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4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!)

*This post is sponsored by POLYWOOD.  All furniture selections and opinions are my own!
4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

Happy July!  I spent some time this weekend giving the front of our house a little patriotic update.  Bring on the festivities.. we are ready for the 4th!

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

This fun update was inspired by the new black rocking chairs on my front porch.  I’m so excited about them!  I’ve been trying to figure out what to put on my front porch for years.  I tried a bench in this spot (borrowed one from the back yard!) but I didn’t love it and I knew I eventually wanted something black to match our doors and shutters.  Then last month  POLYWOOD reached out to me to work together and I honestly did a happy dance in my living room because I love their outdoor furniture!  Really high quality, durable furniture made out of recycled plastic materials.

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

Plus they have so many fun styles to choose from!  I ordered this set for our backyard that I’ll share pictures of soon and then I chose the Braxton 3-Piece Rocking Chair Set for my front porch.  There were so many fun rocking chair styles but I fell hard for this set because I LOVE the X back chairs!  They could not be more perfect for this spot on our porch.  (They come in lots of color options too!)  And yes.. I’m aware that the greenery in our front yard has turned into a jungle.  Ha.  It’s covering half of our porch!  Now that I have my rocking chairs I’m planning to cut everything back this week so that there’s room to walk.  Nothing like new furniture to inspire a little yard work. :)

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

I’m not the only one in my family who is excited about these rocking chairs.  Addison has a new favorite spot to read!  She has a list of books she has to read this summer for school next year and at least once (sometimes twice) a day last week I found her sitting out here rocking and reading.  Kenny also told me yesterday how much he loves the rocking chairs.  This porch is now his new favorite spot to sit and cool off after his evening runs.  I have to admit.. I picked out these rocking chairs thinking about how cute they would look on the porch and how fun they would be to decorate for holidays.

Bonus that my family is really using and loving them. ;)

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

I love the little table that came with them.  Perfect to hold a lemonade and a splash of holiday decor!

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

They really are so comfortable.  I’m thrilled I finally have my porch furnished!

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

You can see in this pic how bad I need to cut back the greenery.  It’s taking over!  I love this time of year when everything in the yard grows like crazy and our mudroom dutch door is always open with a soft breeze flowing through the house.

Hello summer.  So happy you’re here. :)

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

I got really tricky with my red and blue banners and hung them with some.. wait for it.. painters tape. :)

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

Then I put up our flag and watered the red potted geraniums on my front porch and done!  4th of July ready.

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

I snapped this picture quick last night after I pulled into our garage.  My kids were home alone for an hour (Ellie was in charge) and they had turned on almost EVERY light in the house.  Kenny and I were just shaking our heads and laughing pulling up.  Griswold Christmas lights moment!  You could see our house from a mile away.  They just go from room to room doing their thing and leave all of the lights on as they go.  We had to have another talk about energy conservation.  Wasn’t the first and won’t be the last!  But it did highlight my new decor and make for a pretty picture so I couldn’t be too hard on them. ;)

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

Grateful I get to spend another 4th with this guy.

4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!) Sunny Side Up

And with the photo bomber and her two partners in crime in the back. :)

*Huge thank you to POLYWOOD for sponsoring this post and gifting me the furniture.  We couldn’t love it more!

xoxo, Erin
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16 thoughts on “4th of July Porch (new rocking chairs!)

  1. Happy 4th of July, Erin!! I love your new chairs. That X back is so striking! The banners are adorable too. Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Love the chairs Erin! They look great on your front porch! I was wondering how heavy they (and the little table) are? Worried about the winds we get out where I am :) Happy 4th!!

    1. Aren’t they fun Lisa!? Thank you! They are heavy! Really nice quality. I had to have help carrying everything to my front and back yard. It would take a massive wind to blow the table over and I don’t think the chairs would budge! I hope that helps. Happy 4th to you and your family! :) xo

    1. Thank you so much Barbara! I’m so happy you like them! I love that they are eco friendly too. They make the lumbar out of recycled milk jugs! So cool. Happy 4th to you and your family! xo

  3. You two are so cute! Looks like you might be headed for the 50th Anniversary that my hubby and I just celebrated…..a few years to go for you, I know! Your house looks beautiful all decked out for the 4th. Hope it’s a very happy and safe one!
    Warm hugs,

    1. Thank you so much sweet Carol! Oh my word.. congrats on your 50th! That’s amazing! I hope we’re headed there too. :) Enjoy the holiday with your family! xo

  4. Hi! I love the rocking chair set!! I hope I can talk my husband into them! I’m thinking right outside our bedroom walkout to sip tea (or wine-depending on the time of day!) to enjoy our view of Pikes Peak. Question: are the backs of the chairs comfortable to lean back in? How does the X feel?? I LOVE the look, but they need to be comfortable!! Thanks for your blog, they always cheer me up!

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you so much! I’m so happy you like the set! I’m in love with it. Oh my word.. Pikes Peak sounds amazing! The chairs are really comfortable (I especially love the seat!). The back is definitely straight (not a curve in it). I like it that way, but I think if you were really rocking and visiting for hours you would like a pillow behind you. But the seat is deep enough that a pillow would be a great addition regardless. I’m going to add some for decor soon. I hope that helps! I’m so happy you like my blog! That made my day. :) Happy 4th! xo

  5. Hi Erin! I wish that I had more time to spend reading your blogs. I miss that part of my day! Life and a family situation has been taking up all of my time. I love this rocker set and will be ordering one for my front porch in black. Thanks for sharing! Happy 4th of July to you and your lovely family!

    1. Hi Shari! I hope everything is ok with your family situation and that it’s nothing too serious or stressful. I know how busy life can get and there are so many times I can’t read blogs either! I always miss having time for things like that too. So happy you were able to stop by and say hi today. :) You will love this rocker set! Send me a picture of it when you get it! :) Enjoy the holiday and thanks again for your sweet comment! xo

  6. Beautiful rocking chairs! I also love the pot that your plant is in on the table between the 2 chairs. Can you tell me where that’s from? Thank you! Happy 4th!

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