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Fall Kitchen Decor

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Happy weekend everyone!  My home is officially ready to welcome Fall and it feels so cozy!  I’m sad that September is already coming to an end.  The early Fall and holiday months are my favorite and they always go by way too quickly!

(If you have questions about sources they are all linked at the end of my post!)  *affiliate links used

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{round gold tray/flameless wax candles/pumpkin candle}

I had so much fun adding some touches of gold to my home this year!  I’m a long time lover of all things silver (always will be) but I’m really liking the look of mixed metals lately and gold feels so cozy for Fall doesn’t it!?  And candles!  I love having candles around my home this time of year when it starts getting dark earlier.  These flameless wax candles have a timer so it’s nice to have added light in the kitchen with no effort!

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice.  One of my favorite Fall finds!  These dishtowels have a little sparkle to them and are way too cute for drying dishes.  Which is why I picked up two for me and extras for friends. :)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

I love them almost as much as my gold thankful trivet.  This I actually have been using in the kitchen!  It’s so beautiful as decor and then perfect to lay flat for hot pans/plates.  You know.. for my super complicated Fall meals.  Like Ramen Noodles and Taco Soup.  (I’d add a wink emoji but that implies that I’m joking and.. I’m not.)  Ha.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{faux pumpkins/eucalyptus garland/eucalyptus wreath/rectangle bread board/similar round bread board}

Every year I think I’ll find a new sign or something else to put over my stove for Fall, but I just can’t quit my Enjoy the Little Things sign.  It always feels especially appropriate this time of year.  Plus it just goes great with pumpkins. :)  The orange pumpkins are from this long time favorite set and the small white pumpkins are real.  I shared this fun Eucalyptus garland and wreath earlier (found the matching set at two different stores!) and I love the cozy vibe the greenery brought into the room.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

A couple of real pumpkins in the fruit basket!  This basket it larger than it looks and so are these pumpkins!  I added the eucalyptus swag to cozy up the counter too.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Did you notice the new addition to my kitchen!?  I fell so hard for these Hicks Pendants I put in my upstairs hallway that I decided to bring one into the kitchen too!  Ahhh!  So excited about it.  I’m LOVING the navy with my kitchen rugs.  It’s sitting a little low and I was going to move it up, but it has to be moved up two links and I feel like that’s too short!  So still debating placement, but I’m so in love with this light.  Of course now I want to switch out my 4 island pendants to something gold to match better!  (I love silver hardware with gold pendants.)  And if I switch out all of my pendants.. of course I’m going to need some barstools with a little gold to match them better..

I’m thinking of writing a sequel to the book “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”  titled “If you Give Erin a new Kitchen Pendant.”  Ha.  ;)

For now.. I’m just enjoying a fun new touch of gold and navy. :)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

My olive branches work so well with all of the Eucalyptus I brought in this year and these gold candle holders are beautiful!  I can’t wait to use them for holiday table settings this year.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{olive bundle/similar crock/gold candle holders/spice candle/basket/orange dishtowel/stripe dishtowel}

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

My glass cabinets got a fun update for Fall too!  I decided to keep things really simple with our every day Cambria dishes and then I just bought a set of these cute pumpkin salad plates to display.  I love the pumpkin plates so much that I’m thinking of picking up 4 more so I can use them in the dining room to entertain too.  And how happy is this stack of 3 pumpkins?  It’s pretty hard to not have a good day when pumpkins greet you at your kitchen window. :)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{gold mirror tray/faux fern/spice candle}

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{kitchen rugs}

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

{similar branches}

I kept our nook table centerpiece really simple because we’re constantly moving it to eat!  Just some faux apple branches in a vase sitting on a cutting board.  I shopped my house for this one.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

My butler pantry shelves were so fun to style this year too.  I just used warm woods and whites and golds.  Plus another  Eucalyptus swag because.. why not? :)  I had these shelf lights on the evening right after I finished decorating and Ellie walked into the kitchen and saw it and said “Mom!  I LOVE this shelf!  Please don’t get tired of it and change it in two days!”  Ha!  She knows me well.  She’s so busy with school and friends and dance that she usually doesn’t comment much about anything else.  I was thrilled she noticed and liked the shelf so much.

So just for her I’m going to leave it up for two weeks instead of one. ;)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Some of these items are sold out, but I’ll link everything I can at the bottom of my post!  This gold linen pumpkin is beautiful lit up at night with a candle in it!  I use one of my timer candles for it.

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

I really need to take some pictures of the kitchen at night.  It’s so beautiful and cozy when the candles are lit and it smells heavenly!

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Fall Kitchen (Sunny Side Up)

Bring on the cooler temps!  We are so ready for cozy evenings at home. :)


xoxo, Erin
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31 thoughts on “Fall Kitchen Decor

  1. Wow, Erin! You’ve really outdone yourself this year. Your kitchen looks amazing! I mean, more amazing than usual. All of the touches and decor you’ve brought in sure make it beautiful and cozy. Love the cutting board on the table. Super smart idea. Sign me up for candles on a timer! I won’t have candles in my decor because I am so worried I will forget all about them and leave them burning. I agree with your sweet daughter, you sit back and enjoy the beauty and ambiance you’ve created! Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Right!? I worry about the same thing with candles! I don’t trust myself and whenever I do light them I always tell my kids to remind me to blow them out when we leave the house! Ha. :) It makes my day you like it all so much! YEA.. huge thank you Jeanne! Enjoy your weekend! xo

  2. Ok I am LOVING the gold touches this year!! I am a long time lover of all things gold…it’s so timeless….and it really warms up a space. This all looks so great!! Might be my fav Fall decor you have done yet! And I say that every year….;-)

    1. YEA! Thank you Lindsey! I’m so happy you like it all! I’m with you.. LOVING the gold! Sweet of you to stop by with such a kind comment. It made me so happy! :) xo

  3. I really like your new kitchen pendant and think you should switch the other four out. Also, where can I get a copy of your house plans? I really like the layout of your house and we are thinking about building soon.

