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Purple and White Fall Porch

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Happy October!  My front porch is ready for Fall and I’m so excited to share it with you all today!

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I decided to mix it up a little this year and create more of a Fall themed porch instead of my usual Halloween look and I’m loving the change!

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I couldn’t pass up these beautiful purple and white mums.  Aren’t they stunning!?  They still have so many blossoms that haven’t opened up yet so I’m excited to watch them grow with even more beautiful flowers.  That is if I can keep them alive!  Please send all of your mum tips!  The last few I bought didn’t last and I clearly watered them too much or not enough or gave them too much sun or not enough sun.. SOS!  I’m hoping I can get these to last through Halloween.. that’s not too much to ask is it?  Usually when it comes to me and real plants one month is WAY too much to ask.

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I stacked a couple of wooden crates on each side of my porch to add some height.  Then I just played around with the flowers and pumpkins until I was happy with the arrangement.  SO easy.

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

The wheat was a fun addition this year too!  I picked the plants and a few of the pumpkins up at Home Depot this morning and had it put together in no time.  My porch is a little deceiving because it’s larger than it looks in pictures.  This was so much stuff my car was loaded!  But it takes a lot to fill in the sides of my porch.

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Sorry kids.. no room for you and your friends today. ;)

I had two rolling crates filled with items and the lady at Home Depot was like “oh are you decorating for an event!?”  “Um sure..!  A Fall event on my porch.  Come on over.”  Ha ha.. no doubt she thought I was crazy.

I didn’t end up using the bales of hay.  When I’m decorating something I always buy anything I love and might use and then play with things and return items if needed.

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

{Flatweave Stripes Jute Rug}

(*affiliate links used)

My favorite part of this look is the new rug and mat.  I wanted a change from my usual black and white stripe rug but I wasn’t quite ready to give up the stripes.  (See.. I’m all about change!  When it’s safe and small and similar to my tried and true. Ha.)  I went on an on-line rug hunt a couple of weeks ago and was so happy when I found this cute tan and white stripe jute rug.  It comes in so many fun sizes.  Score!  I seriously LOVE it for Fall.

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

{Hey There Pumpkin Mat}

The mat is from this cute Etsy shop.  I reached out to Christina and she was so sweet to send it my way!  She has so many fun styles of Fall mats to choose from!  I looked at a lot of Fall door mats on-line and this style of Hey There Pumpkin was my favorite. :)

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

{similar pillow here and here/orange throw/basket/rocking chairs}

I kept our rocking chair area really simple because it’s narrow and my husband loves sitting on these chairs after he runs to cool off.  I kept one empty for him and just added a long time favorite pillow and a simple orange throw on the other chair.  (Just got the orange throw in the mail and it’s a perfect red/orange color for Fall.. I’m getting one for my entry too!)

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Just for fun because I have similar pictures I thought I’d compare this year’s Fall porch to last years.  So here’s the left side of my porch NOW..

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

and THEN.

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Right side NOW..

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

and THEN.

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

Kind of fun to see the difference isn’t it!?  Which look do you prefer?

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I’m loving the soft, pretty colors this year, but one thing I like better about last year’s porch is that I have more height with the taller trees and the banner above my door.

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I feel like this year’s look needs a wreath on the door!  I tried a few wreaths I have but none of them were the right fit.  I’d love to have something with dark green leaves and a purple ribbon.  Wouldn’t that be pretty!?  If you see something like that let me know.  If I can’t find one I might have to get crafty.  Almost as dangerous for me as keeping real plants alive. ;)

Purple and White Fall Porch (Sunny Side Up)

I hope your October is off to a good start!  Full of beautiful weather, changing leaves, boots, sweaters, pumpkin everything and healthy mums.

