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My Christmas Porch

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Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

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I’ve been up on a ladder all week!  And I’m still standing with no injuries!  And my front porch is ready for Christmas!  And it’s Friday!  Clearly there are reasons to celebrate around here. :)

If you hang out with me on IG stories you might have witnessed the day I attempted to hang this garland around my door and half of it came crashing down.  It wouldn’t be holiday decorating without a few minor hangups now would it!?  Ha.  I had to replace a command hook and then we were back in business!

Ready to see my 2019 Christmas porch?

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

{Bells/Wreath Hook/Trees/Baskets/similar Striped Rug/similar mats here and here}

I’m so excited about how it turned out!  It’s simple and clean and screams Christmas and that’s what I love about it.  All of the greenery is fake but looks incredibly real which is also a favorite.  Getting the look without the maintenance and mess?  Sign. Me. Up.  :)  The garland is the same garland I used on my mantel that sold out, but below are some other realistic garland options I’ve found that are still in stock!

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I’m especially excited about these adorable faux potted Cyprus Trees.  Could not love them more!  They look so real and are absolutely beautiful in person.  So fun for inside or outside.  They came in a black pot but I knew I wanted them in baskets so I tried several baskets I already owned.  My beachcomber basket that I use for my faux fig tree was a great fit (you can see it in the first picture), but I didn’t love the tall handles that were touching the tree.

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I had to make a Target run for some other things a couple of days later and spotted these cute baskets and decided I’d buy two and just try them and what do you know.. PERFECTION.  The exact size I needed and they look like they were MADE to hold my new trees.  Don’t you love it when things just click like that?  A trip to Target is always a good thing!

If only I could get my husband to understand this universal truth..

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

This was the first time I’ve ever put anything around my front door so there was a bit of trial and error involved!  Basically I just measured how long the garland would hang to barely touch the ground.

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Then I placed two command hooks next to each side of my front door and hung one garland on each side.  (The garland I used is 6 feet long.)

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

It took one more garland to go across the top of the door and hang down on each side long enough to meet the other garland I placed on the command hooks.  (So this look took 3 garlands total.)  The top felt too thin to me but I didn’t want to use another garland to make it thicker (I was running out and still had spots I wanted the garland inside!) so I added a few berry picks.  (Similar options are here and here.)  It made the garland look more full on the top and I like how the berries and eucalyptus leaves add a little something extra. :)

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I had to place 2 command hooks on the top sides of my door ledge also to hold the garland in place on top.  I added the word command to this picture in the 4 spots I placed the hooks!  Fingers crossed they stay put.  At least until December 26th.  I’ll hold my breath just like I did hoping my Fall mums would stay alive.  (It’s beyond a miracle that they did!)

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I might add some lights to the trees.. and maybe some garland or ornaments?  Or not.  I’m really enjoying the simplicity of this look right now.

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Merry + Bright.  I love this time of year.

Christmas Front Porch (Sunny Side Up)

{sweater/jeans/similar boots here or here/similar wreath}

And the color green.

In case you didn’t already know.


Enjoy your weekend and if you’re taking off early for Thanksgiving travel safe!


xoxo, Erin
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18 thoughts on “My Christmas Porch

  1. Beautiful porch, Erin! Love the greenery. The garland around the porch looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing where you put the hooks. That is helpful and so is the idea to add the picks to fluff and fill it out. Those trees are lovely. Very realistic. What a lovely porch! Thank you for sharing and happy weekend to you!

    1. Don’t they Jen!? It’s honestly hard to tell that the trees and garland are fake! I’m loving all of the realistic greenery options this year. Thank you so much! I’m so happy you like it. :) xo

  2. Love it Erin! Definitely appreciate the “less is more” narrative – it is timeless and classic looking. Thank you for sharing & have a great weekend!

  3. I love the 2 potted faux cyprus trees! It looks great on your porch. I wish I could get them but I’m afraid we wouldn’t have a place to store them. Some things are just not meant to be. Sigh.

  4. Love love your porch….and your whole house for that matter! I love the simplicity, but would maybe add white lights only to trees. Beautiful job!

  5. It looks so beautiful! I enjoy your posts so much and check it at least every other day, if not daily. And your holiday posts are my favorite! I feel cheery and ready to decorate after reading :)
    Take care and happy holidays!

    1. Ellie your sweet comment made me so happy! Thank you! It means so much to me that you check in often and enjoy my posts. Holiday decorating is my favorite too. :) Thank you again and enjoy the holidays! xo

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