    1. Thank you Deborah! I have a feeling that will happen at some point. :) We aren’t sharing our house plans, but if you follow me on IG I did an IG TV tour of my house at Christmas last year (walking through) and you can get a really good idea of layout watching that! xo

  4. Erin,

    Love your fall look! Can I ask if you put your Dash and Albert kitchen rugs in the washing machine to clean? Been trying to find rugs for kitchen that I can do this with.

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you! I haven’t ever put mine in the machine, but I know that you can get them wet! I think the tag says that you can spray them off (they work outdoor too). I’ve just spot cleaned mine with soap and water but things wash off really easily.. that’s why I love them so much! :)

  5. I’m with Ellie!! The shelves are so darling. I also love those pumpkin salad plates. They look so festive peeking through the glass doors. Fall has come to your little corner of San Diego!

    1. So sweet of you Genelle! Thank you! I know.. aren’t the pumpkin plates fun!? Easy way to add some fall to the kitchen for sure. We’re ready even if our weather isn’t. ;) Enjoy your weekend cutie! xo

  6. Love the warm gold touches you have added. You mentioned you loved the navy light over your sink, but it looks black to me in the photo. Is the dark part black or navy? I agree with your daughter and hope you keep those shelves just the way they are fo some period of time. Love it all!

    1. Thank you so much Phyllis! The dark part is navy! I know.. it’s harder to tell in these pics. I’m so happy you like it all! You made my day! :) xo

  7. Hi Erin! Love your kitchen! Is that a long skinny cutting board that says Thankful on your butler’s pantry shelves? Where did you get it? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you! I got that last year at Nordstrom! I was bummed that they didn’t bring it back in stock this year. If I ever see it come back I’ll share the link! xo

  8. Hello Erin,
    I’m a long time fan of you and your blog and home. The Fall décor is just gorgeous. I’d like to know what type of surface your countertops are…I am guessing the splash is marble, but I cannot tell if the island is quartz and if the black counter is a granite, or is any of it quartzite? Can you tell me? I am local-Carlsbad. I am struggling with this decision and I have to decide by this week…ugh! I have a beautiful marble selected but I would need to do the entire kitchen in it bc it wouldn’t match the black counters and that is what I really want to do….Please help! ha!

    1. Hi Shelley! Thank you so much for your sweet comment and I’m so sorry I’m slow responding! All of my kitchen counters are quartz! Caeserstone. “Organic White” on the islands and “Raven” on the perimeter. The only marble in my kitchen is the backsplash. What did you decide on with your marble!? I know it’s so hard making those kinds of decisions! xo

  9. It looks so festive Erin and the gold is really pretty. I only use those candles also. I get the luminara candles from QVC. Elle dropped a lit candle once when she was young and it really scared me. I love the timer on them and they are so pretty when they are all lit and they just feel safe. Enjoy fall and all of your pretty decor. xo

    1. I’ve seen those candles Cathy and they look beautiful! You’re right.. a much safer option. I have a close friend whose 3 year old went to blow out a candle last year and her hair caught on fire! It was the scariest thing! They got it out so fast and she is fine with minimal scars (after weeks in the hospital) but talk about a parent’s nightmare. I’m so cautious with candles now and am using the fake candles more and more! xo

  10. Hey Erin!
    Beautiful decorations, as always! You mentioned one time about putting a full-length mirror at the end of one of your hallways. I wonder if you ever did and what kind you picked out? I apologize if you’ve already shown it!

    1. Hi Tamara! Thank you so much! Oh my word.. I haven’t done that yet. I had a beautiful large mirror from Restoration Hardware picked out and then they discontinued it before I ordered it! I was so sad because I had been looking for the perfect size/style for a while. Still hunting for a good one and I’ll definitely share it when I find it! xo

  11. I bought one of the west elm trays and the pb candles bc of the look. Let’s just say I don’t follow any blogs (except yours) but I really appreciate all of your work to help me keep my house stylish, warm, and inviting. I also bought an awesome gold fruit bowl from Anthropologie that’s adorable to sit on the island as well. And I purchased the day of the dead plates to sit on the gold tray with the candles from William Sonoma. I don’t like to shop but I like cool things so thanks for helping me out! :)

    1. Whitney it makes me so happy to hear that my blog is helpful to you! I love everything you purchased and am thrilled you are loving it all in your home! Such a sweet comment. It made my day! Thank you!! xo

  12. Hi Erin, I absolutely adore your home (and your positivity)! We are in the early stages of designing our custom home, and I’m wondering if you could share your ceiling height in the kitchen. Your kitchen/family room area is my inspiration for our new build. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Heather! Thank you so much! Our kitchen ceiling is 10 feet high around the perimeter but it goest up to 11 feet inside the coffered ceiling squares. I hope that helps and congrats on your new build! So exciting! :) xo

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