That last at least a month. :)


xoxo, Erin
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25 thoughts on “Purple and White Fall Porch

  1. I love the new look Erin! Its so fun to decorate each season.

    I already decorated here in Tn. But its sooo hard to when we have had a record breaking 90 degree Sept. The hottest Sept EVER recorded!!! I makes you think summer. Lol
    Cooler temps on the way. Bring on fall.😍

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer! Oh my word.. that is SO hot for September! I totally get it. We’ve had really hot Falls in the past too and it makes it so hard to get into all the Fall things. Hoping your temps drop ASAP! xo

  2. Oooh, Erin! Your porch looks so pretty for fall! I like the change up. It looks soft and inviting. I like the purple mum.s. I don’t do plants anymore(unless they are in the ground and then I say grow or no grow, it’s up to you), so I’m no help. They sure are pretty! Boy those wheat stalks in your van and on the porch really shows how deceptively large your porch must be. They look huge in the car and smallish on the porch. Could use use a box or the bales of hay to add a little height with those since you were saying you might need more height? (I’m no decorator, but that popped into my head) The rocker area looks so comfy cozy, too. Great job on the porch. What does your Halloween loving sidekick thing of the change? Just curious! :)Have a great day.

    1. Thank you so much Jeanne! I know.. isn’t my porch deceptive!? It makes it hard to decorate because I have to use so much and large items still look small! So funny you said that about the hay.. I tried that! The hay was too long and it just wasn’t looking as good. I rearranged it all multiple ways trying to make that hay work and it just didn’t want to. Ha. :) Kole said the porch was “ok but not epic and could we please get the spider web out soon?” I’ll definitely have to throw a few Halloween items up at some point. ;) xo

  3. Hi! Love your front porch!! I have a large front porch as well and wondered if you ordered a 4×6 rug for the brown and white stopped jute rub. It’s absolutely adorable! I don’t do change AT ALL so this is a big leap for me and one u super excited to try! I went for a softer look this year as well so I believe this might be the perfect additional
    To bring it all together! I would love
    To send you a picture when I get it all done! Thanks for your help!! Meanie, COLUMBUS OHIO

    1. Melanie I would absolutely LOVE to see a picture when you’re done! Please do send one! And yes! I ordered the 4×6 rug for the front door and then I also got the next size smaller for our dutch door on the side of the porch. Thanks so much.. I’m thrilled you like it all! Happy decorating! :)

      1. Thank you so much!! It’s on its way!! Can’t wait to send you the pictures of it!! Love your blog and site!!

  4. Last year was cute, but I really love your porch this year. Love the colors and the way everything fills in the space. Nice job! 😉

  5. Hi Erin ! I’m a long time reader and this is my first comment. :) I love your front porch decor – just beautiful ! Is the wheat also from Home Depot? Thanks ! Jen

    1. Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by to say hi today! Makes me so happy to hear you’ve been with me so long. :) Yes! The wheat was from Home Depot too although this is the first time I’ve seen stuff like that at my local HD. I’ve seen wheat at craft stores like Michaels too! xo

  6. I’m just really concerned about how Kole is going to cope with the porch only being “fall” and not Halloween…

  7. It looks great! A wreath would complete it. If you can’t match the purple in your flowers you can always just use natural elements and white mums. When Halloween gets closer you can add scary items into the wreath and take out after Halloween. Fall is such a cozy time of year. When there are leaves on my lawn it bugs me. It’s like having lint all over a carpet. Ha Ha! You always do such a beautiful job decorating! Thanks for all your ideas! 🍁

    1. Thank you so much Noreen! I found a wreath last week but I don’t know if it’s worth putting up because I’m going to have to start working on my Christmas porch so soon! Next year I guess. Ha. :) I hear you about the leaves.. I know they drive my parents crazy! We don’t have that problem but I do miss the pretty colors! I hope you’re enjoying Fall this year! xo

  8. I love your blog and always enjoy seeing how you’ve decorated and/or furnished a room/space. I especially love the organizing posts. That’s what I really love! Concerning your porch, I like the way it is now better than last year’s porch decor. I love the colors you have now. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    1. So sweet of you Sharon! Thank you! I love the organizing posts too and will hopefully have more of them coming. For sure lots of fun organizing posts are planned for January! I’m so happy you like my new porch.. so kind of you to stop by and let me know! Thanks again and happy October! xo

  9. Erin,
    I love your front porch! My front porch is narrow and sometimes gets wet. Will the jute rug hold up in the rainy Florida weather?

    1. Hi Susan! Thank you so much! I wish I had an answer for you! This is a new rug to me so I’m not sure how it will hold up with water. Mine will get a little wet too from watering my plants so I can let you know how it’s doing in a few months, but that doesn’t help you much for getting one now for Fall. ;) Based on past similar rugs I’ve had like this it should be fine with some water! xo

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