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Organized Powder Bath, Towels, Mats and Sweaters

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organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been organizing 15-20 minutes each day and today I tackled my little powder bathroom!  This space wasn’t bad, but the drawers were over stuffed with towels, under the sink was a hot mess and I had zero decor.  Just a quick 20 minute refresh and now it’s ready for a new year!  I couldn’t wait to pull out my favorite pink flower bath mat again (just went on sale this weekend!).

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{chevron vase/similar faux white flowers, faux pink peonies/similar tray here and here}

l added some of my favorite faux flowers just like I arranged them last summer.  I’m still not tired of this look!  Which is saying something since my decor usually only lasts about 2 months before I want to mix it up again. :)  (More details on all of my favorite faux flowers in this post!)

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{pink tassel fringe towels/similar ladder here and here}

Next I pulled out my new towels!  I mentioned last summer that I was looking for some pretty pink towels to go with my flower bath mat and I could not be more in love with this set I got for Christmas!  A little gift to me from me. :)  You can buy these towels individually and they also come in blue and white.  A bit of a splurge but wow.. they are absolutely gorgeous!  Amazing quality and they add so much texture and style to this bathroom.

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{soap dispenser}

 The fringe tassels!   These towels are what I call a wise investment.  My husband might disagree..  but he’s been wrong before.  I’ll have to show him the fringe tassels to win him over because now I want a set in every bathroom in our house.

(Babe.. they are on sale this weekend!  So if you need a gift for me for V day.. just saying..)  :)

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

After adding some pretty Spring decor I vacuumed and wiped out all of the bathroom drawers.

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I sorted through my towels and only kept my favorites.  I washed them all and folded them nicely in the clean drawers.  Good-bye Christmas towels!  See you next year!

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Then I cleaned out our little toothbrush drawer.  New toothbrushes for 2020!  I’ve shared this tip before but for those of you who are new, we keep a set of toothbrushes in this bathroom for mornings that my kids or husband are running late and need to brush their teeth quick on their way out the door.  This bathroom is close to our garage door and it’s such a timer saver to not have to go back to the bedrooms on busy mornings!  I also keep a brush in this space for mornings I’m pressed for time getting Kole ready and need to quickly brush his hair before school.  It takes me all of 5 seconds to do his hair compared to his sisters who I used to spend FORVER getting ready each morning!  I’m enjoying that little change. :)  I just use a simple silverware tray to hold their toothbrushes and labeled their names for it with my label maker.

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

I wiped down under the sink too and got rid of things I didn’t need.  I’m just storing toiler paper, soap and a few more favorite towels I use in this bathroom.  I also washed the towels on the bottom shelf and wiped it down.  Feels SO nice to have this room clean and organized!  On a side note.. I was looking up the link to this flower bath mat for you all and can’t believe all of the cute new bath rugs and mats Anthro has in this year!  Ahh!  So  many fun styles!  I’ll link some I love below if you’re ready for a little bathroom re-fresh.  So much color and personality!  No excuse for boring bathrooms with these fun mats. :)

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{sweater/AG jeans/similar boots/similar earrings}

Sharing a few fun sweaters I’ve been wearing lately.  I bought all of these sweaters a couple of months ago so most of them are on sale!  I’m loving this Brushed Cable Pullover.

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

It comes in other colors but I’ve been loving this soft blue.  Very January appropriate don’t you think? :)  We are having one of the coldest winters we’ve had in southern Cal!  Definitely putting all of my sweaters to good use this year.

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{similar leopard sweater/AG jeans/similar Tory Burch purse/booties – on sale!}

Ok.. this sweater has been a stretch for me and is pushing me out of my comfort zone but I’m kind of loving it!  I’ve never been a huge leopard fan, but I like the neck on this and it’s so warm.  This exact sweater sold out but this style is so in right now.  I found 5 similar sweaters that have their own fun look!  Of course the camo print sweater is in my cart.  We don’t want to go TOO far outside of our comfort zones now do we?  :)

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Another cozy, warm turtleneck sweater that sold out!  But this sweater is similar and so cute.

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

This Juliet sleeve sweater is another recent favorite.  Comes in lots of fun colors.  I adore the sleeves!

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

{Pullover fleece hoodie here and here/Performance joggers/similar shoes}

Of course for every “clean up and wear a cute sweater day” there is inevitably a “ponytail, joggers and hoodie day” that follows.  Honestly this outfit has been on repeat more than any other for me since 2020 hit!  You can’t beat a good pullover and these joggers are seriously SO good.  I know I’ve shared them before.  I have them in navy, charcoal and black (because when you love something this much you buy ALL the colors!).  I wear them at least one or two days every single week.  Perfect for days spent mostly at home or in the car which is my life these days!  Love them.

organized powder bathroom (Sunny Side Up)

Well that was a random post for you today!  Spring bathroom decor, organized drawers, new towels, fun bath mats and favorite sweaters.  What didn’t we cover?

Everything but the kitchen sink!

Although we covered under the bathroom sink.

(Corny joke to wrap things up.. check)  

I think my work here is officially done. ;)


xoxo, Erin
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11 thoughts on “Organized Powder Bath, Towels, Mats and Sweaters

  1. Such a pretty powder room and your towels are lovely. Thanks for sharing the 20 minute tasks you are working on. I actually cleaned out the cubby that is in my dresser yesterday. Took a bit longer than 20 minutes, but that was only because my necklaces got massively tangled and I detangled them! I think that is one reason I avoided this spot for literally years. All nice and tidy now. Parted with stuff to donate and trash and now I don’t have to shove and shut! Go me! I would love all kinds of towels, but unfortunately have no space to store that many (and then remember I have them, LOL) . So pretty to look at though! Thanks, Erin for always cheering and encouraging us and showing us pretty things!

  2. Please can you share where you for your bathroom basin from, the one that is oval and semi inset, it’s beautiful. Thanks!!

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