & wood round board/marble & wood small board/large rectangle board/wreath/marble & gold tray)

I added garland to the front of my mantel this year instead of just laying it across the top like I usually do.  It was so much easier to attach than I thought it would be!  I just used three command hooks on the two ends and one in the middle.  The middle felt like it needed something so I added a little wreath.  I planned on putting something with a pop of red on the left side of the shelf above my oven range and tried so many different items (more berries, reindeer, etc).  Nothing looked quite right!  So for now it’s just my gold mirror.  I’ll probably find the perfect thing right about when it’s time to take it all down. :)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(navy kitchen rugs/pendant light)

My cozy snowy village window scene that I shared a couple of weeks ago is my favorite part of my Christmas decor this year.  It’s a tricky spot to photograph during the day because so much light pours in this bay window!

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

While it’s beautiful during the day, nothing beats the way it shines at night. :)  These pre-lit birch trees and jeweled snowflakes are on sale right now!  I linked similar light up houses in this post.

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

I added another birch tree on the left and some small trees to the right.  I need to take a new picture of it at night with everything lit.  I’m going to be so sad when it’s time to take this down and might just leave it up through January!

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(antiqued metal tray/faux snow/plaid plates/similar plaid plates)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

I switched out my cutting boards behind my cook top and added this beautiful white marble & wood round board.

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(similar glitter cone tree set)

Then I took the large round wooden board I used to have in that spot and put it on my kitchen nook table.  I added some trees and fake snow.. 5 minute decorating!

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(faux fig tree/basket/table/similar chairs/similar skis)

I like to keep this table decor simple because we eat at this table most nights and it’s a pain to always move the centerpiece around!  My plaid red rug made an appearance again this year and just like last year.. it makes me extremely happy. :)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(similar silver pendants)

A few different angles..

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(canisters/similar striped bowl/red kitchen-aid/tree board (on sale!)/similar wooden cake stand)

My little butler’s pantry is all sorts of festive too!  I didn’t double the garland here (you can tell it’s thinner than the garland over my cook top and window), but I love the feeling that just two simple stands of greenery added.

Christmas PJs (Sunny Side Up)

For a final touch I added the same small wreaths to the backs of my barstools. I just tied some jute string around them.  Such a simple way to add Christmas cheer to your kitchen!   (Christmas pjs and other fashion favorites are linked in this post.)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

That’s it!  My 2020 Christmas kitchen.  We have really been enjoying our festive kitchen decor this year and baking up a storm!  You would all be so proud of me.  My ovens have been used so much the past two month they are probably starting to wonder if a new family moved in.

Nope.  California is just on lockdown again. ;)

Christmas Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

(Christmas family room tour/sources here)

We have tickets to a light show Saturday night so I’m excited!  I guess you stay in your car and the sound comes through the radio.  I’m so curious to see how it all works! I know I’ll love it regardless because I’m all for activities that involve Christmas lights and staying in Christmas pjs. :)

I hope you have something fun to look forward to this weekend!  Other than the light show I’m going to attempt to finish my on-line Christmas shopping and maybe start wrapping a few things.

Or maybe I’ll just bake instead.

This is the new me!  Still the same old me, but with more time for baking.

My jeans don’t appreciate the new me but that’s ok.

I don’t plan on wearing them anytime soon anyway.



xoxo, Erin
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20 thoughts on “Christmas Kitchen

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Erin. All that lovely decor just entices you to stay in the kitchen and bake, I’ll bet. ;) I think my favorite spot is the same as yours, the bay window. What a pretty sight. I also really like your plaid rug. Thanks so much for sharing, especially you and your cutie patootie daughter. I’m sorry you all are on lockdown again. Having the drive through light show sounds fun. Hopefully you’ll share how it all works. :) Enjoy your weekend. :)

  2. Hi! Your Christmas decorations are simply beautiful! I was wondering if your entrainment center is a built in or did you purchase it somewhere? We will be moving to a new home next summer and that style will be perfect for our living room.
    Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! It’s a built in! I drew a sketch of it and had it made custom when we built the house. Many people have copied it for their homes though (I love getting pictures of it!) so you can show a pic of mine to a cabinet maker and have something similar made for your living room! :)

    2. Well it is beautiful! They did a great job making your design! I have been able to find some entertainment centers that are similar so maybe I’ll go that route. :) I also will have high ceilings but they’re different than yours and I will put the entertainment center there. I love your oval window but the builder can only put two rectangular windows on that wall. Since your style is so amazing I would love your opinion on should I get windows or no windows? I’m driving my husband crazy! Lol The cost is not the issue I’m just so indecisive and don’t want to regret anything. I can send you a pic if that helps.
      Thanks so much

  3. You’ve got it all going!! I love your house and am in awe at your wisdom. The planning you did before building is amazing. You thought things through so efficiently and intelligently. I just wish this blog was up and running 40 years ago when I was setting up house!! But let’s face it, you were most likely either in utero or in diapers!!!😉 way to be at the top of your game!

    1. Ha! You made me laugh Jodey! I’m 43 so hopefully I was getting out of diapers. ;) What a thoughtful thing to say! You honestly made my day. Thank you so much. Happy holidays to you and your family! xo

    1. Pam it means so much to me that you feel that way! Thank you so much for telling me that. It keeps me motivated when things get busy/crazy around here. ;) Happy holidays to you and your family! xo

  4. It’s all so gorgeous and cozy! And I’m totally with you on the jeans thing! Ha! I’ve been wearing my yoga pants all the time now and I can’t seem to fit into any of my actual clothes. We always bake like crazy during the holidays too so that’s not helping. Well, it’s helping my mood :) Enjoy the baking, it’s really the best therapy!

    1. Right Monique!? Tis the season for baking and yoga pants! Anything that helps with the mood is a positive right now. Even if we have to sacrifice rocking our jeans. ;) Happy it’s not just me! Thank you and enjoy the holidays! xo

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog and thank you for all the great ideas! I love your bay window and have already purchased the jeweled snowflakes to use in my house. Wondering what size birch trees you purchased? Thank you and happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much Bonnie! I’m so happy you found me! I have the small and medium birch trees in this window. The large are HUGE! Would be fun on a front porch. :) Happy new year to you and your family! xo

  6. Just saw your Christmas in the kitchen ideas from last year.( 2020) I absolutely love your antiqued metal tray that sits under your glass cabinets. Can you tell me what size prelit birch tree you used on the tray and where you got the other 3 smaller trees on the tray next to it?

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